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The Andreasson Affair A Hoax

From: Robert Luca <lucaland.nul>
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 17:12:49 -0500
Fwd Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 07:29:42 -0500
Subject: The Andreasson Affair A Hoax

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I am a family member of Bob and Betty Luca and we on my fathers
side have come foward and have told the truth about everything.
You will read as to why. The truth in the letter belowd is The
Andreasson Affair is a hoax which has been going on for some 30+
years now. We have included both the truth and the proof in both
the letter and the website you can visit that is listed on the
letter. You can contact me at anytime for comment. These days,
Bob and Betty have gone into hiding and will not talk to anybody
about the case and have refused to have a new investigation.
Everything is written in the letter and the website. All my
contact information is on there. Please feel free to write back
should you have any questions.


The Andreasson Affair found out to be a HOAX!

The Andreasson Affair is a 30+ year hoax which is now brought
into the light of truthfulness and has been exposed for what is
it. It has been nothing, but a made up set of well crafted
stories and art work to go along with it and combined with that
was Bob Luca's help in the technical aspect. I am Bob Luca Jr.
and am the step son of Betty Andreasson and the son of Bob Luca
Sr. of coarse. Over the past 30 years and hundreds of thousands
of hours spent with them I have never seen a shred of anything
that was odd or out of the ordinary except for them fabricating
material in thier own special ways and methods to be released to
the press and in book form a well as to investigators. My reason
for coing through with the truth is simple. When they involve my
name orake claims that I may have been abdcted by aliens than I
draw the line. That is what happened a couple years back. I
never was involved, but when I said I disagreed and they claimed
I was either on drugs or the bad aliens got to me or something
of that nature, that was when I decided to expose them. When my
father was supposedly abducted, he was not leaving a movie, but
was with us at the beach drinking beer and whiskey. He blacked
out from drinking so heavy. This was normal for him. He later
used these blackouts as times where he was supposedly abducted.
Ray Fowler never interviewed anyone from our side of the family.
My father made sure and made no mention of anyone from our side
since we all know the truth about him and his drinking and his
problems with being a compulsive liar.

He not only lies about the ufo's, but lies about most everythig
which occurs in his life and this is his main problem in life.
He also thrives on being known in the public eye. He doesn't
understand that he thinks he is high in the saddle in font of
the family with all the ufo stuff when in real life we are all
laughing at him for the fool he is making of himself. All of us
know him for what he is and can see right through him. When I
posted my website explaining the hoax both he and Betty
Andreasson have pulled, he tried to get a attorney to stop my
site postings. It failed as it is freedom of speech. He then
removed their site and e-mail addresses, and got a non published
phone number. He also refused to debate me on tv or radio. Also,
Ray Fowler who completely messed up the whole investigation will
not answer any of the investigation questions either. They have
all gone into both seclusion and hiding.

As for Betty, she is so hung up on her wierd religious beliefs,
she actually thinks she is a moderns day prophet and that god is
contacting her through th ufo's and warning the world through
her. She need serious psycological help and has serious
issues.She in turn though has been a stay at home wife though
and has been brain washed litterally by my father for all these
years and actually believes anything he tells her! I will give
one example. As for his heavy drinking. He toldher the reason he
must do so is because in our family we are very prone to kidney
failure and by drinking, we keep the kidneys flushed so our
family doctor told us to drink heavily and that would ward off
us ever ending up in the hospital and on a machine. She believes
this 110% and excepts his heavy drinking. I know it sounds far
fetched, but it is true!

Needless to say, he has kept filling her head for years now and
so you can imagine why she is a little wacked! Moving on, and
getting back to my father, he is not one who is into religious
beliefs. My father cares about himself and himself only. When we
were little and he took off for Florida, he could have cared a
less. He was eating prime rib and living the good life! He has
three grandchildren in which two he has only seen once and the
other he has never seen. He does not care to visit them. That
would cost gas money. He claimed to have had a heart attack when
it was only a panic attack. He then claimed he cured his heart
in a few days. This is the compulsive lying I was talking about.
He is then supposed to turn around and write a book about being
abducted and people are supposed to believe him? As mentioned,
on my website, there is much more!

