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Interview With Stanton Friedman

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Subject: Interview With Stanton Friedman

Interview With Stanton Friedman
By Milton Frank
Brazilian Ufologya Center President


1 - Why did you start to get involved with Ufology? Have you
ever seen a UFO? If so, can you tell us how your experience was?

I was ordering books from a mail order bookseller in 1958 as a
24 year old nuclear physicist working on nuclear airplanes for
the General Electric Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Department in
Cincinnati, Ohio, and needed one more book so I wouldn't have to
pay shipping. I saw Captain Edward G. Ruppelt's book "The Report
on Unidentified Flying Objects" marked down from $2.95 to 1$. I
read it and was intrigued. My neighbor, to whom I lent the book,
was an engineer ten years older than I was. He was more
impressed. I moved to California to work on other nuclear
projects and read about 15 more books some of which were junk,
then I found Project Blue Book Special Report Number 14 at the
Univ. of California Library in Berkeley and was shocked to find
so much data and also lies from the Secretary of the Air Force.
I joined APRO and NICAP, appeared on a Radio talk shown in
Pittsburgh, by now working on nuclear rockets for Westinghouse
Astronuclear Lab. A technician at work heard me and asked me to
speak to her book review group. I gave more and more talks
"Flying Saucers ARE Real" to professional groups who responded
very well and to colleges. In 1970 when the advanced nuclear and
space business hit a low, I went full time lecturing about
"Flying Saucers ARE Real". Have now spoken at well over 600
colleges and over 100 Professional groups in all 50 U.S. States,
9 Canadian provinces and 16 other countries, including twice in
Brazil.I have never seen a flying saucer. But then I have never
seen a neutron or a gamma ray

2 - When did you start to be interested in Roswell Case? What was
Jesse Marcel influence on it? How did you meet Jesse Marcel?

I first heard about the Roswell case in about 1973 from Lydia
Sleppy who worked at a radio station in Albuquerue, NM, and
recalled a 1947 call from a sister station in Roswell dictating
a story about a crashed saucer being taken to Wright Patterson
Air Force base. She was typing his dictation on the newswire
when the FBI interrupted and said does not continue this
transmission. I found some of the people she recalled, but
couldn't get very far. In 1978 I was supposed to do three
interviews at a TV station promoting my evening lecture at
Louisiana State University, there in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The
third reporter was nowhere to be found. The station manager was
apologetic, because he knew I had other things to do. He gave me
coffee and was looking at his watch and suddenly said "the
person you should talk to is Jesse Marcel". I said "Who is he?"
He said "He is a great guy. We are old amateur radio buddies. He
handled the wreckage of one of those saucers you are interested
in when he was in the Military". I asked for more information
and was told that Jesse lived in Houma, Louisiana, and that I
should talk to him. Then the reporter showed up. The next day
from the airport I called information, got a number for Jesse
and called him. He told me his story, but didn't have the exact
date. I shared that with my colleague Bill Moore and also shared
a lead I was given after a lecture in Bemidji, Minnesota, some
months later, about the Barney Barnett story of a NM saucer
crash. I shared that, too, the very next day because Bill lived
in Minnesota. He had a third story about an English Actor,
Hughie Green, who heard a story on the radio about a crashed
saucer in New Mexico, while driving from Los Angeles to
Philadelphia. He could recall it was late June or Early July,
1947. Bill went to the Univ. of Minnesota Library and found the
story which confirmed what Jesse had told me and gave many more
names. Over the next 2 years Bill and I managed to locate 62
people connected with the events. The First book "The Roswell
Incident" was published in 1980.

Jesse, as the intelligence officer for the 509th, the most elite
military group in the world, and his son Jesse Marcel Jr., a
Colonel, Medical doctor, Flight surgeon, and helicopter pilot in
Iraq, are very important witnesses. Jesse Sr. died in 1986.
Jesse Jr. has recently written a new book "Roswell: It Really
Happened" for which I wrote the foreword. It will be out in

3 - What make you believe that two flying saucers had an accident
in New Mexico in 1947?

The Marcel story was about what was found on the Foster Ranch
operated by Mack Brazel about 80 miles North of Roswell. The
Barnett story was about the Plains of San Agustin well over 100
miles west. We found supportive testimony from neighbors,
relatives etc.

4 - Some years ago it was published in internet that the
responsible for Roswell Funerary House never be in a date with a
base nurse. Is this correct? How do you deal with the
possibility of the witness are simply lying about it? We must
remember that Roswell Case happened a long time ago after you
started to search it.

I was the first to talk to Glenn Dennis and visited the Ballard
Funeral Home with him and located somebody who had been
stationed at the base and confirmed recalling nurse Naomi Self
and described her the same way Glenn had. The Funeral Home
certainly had the contract with the base to supply both mortuary
services (there were plane crashes with bodies) and ambulance
services using the hearses.

