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Pilots, UFOs And Job Discrimination

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Subject: Pilots, UFOs And Job Discrimination

Source: The National Ledger - Apache Junction, Arizona, USA


Feb 1, 2007

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Pilots, UFOs And Job Discrimination
By Don Allis

Has it been standard practice for major airlines to discourage
their pilots from reporting a UFO sighting and/or going public
by implying to them, in some way, that their jobs and pensions
could be in jeopardy by them doing so? This is probably not
something that the airlines would admit to, but we have all
heard of such intimidations and fear factors to quiet employees
from coming forth with reports.

We can only speculate that they practice such procedures in fear
of scaring away perspective customers from using their airline
service so they can remain competitive. They may also not want
to be perceived by the public or their rivals as the joke
airline, which employs mentally unstable pilots who are prone to
seeing little green men.

We also don't know just how much this practice is influenced by
governments who want to maintain cover-ups in order to keep the
general populace ignorant to the truth of the existence of UFOs.

Pilot Commentaries: from NARCAP - National Aviation Reporting
Center on Anomalous Phenomena

"We didn't say anything. We figured nobody would believe us."

- Charter Pilot

"Upon return to my domicile, JFK, I reported our sighting to the
proper authorities. I was shortly visited by two federal
investigators who evidently thought I was hallucinating for one
of them stated he had seen spaceships while fishing in Great
South Bay and was quite obviously trying to prove that I was a

- Captain, Pan Am (ret.)

"It must have been Huge! We were all due back at JFK about the
same time two days later so I waited in the crew ready room to
talk to them. None of them wanted to talk! They were afraid
management would take them off of flying status and have them
tested for booze and drugs. The story never came out!"

- Flight Engineer, TWA (ret.)

"a group of lights in the air appeared at our 12o'clock
position. I called departure control and asked them if they had
any traffic in that area. When they came back and said NO, what
do you see, I said no, just checking. For at that time when a
pilot reported seeing a UFO he was in a lot of trouble."

- Captain, Ozark Airlines (ret.)

"I, and Flight crew saw something (in broad daylight) that did
things that no known aircraft could do without killing any
living thing inside. I will only give sketchy details to protect
the privacy of the rest of the crew. If you are interested, and
all information (is) kept anonymous, contact me. I will not
present myself for public ridicule."

- Captain, NW (ret.)

"Reports to NARCAP of UAP observations and incidents are riddled
with this type of commentary. Over and over again conservative,
responsible airmen are heard to say that they fear that their
competency will be questioned, that their careers will suffer,
that they will be humiliated for reporting their observations. A
serious result of these fears is inaccurate or incomplete data
regarding potential hazards."

- Ted Roe

Read Ted Roe's complete report:


Are any of the larger national UFO groups, such as MUFON,
affiliated with attorneys that will work pro bono? This is a
very important question to be answered and needs to be brought
to serious consideration.

Is it possible to encourage pilots and other airline employees
to publicly come forward with their sighting reports if one or
more of these national UFO groups would back them in the courts
with one or a team of attorneys that are willing to work pro
bono? I believe this to be possible and very plausible. We have
now reached a point of having enough universal forces and power
in ufology to pull together and fight such threats against these
employers. There must be many attorneys who have had sightings
and/or encounters of their own and are very open to what is
going on within ufology and many who are already MUFON members
who would love to be able sink their teeth into a bureaucratic
government bully.

If this can be done, then it is possible to reverse the FAA
policy of discrimination on such practices, which would then
start freeing up pilot testimonies, so that pilots will start
coming forward with sighting reports. Assembling a team of
attorneys that will go after cases with the appetite of
veracious tigers and bring legal action to the forefront and the
attention of the international press may just be the catalyst
that we need. By bringing enough attention to the public through
the media that is being focused directly onto the airlines, this
may be enough to cause them international embarrassment. It
would also focus attention on them, which they would prefer not
to be made public. It then just may be possible to bring
disclosure a step closer to reality by opening up a new wealth
of very credible witnesses. This would make it harder for the
governments to continue to discredit pilots sighting reports and
to continue with their denial of the truth.

Many will have their doubts that we can rely on the mass media
for honest and unbiased reporting. However I believe we can
start changing the medias views through the pressure from public
opinions and educating the press with the overwhelming data that
is available. Sure it has been a tough job in doing so, but
worldwide acceptance of ufology, and its need to hear more
balanced reporting, and the undeniable mountains of data will be
the catalyst to sway the press.

The O'Hare airport story that broke a short time back may be a
breaking point of the major press starting to open up once again
and provide fair press coverage into this phenomenon that they
have chuckled at and belittled for far to long. By the UFO
groups backing legal action against employers that would
threaten their employees job security and bringing legal actions
to the attention of someone in the press like Jon Hilkevitch,
the Chicago Tribune's transportation reporter who covered and
broke the O'Hare story, then it is possible to have the news
coverage spread internationally, like what occurred with the
O'Hare story. It is only then that the world's attention will be
forced into taking such cases seriously, which would unleash a
barrage of embarrassment directed at the FAA and any major
airline that tried to discredit an employee with threats of
possible job and security loss.

It is my belief that the new world acceptance into the belief
that we are not alone, for their growing mistrust for
governments and their need to know the truth will garner enough
support, financially and morally, to wager legal counter attacks
against such bureaucratic bullies that have used their power in
the past to quiet any reputable witnesses from coming forward.
However this has been handled in the past, it now must include
the world media to bring attention and embarrassments to these
bullies who have so ruthlessly controlled us with their
intimidations. We, as Ufologist, are very capable of being a
reckoning force by pulling together as one union to fight these
shameful discrimination attacks if we can only bring the media
to our side. I think this is a plausible goal we can set for
ourselves. Let us start focusing on educating the media with the
available data, so we can bring their views into the proper
perspective of the truth.

There is more then enough data available, it is just presenting
it to right people in the media and getting them to digest it in
order to start turning the tide that will open the floodgates in
our favor. This and of itself is enough power to bring the world
together to be able to demand more cooperation from our
governments to stop harassments and threats against their

The more of these very credible witnesses that are able to come
forward, then the more the press will take notice, which in turn
will encourage more witnesses to come forward until there is a
non-stoppable force flow that no governments will then be able
to control. We are a growing force in ufology that is capable,
by coming together as one powerful group, to defend all who want
to speak out openly and report on their experience so that the
world will now start coming to grips with the reality we live in
and to just what that reality is.

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