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ET Has Called Earth Home?

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Subject: ET Has Called Earth Home?

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer - Makat, Philippines



ET Has Called Earth Home?
By Jaime Licauco

MANILA, Philippines--EACH soul that incarnates on Earth brings
with it memories of its life=92s sojourns or travels in other
planetary systems and galaxies.

Many people are not originally from this planet. Most are
extraterrestrials (ET) from other worlds.

This is the extraordinary thesis of American researcher Scott
Mandelker, who wrote the book =93From Elsewhere, Being ET in
America.=94 According to him, humans have been seeded into Earth
to nourish and develop this planet for habitation by other life
forms at some future date.

Many beings from other galaxies have been migrating to this
planet for thousands of years completely unknown to others, even
to themselves.

We can detect these ETs among us if we are sensitive and
discerning enough. These ETs do not hold the same values most
earth people have. They do not conform easily to outward
pressures. They have a mind of their own and they think in ways
that separate them from the rest of humanity.

They are pioneers who change the course of events on this
planet, whether in terms of new thoughts or ideas, new
inventions or gadgets, new religion, new ways of relating to

Sometimes regarded as weird, they can rarely be ignored. Men and
women of extraordinary other-worldly talents and skills include
such beings as Nikola Tesla, William Shakespeare, Socrates,
Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Francis Bacon, Ramses II,
Moses and Jesus, to name just a few.

Their ideas often shock when first articulated or stated. They
may defy current, cultural and moral standards. But, in the end,
their contribution will be upheld by future generations.

Before entering the hall or inner chambers of the Oracle of
Delphi, the querent (defined by Wikipedia as an individual who
goes to some form of psychic reader) will see on each gate the
signs =93Know thy self=94 and =93Nothing to excess.=94 The first task of
every human being is to know himself/herself. Only by knowing
one=92s true identity can he/she attain enlightenment or =93gnosis.=94

When we are asked the question =93Who are you?=94 how do we answer?
We may give our name, family name, parents, schools attended,
degrees earned, place of birth, even one=92s Social Security
System or Government Service Insurance System number.

But do these define us or tell others who we are? No, they only
give out information outside of us. For we are not our names,
our parents, our school, or SSS number. These are all outside of
us and reveal nothing about who we really are.

So the ancient Greeks were correct in insisting that the
initiate first answered that question before he/she could be
allowed entry into the innermost chambers of the Oracle, where
the high priestess sat in a deep trance, ready to answer any
question asked her.

If we can but stop for a moment to reflect on that seemingly
simple question, =93Who are you?=94 we will begin to notice that
there is more to us than what we have enumerated about
ourselves. Perhaps there is some truth to the theory that we are
of extraterrestrial origin. And, therefore, all our answers, no
matter how extensive or how long, are all wrong!

We can truly say we come from outer space or, if you are more
religiously inclined, we may say from heaven. What the heck are
we doing in this calamity-prone planet? Some say, =93This dying

Well, to be honest, humankind has almost failed in its task of
nourishing this planet. Instead, humans have helped bring about
our planet=92s imminent death by their wanton destruction of the
environment, the ozone layer and natural resources. We have lost
touch with our mission of preserving this planet for future
extraterrestrial generations.

We don=92t yet have the capability of interplanetary travel. We
are doomed to stay here, so let us stop destroying it. We have
nowhere else to go=97at least for the time being, until we again
learn interstellar travel and habitation.

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[Thanks to Greg Boone for the lead]

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