We tried to get confirmatory evidence on all stories. People's
memories were much fresher in the 1970s and 1980s then they are
now. We also have many contemporary newspaper jornais da =E9poca
(a maioria =E9 ignorada pelos c=E9ticos).

5 - What do you think about the official version about Roswell
Case given by US government?

The 2 large government stories are masterpieces of
misrepresentation as I have documented in several places and in
my book TOP SECRET/MAJIC. Loaded with specific false statements
and lies... A typical example is the claiming that crash test
dummies accounted for the reports of alien bodies. The fact is
none were dropped until 1953 and that all the dummies were
6'tall and weighed 175 pounds... hardly 3.5-4 feet high guys
with big heads.

6 - Do you believe that the supposed crashed UFOS were taken to
AREA 51? What do you think about Bob's Lazar opinion about it?

Area 51 didn't exist in 1947. Lazar is a total fraud, not a
scientist etc as I have noted in an article about him on my
website at www.stantonfriedman.com

7 - How did you get in touch with MJ-12 documents? Do you believe
in those documents? In your opinion, are they true?

I was working closely with Bill Moore and Jaime Shandera and was
informed when the roll of film was received in Dec. 1984 and
processed and had the Eisenhower Briefing Document, The Truman
Forestall Memo. In Washington I found that certain USAF
Headquarters documents were being declassified and informed Bill
and Jaime. Once that was completed they went to DC and
discovered the Cutler Twining memo in Record Group 341 at the
National Archives. I have written very extensively about my
research in my book "TOP SECRET/MAJIC ' (2nd Edition 2005) and
in several papers (two are on my website at
www.stantonfriedman.com ) my reasons for concluding after a
great deal of investigation (and visits to 20 Archives) that the
3 documents are genuine as very likely is SOM1.01 and that a
host of supposed MJ-12 documents are NOT genuine.. These are the
ones received by Timothy Cooper. Each document must be taken on
its own merits.

8 - Usually you believe that the truth about UFOS is hidden to
the public? If this is really true, what are the reasons for the
governments hide a lot of UFO facts from all the people?

My paper "The UFO 'Why?' Questions" on my website deals with
this question in depth. Briefly: 1. Governments want to figure
how the saucers work, as they make wonderful weapons delivery
and defense systems. Rule No. 1 for security is that one can't
tell one's friends without telling one's enemies.

2. Since sightings and probably crashes occur all over, one must
be concerned about one's enemies determining how the saucers
work before we do. We don't want them to know we know they know.

3. If an announcement were to be made, I think church attendance
and mental hospital admissions would go up, the stock market
would go down and many people would start thinking of us as
Earthlings rather than as Brazilians, Canadians, Americans, etc.
No national government wants that.

4 Certain religious fundamentalists, such as Jerry Falwell and
Pat Robertson insist that only Earth has intelligent beings and
that the UFOs are the work of the devil. Their faith would be

5. If an announcement would be made about more advanced beings
coming here, one might soon expect better means of energy
production, ground and air transport, computers and
communication systems. Therefore economic chaos.

6. I have heard seven accounts of airplanes being destroyed by
flying saucers when they were being attacked. No government
wants to admit that.

9 - What is your opinion about abductions cases? Do you believe
in abductions? Are there any evidences to make people really
believe in abductions in your opinion?

As with documents each case must be taken on its own merits. I
have a very large "Gray basket" for reports without sufficient
data on which to base a scientific conclusion. I am absolutely
convinced that some aliens have abducted some Earthlings. I am a
physicist not a "believer". There are many cases provided by Dr.
David Jacobs, Budd Hopkins, and Dr. John Mack etc that do
provide evidence. I am particularly intrigued by the abduction
of Betty and Barney Hill and the accompanying star map described
by Betty. Betty's niece Kathleen Marden and I have just
completed a new book "Captured: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO
Experience" with information that has never before been
published. Career Press will publish it this coming summer. We
would love to have a Brazilian publisher for that book and for
my books "Crash at Corona" and "TOP SECRET/MAJIC".

10 - Why are so difficult people to believe in aliens' life forms
and in the possibility that they are able to visit us here in
your opinion?

The public opinion polls indicate that there are more believers
than non believers and that the greater the education the more
likely to believe in UFOs. The problem is that the press and the
scientific community and the government have issued loads of
false propaganda giving most people the false impression that
most other people do not accept UFO reality. I have checked my
more than 700 lecture audiences in 18 countries and find that
while 10% believe they have seen a flying saucer, 90% of them
did not report what they saw for fear of ridicule. I come on
very strongly and have only had 11 hecklers, 2 of who were

11 - What make you believe that all scientific conventions are
correct, remembering that man created them? Do you believe that
man is able to create them alone? Or do you believe that man had
an external help?

