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Interview With Colin Andrews

From: Eustaquio Andrea Patounas <socex.ufobras.nul>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 16:02:28 -0200
Fwd Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2007 11:28:08 -0500
Subject: Interview With Colin Andrews

Interview With Colin Andrews
by the staff of Brazilian Ufology Center - CUB

1 - Why did you get involved with Ufology? Do you believe in UFO
phenomena? Have you ever seen an UFO? If so, how was your

My family had a very close eye witness experience with a UFO
when I was about 13 years old. My mother, father and younger
brother were driving in a very excluded country lane, near
Stonehenge, England, when they suddenly came into an opening in
the trees and saw a disc shaped UFO. It was hovering just about
150 feet from them and just a few feet above some trees. My
father stopped the car and he and my brother got out and walked
to the side of the small country road and watched it. A bright
beam of light then came down from the disc onto the trees below
and the disc began to swing left and right and my mother became
afraid and called them to get back in the car. They all watched
as the UFO rose up, the beam went off and the disc flashed away
into the distance and out of sight in parts of a second. They
returned home and told me all about it and knowing them as I
obviously did, I believed from then on that UFOs are real.

I have seen several objects, which I think, might have been
UFOs. I have been lucky enough to travel the world investigating
and also being involved with highly sophisticated surveillance
operations and has filmed some.

2 - What do you think about the UFO research done worldwide?
What is the future about UFO research in your opinion?

I admire anyone who steps forward and does research. I admire
them because I know how hard it is to maintain credibility and
be open with the interest in the UFO. The US government did a
very effective campaign on discrediting the actual terms. Its
outrageous what they have done and a miss-service to humanity.
They have lied and continue to lie and will be proven to have
done so when at some point they will be forced to admit this.

3 - Have you ever contact a circle maker group? Are there really
those groups to making circles during dawn time? What do you
think about those groups?

Yes I have made contact with many of them and coordinated a
special investigation with private detectives and other agencies
into this problem. Some of the circle makers do this to deceive
and have fun with the researchers and public, others do it for
what they call 'experiential art' and some I believe are
government inspired to cause the public to loose interest.

4 - Do you believe that is there any relationship between UFOs
and Crop Circles? Is there any evidence that those Crop Circles
is related with UFOs?

I believe they are connected in some way but not necessarily
making the real ones - in fact I don't think they make them. We
have films of these same objects inside crop circles and they
are also seen interacting with humans but no evidence they make
them - in my opinion.

5 - There is a lot of people who believe that the Crop Circles
are preserved because the Circles mysteries make money with
tourism. What do you think about it?

I don't think money has anything to do with the main body of
activity, perhaps there are a few events that are driven by
money - it's not the main driving force. That said the counties
of Hampshire and Wiltshire in England certainly see large
numbers of people from abroad that travel there to see the
circles. It's a mixed bag.

6 - what do you think about the 'saucer nests' found in
Australia and elsewhere 40 years ago? The so-called saucer nests
are bona-fide cases in which some UFO sightings left real
circles on the ground, sometimes radioactive, sometimes dry
spots in the middle of an otherwise wet terrain. Fungi were
found growing fast in these saucer nests, but nothing like that
happens in the modern crop circles. What do you think about
these kinds of alleged UFO-related circles?

I totally believe in Tully; Australian events were real and
indeed occurred several times in the same lagoon. I flew to
Australia to interview some of the witnesses to that 1966 event
and also others nearby. I am certain UFOs were involved in those
cases but they are different to crop circles.

7 - why these English Crop Circles are so well designed with
those complex forms and arrangement? What would be the
reasonable behind such a strange behavior by these UFO-
extraterrestrial entities to draw these non-sense features in
fields lost in the middle of England?

Like I said, this is a complex situation. I believe 'life force'
energies exist between humans and extraterrestrials but we don't
know anything about other dimension or even what the human mind
attracts when it focuses upon certain events like crop circles.
We create our own reality and play a 'growing, evolving part' in
the future. Until we know how the highest levels of nature and
life operate we will not be able to say we have resolved the
mystery. I do though believe that unless we have open minds, we
will go nowhere and learn nothing. It's similar to the art of
dowsing. If you don't have an open mind, it will not work for
you, if you embrace the possibility, it will be miraculous for
you. I am a very good dowser and can assure you of this fact -
 most scientists do not believe this, this limits them very

8 - Do you believe that's possible to have a relationship
between the Crop Circles in England and Nazca Lines in Peru for
instance? Can have those Crop Circles the same usefulness as
Nazca Lines? What do you think about it?

It's possible. Some of the designs on the Nazca plain are
similar to some of the crop patterns and also the alignments
suggest possible links. Beyond that, we really do not know.

9 - In your opinion what is the usefulness of those Crop
Circles? What is it for?

Developing our consciousness and to allow us an opportunity to
experience a new phenomenon and how we see it develop or not
dependant upon our curiosity and actions. We can make or break,
believe or deny it's always down to freedom of choice. Are we
predominantly open or closed-minded? Are we honest or dishonest
at the deepest part of our soles? These are very important
questions that humanity is now being forced to face. The future
depends upon honesty and respect but we might not be on course.
If we give a true mystery a chance to evolve and can use our
hearts and minds to help it along and don't try and derail the
progression and at the same time be careful with the religious
aspects that get fired up, we stand a chance of great knowledge
and true spirituality coming out of this. Even some of the
hoaxers are seeing this and each side of the equation is being
engaged and interacted with. This I know and it's the most
important part.

10 - What do you think about Ufology Future?

If its left to governments and without public pressure, I think
it will be many years before we get to know more. If major UFO
activity is recorded and witnessed like O'Hare, Chicago airport
recently, things might change rather quickly. I encourage all
UFO organizations to be professional and to speak out when ever

11 - You are very popular because the research you have done
about Crop Circles. What are the main conclusions you found
after your research?

Many are real, but are also rather less complex circles and
designs. These same simple designs show no damage to plants, no
pressure on the ground, have high levels of magnetism in them,
which also shares the same distribution profile and the design
itself. I also cannot eliminate some of the complex patterns.
The design replicating our own solar system was as far as we
could tell authentic and gave dates ahead - this I refer to in
detail in my last book 'crop circles- signs of contact'.

12 - I really would like you to leave a message to Brazilian
Ufology Center people. Right now we have 28.000 members and
they'll like to hear something from you.

My wife and I traveled a few years ago to speak at the large UFO
convention in Brazil and very much enjoyed your country and your
people. I think Brazil is very special because the people are
very open-minded and I believe your government is more helpful
than many others. I encourage you all to work closely with other
groups and to try very hard to keep clear of personal ego and
attention from getting in the way. I also would encourage
experimentation and meditation at quiet places and to give
opportunity for forces other than human to interact with you.
This has been very successful with us and with Dr. Steve Greer
when we have worked with him.

I thank you for your kind words and your interest in my work and
wish you well with your own.

Colin Andrews

C.P.R. International

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