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SDI #452 Twenty Questions

From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 14:43:03 -0600
Archived: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 09:13:53 -0500
Subject: SDI #452 Twenty Questions

SDI #452 Twenty Questions

20 Questions regarding the omnipresent, including a kindling
representative of the mainstream, and more: addressed by the
always incisive Dave Furlotte, the pugnacious Michael J. Woods,
a thoroughly promising Billy Cox, and finally, award winning
loose cannon Alfred Lehmberg. Lashing this querulous team across
the stark ufological Iditarod is one Errol Bruce-Knapp - Mush!

1. Does British ufological nay-seer John Rimmer avoid his own gaze
in a mirror?

2. Does a saber slashing Dave Furlotte paint a detailed portrait so
decisively confuting to Rimmer's sophistic soliloquy on a 'Kenneth
Arnold' solution that it is sufficient enough to provoke a wholesale
rejection of Rimmer's decidedly simplistic insouciance to same? <LOL>

3. Were there more observers of the seminal Kenneth Arnold event
than just Kenneth Arnold?

4. Did 1947 Aircraft tails ever have atypical appearances or utter

5. Does the listener appreciate Errol's use of 'bumper-music'
decidedly bereft of the woo-woo and illustrative of a point at
the same time?

6. What wipes the smirk off Woodsie's face?

7. What's up with the Drama involving Jose Escamilla and others
involving ownership, rights, and royalties of strange
structures/ships photographed in Earth orbit, recently, the pictures
taken as a result of some mysterious proprietary process?

8. Is John Lenard Walson the inventor of this proprietary process
allowing for regular telescopes to be used beyond their means?

9. Does Woods' admonition to keep our eyes on this John Lenard
Walson thing provoke an observance to do so?

10. How large is "great honking huge enormous"? Have similar
monsters been observed before?

11. Why are big military Helicopters flying around the homes of
private citizens?

12. Does life become ever more apparent on the surface of Mars?

13. Is concern for the long running twin Mars Rovers misplaced given
they are five years into a 90 day warranty and _still_ making
Earth-shattering discoveries?

14. When will the first SDI All Nude Podcast be produced?

15. Why is Billy Cox all alone in Mainstream "Journalistia" to have
a studied appreciation for a real history involving UFOs, and how is
it that Mr. Cox doesn't entirely know himself?

16. All the preceding considered, what accounts for a seriously
leaning new mainstream interest in UFOs and the apparent ramping up
of same?

17. What is the "cult of UFO" according to Parade magazine? Does
the pot call the kettle a "UFO buff"?

18. Does the mainstream itself believe that UFOs will not go away,
in fact make themselves more apparent in balance to how much they are
denied by a mainstream?

19. Is there any doubt that Dennis Kucinich may be the bravest
person running for President, ever?

20. Are links to Billy Cox's blog:


with all deliberate speed by an attendant ufologia well advised?

Great barragrugousness and festivius ZOT but over 45 minutes
remains! More on a salient Dennis Kucinich, the surprising
salience of Shirley McClaine, and our specious social system's
paucity of that _same_ salience.

All manner of sterling pearls are cast... without regard,
reader, in and around what's been described here! It is left to
the listener to perceive real value in the form of efficaciously
exploding cognitive candy, micro-mini-mind-missiles of real
novelty, capering hyperspace elves facilitating an accelerating
future. Step up!

Ufological sensibilities empowered are the listener's own!




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