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Re: Why We Haven't Discovered/Been Discovered By

From: Greg Boone Evolbaby.nul
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2007 16:13:28 EST
Fwd Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2007 07:11:13 -0500
Subject: Re: Why We Haven't Discovered/Been Discovered By

>Source: The GeekZone.Co - Wellington, New Zealand



>Why We Haven't Discovered/Been Discovered By Aliens

>By J.W.


>However making the assumption that the conspiracies are not
>true, I would like to offer my personal predictions about why we
>haven't met or been discovered by intelligent life from another

>1. Distance - this is a totally obvious one, our galaxy is
>approx 20,000 parsecs across, or in more human terms (with a
>totally incomprehensible number) 6.1713605 =D7 1017 kilometres


Distance isn't the problem. The inability to solve the problem
of assuming distance is the via to travel is the problem.
Distance used to be a problem with we humans 100+ years ago
before the invention of trains, cars, planes and fast boats.
What's a problem today will only be a problem tomorrow if we
neglect to confront and see the problem for what it is, real or

As for that big number mentioned I can see the puppet character
The Count from Sesame Street going after that one.

>2. We are the aliens.

>My personal view, that I like to have even though there is no
>way for it to be based in any sort of factual arena is the
>reason that we have not been visited by aliens, or communicated
>with aliens is because we are the first and fastest evolving,
>and that it will be us exploring the galaxy and the universe and
>finding other civilizations, bringing them up to date etc.

We're no where near the top of the food chain on this planet.
Mosquitoes and those gnat like bugs that fly into the center
fielder's eye after a hit making it a homer are. Those gnat like
bugs are awesome. They know exactly which outfielder to
sacrifice a 'fly' in the eye to.


>3. Lack of funding.

>It could also be that intelligent lifeforms elsewhere face the
>same beauraucratic issues that we do and never have enough
>funding or budget to explore on a wider scale, so instead of
>exploring the whole haystack, the can only explore part of one
>peice of hay at a time. (needle in a haystack etc.)

There's no such thing as a lack of funding. Only a lack of
interest and cooperation to engage in an activity. Example being
some of us want cars to run on water. Some of us don't.

Bottom line is we've already discovered aliens and aliens have
already discovered us. Problem is aliens have been trying to
tell their supreme alien overlords that life exists on Earth and
the overlords don't believe them. Neither do the other alien
neighbors. Everytime a flying saucer comes to Earth and sees us
humans they radio back to their planet and are met with laughs
and ridicule. They then get upset, kidnap some humans and bring
them back to their planet but the governments there say they
made the humans with artificial genetic engineering.

Even the alien news services are in on the gag. They run
demeaning photos of the alien voyagers to Earth with headlines

"Aliens Exist On Earth Says Saucer Lagged Explorer".

Then their neighbors tease them and they freak out and come back
to Earth and get more specimens and before you know it us humans
and other earthly denizens are spread out all throughout the



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