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Wikipedia UFO Entries & CSICOP/CSI [was: Kaku...]

From: David Rudiak <drudiak.nul>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 13:00:21 -0800
Archived: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 08:13:28 -0500
Subject: Wikipedia UFO Entries & CSICOP/CSI [was: Kaku...]

>Source: Michio Kaku's Website - New York, New York, USA


>The Physics Of Extraterrestrial Civilizations
>How advanced could they possibly be?

>by Michio Kaku


I've been recently trying to edit a very slanted article on the
ETH over on Wikipedia which failed to present such arguments in
favor of the ETH. When I tried to insert some of Kaku's
arguments and others by Bernard Haisch, one of the CSICOP
debunkers came in and deleted them all - while leaving detailed
arguments against untouched. He also censored my mention of
opinion polls showing high levels of support for the reality of
UFOs amongst the best educated (and the least amongst the poorly
educated), and also a decent level of support for the ETH shown
in 1970s polls of technical readers of Optical Spectra and
Industrial Research/Development journals. And he censored a lot
of historical material I documented showing clear discussion of
the ETH even back in 1947 during the big U.S. flying saucer
wave. Just one example, as noted in Ted Bloecher's review of
the newspaper articles, is that a Pentagon spokesman on July 8,
1947, felt it necesary to specificially deny that they were
explained by "space ships". The article had previously tried to
claim that there was no discussion along these lines.

Here's my point. Wikipedia has an absolutely huge readership,
orders of magnitude higher than UpDates - sorry Errol 8-) - or
our individual websites. Part of process of getting this to be a
subject of proper public debate is getting our side out there to
be widely read...

Whether we like it or not, there is a propaganda war going on.
The debunkers try to control the debate through continuous
ridicule and also censorship of favorable material then claim
there is "no evidence". So, if we want to get the other side of
this debate out there - which doesn't mean slanting articles
only one way in our favor, but presenting both sides to the
debate in a balanced way, then we have to confront these bozos
on the major battlegrounds.

Unfortunately Wikipedia's ground rules enable idiots to distort
controversial articles their way and censor opposing views. One
can protest this, but it is very hard for one person to stop it.
They just keep doing it, and also play tag team. I just don't
have the time or energy to constantly fight with them

One way to counter this is to gang up on them. One person
fighting them is treated as a kook or ignored, but they will
have a hard time repeatedly censoring material if a large group
of us insist on it being in there. Again, the point isn't to
create articles slanted only our way, but to create well-
researched and cited encyclopedia articles for the mass public
that give a balanced presentation.

So I encourage people here to become Wikipedia editors. The
level of knowledge here on UFOs is much, much higher than the
usual poorly informed, overly-opinionated, pseudoskeptic college
science student types who tend to haunt Wikipedia, thinking they
already know it all. Most people edit using screen names, so
you don't have to expose who you are. You are not supposed to
cite original research, but there is nothing to stopping others
from citing your own research. Jerry Clark's UFO histories,
e.g., are often cited in UFO-related articles. So Jerry can't
cite his own books, but I sure can. And Jerry could cite Bruce
Maccabee's work, or Richard Hall's, or other original source
material, and vice versa, etc., etc.

David Rudiak


Perhaps those who participate in the 're-editing' of Wikipedia
entries could post those 're-edits' here to enable copying and
reinserting by others?


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