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What Won't Be In UK UFO File Release

From: Vince White <Vinceomni.nul>
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 09:30:29 EST
Archived: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 10:46:43 -0500
Subject: What Won't Be In UK UFO File Release

The world's media has trumpeted the pending UK MoD release of
160 UFO files widely. This has been seen by many as a new day of
openess and evidence that there is no grand cover up or
conspiracy to conceal the reality concerning this decades long

The individual who chaired The UK UFO desk 91- 94, who
constituted the supposed genuine collection, reporting and
documenting of UFO activity in UK skies states that no "smoking
guns" or "saucer in a hangar" will be found. That this release
is for purposes of fostering "open government". Most
significantly, that no real understanding of UFOs has emerged
from decades of effort.

Say again?

If the pending file release, does indeed reflect, the previous
claims, then one may conclude that this release is another
cynical ploy, a temporizing gambit, and that like the US now
closed Project Blue Book, the UK UFO desk that Nick Pope held
1991-1994, was also a mere public relations facade. That
sensitive UFO matters and incidents never reached that desk. Any
exceptions, for cynical pragmatic purposes, where wide publicity
has already occurred, being for illusory effect.

That the truly status quo threatening events, paradigm heresies,
or especially crash/retrieval events will not be included in the
file release. The Berwyn mountain crash, in Wales, retrieval
event in 1974 will likely not be included, neither one may
predict will be the Aer Lingus 747 Dublin bound, that was almost
"cooked" by a harassing UFO, with paint blistered, needing
emergency landing. Will the additional cases similar be
included? Will the instance where jet fighters were called to
escort a wide body in from the US after lengthy harassment by a
black triangle?

Will there be any history of hostile engagements, planes and
pilots lost?

Will the files include, even the synopsis conclusions of a
classified analysis of the pattern, purpose, or taxonomic break
down of visiting groups? Will the files include what new
physics, technology, or engineering we have learned from
visitation? Is the speed of light a sacrosanct limit? Can UFOs
streak past light speed, as smoothly as the current lot of US
presidential primary would be leaders avoid ever tangling with
this subject.

Will there be explanation of silence on joint UFO policy
agreements with the US or NATO or any reference to multilateral
agreements on extreme secrecy that has not briefed any G-8
leader or has effectively convinced every single leader, to
never substantively address the regular traffic flowing around
our planet from a big busy galaxy?

Will the files include evidence of many alien bases underneath
deserts and oceans, on mountain tops? Do we not deserve to know
we are monitored, observed, by many races, in virtual cities,
scattered under New Mexico desert, mountainous peaks in Puerto
Rico, and possibly shared space in the vast underground facility
in the Tehachapi's complex near Palmdale.

These claims cannot in few words be substantiated or evidenced
in this context, but it is a measure of the high effectiveness
of the long "dumb down" infantile information formula that the
public in many nations has been fed for so long, that these
quite large confirmable set of congruent facts, are not even
agreed to in a Ufological formal "Estimate of the Situation".

Will the 160 files include hard data on abductions, their
number, their purpose, their product, an in between race of
hybrids, and what is brewed in vast sky borne incubatory? The
measure of the information infant formula is the shrunken timid
avoidance or denial of these realities, in spite of a database
large and global enough to convince any reasonable scholar. No
president or western leader has ever dealt with this, nor will,
predictably the pending UK files do so.

The release of files by France and UK is welcome certainly, as a
starving individual welcomes a morsel of food. But it is not the
information meal that will nurture the strength and
understanding that will have to occur someday to prepare the
world for the;disruptive, chaotic, revolutionary, sea change,
shocking, full facts and hidden history, that will unleash an
era of financial turmoil, technological chaotic transition,
collapse of oil prices, and religions, and political turnover
that will be part of the planetary housekeeping.

This reform will be built on a an informed process and fulsome
honesty that will go far beyond what will be included in the
pending UK file release in 2008. If it does include what I have
mentioned in a mere light brush stroke of depiction, is
included, I will abjectly apologize..

I will be impressed that something truly significant is
occurring, when I SEE actual footage of mile long galactic
cruise ships, aliens moving with inhuman speed as they are
gathering samples or meeting with our leaders, or even all the
gun camera footage that has accumulated by now.

Will that be in the pending release?

Vince White

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