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Why We Haven't Discovered/Been Discovered By Aliens

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Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2007 10:25:55 -0500
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Subject: Why We Haven't Discovered/Been Discovered By Aliens

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Why We Haven't Discovered/Been Discovered By Aliens

By J.W.

According to a lot of people we already have been visited by
aliens, and there are those that are prepared to publicly and
unwaveringly claim they have been visited, however I'm not so
sure, but at the same time I don't know so I make no judgement
on them, nor do I make any judgement on Area 51 or the events
that occurred at Roswell - etc.

However making the assumption that the conspiracies are not
true, I would like to offer my personal predictions about why we
haven't met or been discovered by intelligent life from another

1. Distance - this is a totally obvious one, our galaxy is
approx 20,000 parsecs across, or in more human terms (with a
totally incomprehensible number) 6.1713605 =D7 1017 kilometres

Thats a fairly staggering number, 617136050000000000KM.

Currently we don't know of physics that would enable us to
explore any region that big with any sort of capability.

Slashdot discussed a paper that went into depth about this
particular theory, so I won't cover it too much, however lets
face it, we are struggling to explore our solar system - which
is kind of like struggling to search an empty matchbox, versus
mapping each molecule in the sea and seabed.

2. We are the aliens.

My personal view, that I like to have even though there is no
way for it to be based in any sort of factual arena is the
reason that we have not been visited by aliens, or communicated
with aliens is because we are the first and fastest evolving,
and that it will be us exploring the galaxy and the universe and
finding other civilizations, bringing them up to date etc.

"I can visualise a world without war, without violence, a place
of peaceful cooperation and calm.... I can see us attacking and
invading that world because they'd never see it coming and
wouldn't stand a chance"

Lets face it, in all probability it is just as likely that we
are the most advanced intelligent lifeform in the galaxy if not
the universe as it is that we are run of the mill middle of the
road or even slow to develop.

As we have not discovered any other intelligent life, we can
only postulate on what is the probable cause for this.

3. Lack of funding.

It could also be that intelligent lifeforms elsewhere face the
same beauraucratic issues that we do and never have enough
funding or budget to explore on a wider scale, so instead of
exploring the whole haystack, the can only explore part of one
peice of hay at a time. (needle in a haystack etc.)

So thats my thoughts at a glance on why we haven't been visited
or discovered intelligent life.

[Thanks to Stuart Miller of http://uforeview.net/ for the lead]

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