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Robert J Luca [Snr.] Responds

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Subject: Robert J Luca [Snr.] Responds

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From: Robert Luca <luke27.nul>
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Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 22:24:03 -0500
Subject: Robert J Luca [Snr.] Responds


My name is Robert A. Luca, Betty Andreasson Luca is my wife.

Ray Fowler sent me a copy of the ridiculous claims made by
Robert J Luca, who I no longer consider a son or even a distant
relative for that matter.

First off I want to make it perfectly clear that, there is not,
nor was there ever any hoax, regarding the Andreasson Affair.
Robert J is really trying to get at me because back in 2005 I
had taken him out of my will and for good reason.

After his grandfather, my father, passed away Robert acted in, to
say the least, a very irrational and untruthful manner not only
to me but to the attorney processing the will as well. The
attorney, Karen Alexander of West Palm Beach FL., where we
resided at the time, asked me in her office referring to Robert,
"what is wrong with him?"  You see he was sending her email that
was incoherent at best and almost threatening to the point that
she told him to stop sending her email altogether.

This along with the many lies he tried to tell me regarding his
Grandfather and his will were the reason I basically disowned
him and told him, don't email me, don't call me and do not try
to visit me as you are no longer welcome here. Thus the slander
and liable campaign you now see by Robert J Luca.

I am putting together a response to all of Robert's lies that
will have documentation wherever possible.

I sincerely believe that Robert J is an unstable and emotionally
disturbed individual.

I would also like to mention here, what most people may not be
aware of, is that long before the first book was published,
Betty was subjected to pse stress evaluation or lie detector
tests, intensive background investigation, psychiatric
examination, psychological evaluation and character checks, all
of which she passed with flying colors.

I challenge Robert J Luca to even undergo one simple lie
detector test, I assure you the results would not be favorable
to him. I have attached a photo of Robert J here so you can see
the source of the information he has sent you and see newspaper
article below which supports my description of his being
emotiomally disturbed.


Robert A. Luca


Record-Journal (Meriden, CT)

Record-Journal (Meriden, CT)

March 12, 2002 Resident talked out of taking his life

Author: Evan Goodenow, Record-Journal staff Page: 09

Article Text:

MERIDEN - With his .44 magnum by his side, Robert Luca
telephoned police Monday morning and told Sgt. Michael
Zakrzewski that he wanted police to remove his mother from his
14 Genest St. residence so she wouldn't be there when he
committed suicide.

Police notified the SWAT team and evacuated neighbors, but after
about 30 minutes, Zakrzewski talked Luca out of suicide.

"It's very satisfying. That's why I do it," said Zakrzewski, a
member of the police department's crisis negotiation team, which
works in tandem with the SWAT team.

At 10:30 a.m., Luca, 36, telephoned police. Dispatcher Diane
Larson tried to calm him while summoning Zakrzewski.

Police evacuated a handful of neighbors from around the one-
family house in the quiet neighborhood off Murray and Dyer

"We had no idea who was in the house or the danger there was to
surrounding residents, so they activated SWAT," police spokesman
Sgt. Lenny Caponigro said.

Negotiators try to get the subject they're dealing with to talk
for as long as possible. "Time is your ally," Zakrzewski said,
adding that Larson did a good job keeping Luca calm.

Police said Luca's mother was asleep at the time of the incident
and was never in any danger.

Luca surrendered at about 11:15 a.m. and was taken to MidState
Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation.

He was not charged, but the magnum and a .22 caliber semi-
 automatic pistol were seized.

"It was a nice effort by the sergeant to talk him into
surrendering without further incident. As we know, these scenes
can sometimes turn ugly and dangerous," Police Chief William C.
Abbatematteo said.

Copyright 2002, 2006 Record-Journal

Record Number: 10F5518A0741A916