Betty is so far gone at this stage, she now believes that she
was abducted and her memory is shot. During the time of her
supposed abduction, she had two sons that were in a fatal car
crash and had a husband who beat her so with all that going on,
anything could of happened in her mind to cause her to think she
was abducted. She could of been in emotional shock! Again, did
Ray Fowler take any of this into account? No! When I stepped
foot into school to be an investigator, I learned all the wrong
things done in this case within the first two weeks! Moving on,
when I was young and in electronics school, my father would help
him build electronic gadgets. I didn't know what they were for
at first, but then found out he bugged his own phone to trick
investigators, and also made wierd noises on the line as if a
alien were on the line and all sorts of wierd things. It made
that much more material for Betty to write about. God forbid if
Betty had a dream. That would not be considered a dream, but a
abduction. She would be drawing pictures for the next week of
her dream and writing it up as an abduction. That is how The
Andreasson Affair and the books that followed were printed. My
father ALWAYS made sure Betty stayed home and did not work.

Aside of working one job for a very short while during their
whole marrige, she has stayed home every single week and has
drawn pictures and wrote about ufo's every week without fail
since they have been married in the late 70's. If you do just a
little math, you can very well see the massive numbers and
amount of pictures that can be done and material that a couple
can come up with by having one person who is a compulsive liar
and one person who is a skilled artist and writer home working
on projects a good 50 to 60 hours a week can do! Also, my father
has enjoyed taking much time off from work through the years.
While doing so, as mentioned, has bugged the phone on his own
family which again I have seen in person, and also done other
countless and cowardly acts of both electronic and other sorts
of tricks to fool people when they come over to their house into
thinking strange things are going on. Knowing he is doing this
is sheer proof to me that the hoax is all the more real. Why
would you have to do such things if you had such a facinating
story to tell? If the beings were paying a visit so often as
said in their books than why would they be installing electronic
equipment to fool people into thinking something was going on at
their place? This is a very sick and childish thing to do, but I
am sounding like a broken record again! My father is a very low
person and self centered. He thrives on getting any kind of
story that may even get his name on a web page. My biggest anger
again as mentioned is our sibblings names being drawn into this.
We have no part and all have never seen anything except for the
way my father cheats as I have mentioned along with Betty.

I did not set out to go into his personal life here, but all I
will say is he has cheated the ufo world in the worse way
possible and as for friends, loved ones and his kids, he has
also done the same! He is not much of a person whomI ever care
to deal with after he did some other things on a personal level
which if I printed, and for that I would have the proof, there
would be some people who would want to harm him. When I had
cancer, and I was down to 95 pound from 190 pounds my father
simply told my brother my bloodwork probably came back and it
was wrong. You see it would have cost him gas money to come up
and see me. That is how he thinks just like the same reason why
he has only seen his grand children once and he had no choice
since he had to come up here for his fathers funeral. If it were
not for his fathers funeral, he would never had see them. That
is just one example of my father and the way his mind thinks for
himself. Betty being the religious person she is you would think
would say something, but she is just as self centered. She has a
very bad habit of not practicing what she preeches! She is so
jealous, she does not want my father anywhere near our side of
the family or his ex wife. She knows nothing about the women who
call here looking for my father and thinking I am him! That is a
whole other story...

Moving back to their story, I have mentioned allot. I have gone
over how he has played his tricks with electronics and other
ways as well. I have told you how he wanted my site removed, but
could not and when he found this out he changed his number to a
unlisted one and pulled all material he had off the web. He also
would not debate me on tv, radio or not at all! He also had Ray
Fowler not answer or respond to any questions. He also will not
go along with any new investigation or will let family members
or friends who knew him close when he had the abductions be
interviewed and is now changing his story after 30 years?? Betty
has gone right into seclusion with him. If he has done all this
hard work for so many years why won't he stand up for what he
believes in? I have worked hard in my field and if anyone wanted
to debate me in the type of work I have done I would do it in a
heart beat! There can only be one answer to this. The Andreasson
Affair can be taken for what it is. A HOAX! These two people
have used the ufo society for years and only to gain book sales,
money and own self satisfation of feeling as if they are in the
public eye. They give people out there with real and true
stories a big black eye! I am not saying I don't believe in
ufo's even though I have not seen one. To say all the people in
Roswell lied would be calling allot of people liars and that I
am not doing. To call Bob and Betty Luca of the Andreasson
Affair and whom I have known and seen lie in front of my eyes
and seen everything above and 10 times that, but there are items
I can't print for legal reasons, I can call them liars because I
know they are. The whole family knows it. They even know it. It
is time the ufo community knows it and sets their sites on other
people and their stories and gives them a better chance and more
time to speak since other may have valid stories and not well
rehearsed and carefully written lines that will sell and sound
good! The Andreasson Affair is the best ufo hoax I think anyone
has ever pulled off as far as an abduction case.

Bob Luca Jr.

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