I have often pointed out that technological progress comes from
doing things differently in an unpredictable way. The history of
science is loaded with false claims about flight, space travel,
air travel and claims of impossibility that turn out to be
totally wrong based on the 4 basic premises of the debunkers:

1. Don bother me with the facts, my mind is made up.

2. What the public doesn't know, I won't tell them.

3. If you can't attack the data, attack the people.

4 Do your research by proclamation, because investigation is too
much trouble.

12 - A lot was speculated about MJ-12 and a lot of things were
invented by people and the press, but one comment really caused
a doubt to us; people said that MJ-12 sold the idea about
friendly aliens in movies like "Close Encounters" and "ET - The
Extra-Terrestrial", is it really true?

This is nonsense. Nothing in the MJ-12 documents says anything
about friendly aliens. People have suggested that the government
may have secretly convinced Hollywood to portray friendly aliens
so people won't be frightened. That has nothing to do with the
reality of flying saucers or MJ-12. Those depend on data and on
evidence as noted in my books and reports.

13 - Still about MJ-12, what did really make President Truman to
hire the twelve famous scientists and militaries in your
opinion? Was it related with Extra Terrestrial or was there
another focus?

An outstanding group was established in secret to deal with the
extraordinary new development. They all already had government
connections and all had served in one way or another during WW
2. There were 2 army, 2 navy, 2 Air Force, 5 scientists and the
new secretary of defense. None were elected officials.
Recovering the wreckage of alien spaceships and bodies was a
national security problem of great importance. How do the craft
work, what is the motivation of the aliens, are they working
with anybody on this planet, are they a threat? How do we
combine analytical work studying the wreckage with results of
airborne instrumentation and radar to evaluate the flight
capabilities and how they might be duplicated? MJ-12 was a very
sensible response.

14 - In a recent episode we saw a Russian ex-agent being killed
by a lethal radioactive contamination. Do you believe in many
people being killed for the same reason? Are there any
government interests on it? What are the reasons for US
government undercover important subjects like this in your

I have no possible way of knowing how extensive the practice is.
Obviously governments would be interested in a wide variety of
techniques for dealing with their enemies. This was pretty
crude. Publicizing details of techniques for surreptitious
killings doesn't seem a very sensible procedure. I don't give
children guns to play with.

15 - Area 51 and Bob Lazar, just was characters in a "goofy"
comedy to cover the death by radioactive contamination on that
supposed facility, like Robert Frost death, or really exist
something mysterious inside the hangars of Area 51 that wasn't
projected by "Skunk Works"?

I see nothing describable as a Goofy comedy. Area 51 was
established to develop new advanced highly classified military
systems such as the U-2, theSR-71, The Stealth fighter, the
Aurora, various unmanned aerial vehicles, etc, etc. Its
remoteness makes it sensible for testing of such systems hardly
feasible in secret near the Skunk Works in California.

16 - MIBS, Men in Black, are they true or lie? And what is your
opinion about the "privacy invasion" imposed by the US

People have on occasion been threatened. Whether these are
government people or hoaxsters. I have no idea. Governments
always want to invade our privacy.

17 =96 If we look deeply to the sky we'll find uncountable
galaxies, stars, planets and so on. Based on it, we can affirm
categorically that we aren't alone in this big universe! Like a
scientist, what give you a credit to believe in life outside

Yes, the universe is huge. Unlike the SETI cultists, my
conclusions about Ets are based on study of the enormous amount
of evidence that aliens are visiting. I am totally unmoved by
proclamations about the huge universe and we can't be alone etc.
The evidence (always ignored by the nasty noisy negativists and
the SETI cultists) is convincing. SETI really stands for Silly
Effort to Investigate.

Sim, o universo =E9 enorme. Ao contr=E1rio dos adoradores do SETI,
minhas conclus=F5es sobre ETs s=E3o baseadas no estudo da enorme
quantidade de evid=EAncia que os alien=EDgenas est=E3o nos visitando.
Eu n=E3o sou movido por publica=E7=F5es sobre o universo enorme e n=F3s
n=E3o podemos estar s=F3s, etc. As evid=EAncias (ignorada sempre pelos
nojentos e barulhentos negativistas e pelos adoradores do SETI)
s=E3o convincentes. SETI est=E1 realmente para Silly Effort To
Investigate (Esfor=E7o Idiota Para Investigar).

18 - I really would like you to leave a message to The Brazilian
Ufology Center. Right now we have almost 30.000 members and they
really would like to hear what you have to say to them.

After 49 years of study and investigation, I can safely state
that aliens are visiting earth (some UFOs are of alien origin),
that a small percentage of government people have known this for
at least 60 years, that there are no good arguments against
these conclusions, and that the matter of flying saucer
visitations and the cover-up of the best data, bodies and
wreckage, by governments, is the biggest story of the past

We on Earth must stop acting like a primitive society whose
major activity is clearly tribal warfare. We need to recognize
that the best hope for a decent future is recognition we are not
the most advanced body of beings in the local neighborhood, and
that we need to grow up and use our resources for the planet
instead of for killing each other. I am still an optimist that
the truth will out despite the resistance of those in power.

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