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Russian Tour Companies Hope To Make Fortunes On

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Subject: Russian Tour Companies Hope To Make Fortunes On

Source: Itar-Tass World Service - New York, USA



Russian Tour Companies Hope To Make Fortunes On UFOs, Yeti

By Lyudmila Alexandrova
ITAR-TASS News Agency

Russia's tour companies are sure they have unearthed a bonanza.
In the wake of a sudden surge of public interest in matters
unknown they have addressed their clientele with a plethora of
invitations to make pilgrimage to sites Unidentified Flying
Objects and the Abominable Snowman - the Yeti - are said to

On the web sites of tourist firms one finds no end of promises
of arranging rendezvous with yetis and green-skinned humanoid-
like creatures, says the daily Novyie Izvestia. Different
regions are almost at war with each other for the right to be
called "the nation's most paranormal territory."

Roads are being laid to and hotels built at places local folks
prefer to never ever venture into without a special need - just
to be on the safe side. This is not an outbreak of collective
insanity. The reason is very down-to-earth. The most active
players in the market of travel services have realized that
vouchers to ill-famed spots on Russia's map may help them make

At the end of November the authorities of the Perm Territory
declared they had established a UFO wildlife preserve in the
local paranormal territory called the Molebka Triangle (Molebka
is the name of a tiny local village) - an area where
unidentified flying objects can be seen now and then. The local
authorities hope the UFO preserve will make the region a major
tourist attraction. Crowds of curious visitors will flock in and
cash will be pouring like rain.

Local officials do not have a shade of doubt flying saucers do
exist and drop in once in a while. Likewise, they are certain
that those eager to get in touch with extraterrestrial
civilizations are more than enough. Most people in the region
are ready to believe in extraterrestrials. A recent sociological
poll found that one in three Perm Region residents is certain
there is a good chance of seeing a UFO in one's own back yard
some day.

Many other regions have followed in Perm's footsteps. In the
Krasnoyarsk Territory construction work is well in progress in
the middle of dense Siberian taiga forests close to the site of
the Tunguska Event of almost a hundred years ago. The local
authorities hope that the 100th anniversary of the enigma will
attract crowds, the hotels and infrastructures being built there
will not stay idle, and the local budget will make millions.

There are plans for opening an outdoor museum in a local village
and laying an 80-kilometer road through the thicket and across
marshland to the place where a huge celestial body of unknown
origin and nature is thought to have hit the Earth's surface
early last century. Flying there by helicopter will be no
problem. Landing pads will be in place pretty soon.

On July 30, 1908 a huge round-shaped celestial body tore through
the sky over Central Siberia with a roaring noise. On that night
many in Western Europe and in Russia noticed unusual glow in the
sky. The period of dusk is said to have been incredibly

Combined efforts by Russian and foreign scientists have produced
no plausible explanation to this day. Currently there exist
seven groups of interpretations of the Tunguska Event and about
100 versions of what exactly happened then. The ice nucleus of
some comet, a huge globular lightning, a solar plasmoid, and a
cloud of space dust are the most frequently mentioned ones.

Dozens of international expeditions visit the Krasnoyarsk
Territory every year in search of the truth.

In other regions moneymaking on things unexplainable is on the
rise, too, although on a somewhat more moderate scale. In the
Samara Region the authorities contemplate creation of a tourist
zone near the Medveditskaya Gryada (She-Bear Ridge), where local
people claim they often see flying saucers.

The authorities in the city of Togliatti, in the middle reaches
of the Volga River, say in full seriousness that "the idea of
turning the center of Russia's car-making industry into a
paradise for UFO fans looks really good." Indeed, one in two
locals claims to have an experience of dealing with paranormal
phenomena at least once.

"Togliatti draws UFOs like a magnet. The high-rise tower of the
AvtoVAZ car giant's head office is the extraterrestrials' usual
target. This place is believed to be one of the most abnormal
places in the whole of Russia," UFO expert Tatyana Makarova told
the daily Noviye Izvestia.

Flying saucer hunters suggest building special communities,
where UFO enthusiasts will be able to spend sleepless nights in
the hope of meeting aliens from other worlds.

When the rumor of the authorities' plans fell on the attentive
ears of local businessmen, the smartest ones promptly
volunteered to supply future tourist musts with proper
infrastructures - trading centers, bars restaurants and what

The regions where preserves could be established on enigmatic
sites are two numerous to count. On their web sites travel
companies invite clients to take a look at enigmatic circles on
crop fields on either side of the Kuban River, visit a yeti's
cave in Western Altai, or explore old-time labyrinths on the
Solovetsky Islands. Researchers have catalogued Russia's unusual
places to produce a special encyclopedia.

Even the tiniest villages, where nothing extraordinary has
happened for centuries, hurry to earn what they can on Russians'

The general public's interest in things unexplainable soars with
every single day. Print runs of special publications are
breaking records. Ever bigger television audiences switch to
television channels that keep paranormalities and esoterics in

One of the most popular television shows this season was The
Battle of ESPs on the TNT channel, which holds competitions for
specially selected contestants boasting unusual capabilities.

[Thanks to greg Boone for the lead]

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