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My New Vision For The Old Ufology

From: Eustaquio Andrea Patounas <socex.ufobras.nul>
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 18:03:11 -0300
Fwd Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 07:50:14 -0500
Subject: My New Vision For The Old Ufology

My interview by Horizonte Eletronic Magazine


1) How did you start your work with UFO research?

I was a 10-year-old boy in 1961. I can=B4t remember why, I left my
house and walked to another room in the backyard. It was
dark, but not too late in the night. I felt a warm wave coming
from above my head. Looking over my head there was an
unforgettable sighting: a round object, featuring multi-
coloured lights, hovering over the house. It was like a giant
pizza (I was not able to guess the height since I was too
young), and its lights flashed each at once. In awe, I ran home
and called my parents so they could see the object. We all went
out to the backyard, and they also saw the beautyful hovering
UFO. We called some neighbours, who also witnessed the sighting.
Everybody run outside, at the street, to see the object. The UFO
kept spinning around its axis and stayed aloft for a long time,
and then started to move itself slowly heading to the Ibirapuera
Park. We watched its displacement in the sky, in euphory, when
it suddenly zig-zagged two or three times in an incredible
velocity and disappeared like an arrow in the horizon.

At least twenty people had witnessed in awe the event .This was
my first UFO sighting.

2) Are you a contactee? How it was (or how it is) this contact
with extraterrestrial beings?

In the past times I can say that I was a contactee... I mean, if
I really was (laugh). It seems like a misunderstanting, so I
will try to express myself in a clearer way: I really faced some
strange facts - like I descroibed in my book Memopirs of a
Kumara and I cant explaint them. I used to heard soundless words
in my mind wich turned into nice texts and wisdom. But therewas
the question: Were these words a product of my own mind or was I
been told by someone else? Today I believe that 90% of all the
channelling' are just a self-made access to your own knowledege
- although I can=B4t discard totally the likeliness of some kind
of contact with another dimension. Currently (and from years to
now) I dont keep any contact, neither with extraterrestyrial
entities, or with myself. Maybe it is a result of change in some
of my thought and what I accept as the truth.

3) For how long are the extraterrestrials among us?

I think the ETs are earthling beings living in the Mountain
Ridges or in the deep oceans with covers 3/4 of the Earth. If
the came from outer space in the past, I dont know. What I am
sure is that we, the so-called the normal humans, are seeking
our salvation and the paradise where they never were: in outer

4) When Will mankind have contact with them? Or will teh
contacts be always individual - for a few people?

The contact affair, in my theory mentioned above, will be made
in a step -by-step fashion, as we became aware that we are no
alone, not in the Universe, but here at the Earth. When we
realize that we were looking for the treasure were it never was,
we will put our feet on the ground again. Doing this, we will
alloww our senses to see what we have been searching right here.

5) The contactee are often described as 'the choosen ones", or
the approach followed by the ETs to contact earthlings is driven
by another criterea?

The 'chosen ones' approach is pointless. The matter is more
deep, and insuitable to be discussed at the time being. I mean,
who is more aware, notes. There is a big difference beetween
look, see and be aware of something. Three very distinct
actions. I know I am not sactisfying all of you who are reading
this interwiew.

6) Why there are so many hoaxes in UFO research? It=B4s only the
desire of being reknowned or a disguise by the Superpower=B4s

Yes, there are hoaxes, both deliberate and *****, with many
objectives: Self-****, divert the media attention to other
directions, and to keep the ordinary people under control.;

Another crucial factor is the ego-driven behaviour of many UFO
researchers, who support hoaxes or divert the research from the
right path just for gain profits. Referring to conspiracies and
cover-ups, I think it is more a matter of guessings than real
stuff, should them hide from the general public. There are even
the security and religious issues - churchs oh all types must
keep their followers loyal. And so forth.

7) What level of credibility that chanelling (inspiration,
mediunity, etc) has? Do these procedures left the individual
(the contactee) exposed to public execration?

The credibility depends on who are reading. If the alleged
inpiation or chanelling has coherence and if it sums up
something to our knowledge, so it=B4s OK! It doesn=B4t matter if
there was your own mind, or an ET, or an spirit, angel or a kind
of saint. We must know our own power and experttise, and
recognize them without to unknown external entities. It=B4s time
to open our eyes, and awake for the truth. Keep our foot on the
ground, and believe that everyone owns their destiny, future,
progress and disgrace.

8) When I met you in the 90`s you were knowned as an mystic
ufologist, and by that time it was enough to mean a hoaxer.
Nowadays you overcame the prejudice and turned into a well-
 respected researchers. This fact means that the prejudice
against contactees and holistic researchers is slowing down?

I made a lot of things and I dont repent myself for that. I
walked, tripped, fell off, stand up, I got wrong shostcuts... at
last I feel good, a long-life student who admits errors,
misleadings, and told some people 'truths' that arent my
'truths' nowadays. The prejudice against believing will cease
when people learn about respecting. Everyone has the right for
their own choices for their living. To contact yourself i more
important than contact external entities.

9) You have beeen talking about Holistic Ufology. It is a new
designation for Mystic Ufology? What are the main differences
beetween Holistic and Cientific Ufology?

The Cientific UFO research is the cornerstone of any research.
Every building must have a strong base. Researchers must have a
solid base to develop his/her studies following his/her
creativity, adding everything he/her thinks will be helpful. The
lain vision of the whole thing is what we call the holistic
vision (from the Greek term Holos =3D Everything) ; Every
possibilities must be taken, even most of them are to be
eventualy rejected.

10) What is the long term target of SOCEX group?

It was established in Aug 1, 1991, with all offcial requirements
fullfilled. It is recognized as a public utility entity by the
Brazilian Law. Its aims are teach people about the UFO
phenomena, breaking myths and unveiling the truth about the

11) What about your TV show (Vida Inteligente - Intelligent Life
- Floripa TV, Channel 4 on NET cable TV)? How is the public
reaction to the show?

The show is running for a year and half by now. It is aired live
and it spans for 1 hour. See:


It talks about Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Exploration,
Atmosphere, Exobiology, Cosmology, Ecological issues and
Environment, Technology, etc. Its purpose is teach people and,
and at the same time, be different from the common open TV.

12) We thank you for your interview and ask you for some final

I tell everyone to be open for new discoveries, be humbe to
realize your mishaps and restart; Mutual respect and search for
data without prejudice. We need cohesion, not ego-driven
altercation. We are all apprentices and people must rely on each
other to get the responses to our questions.

Thank you very much, and a "friendly hug", like we say in

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