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CNN's American Morning 01-03-06 O'Hare Transcript

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Subject: CNN's American Morning 01-03-06 O'Hare Transcript

Source: CNN.Com - Atlanta, Georgia, USA


January 3, 2007

'American Morning' Program


Some United Airlines workers insist they saw a close encounter
in the skies over Chicago, a UFO at O'Hare. The FAA is out with
an explanation. We get more from Juan Carlos Fanjul of CNN
affiliate WGN.


Juan Carlos Fanjul, CNN Correspondent, (voice over): It
supposedly happened in early November, just before sunset. About
a dozen United Airlines ramp workers telling the Chicago
Tribune they saw weird-looking, frisbee shaped aircraft
hovering motionless over terminal one, concord C (ph).

Katherine Huggins, Flight Attendant: I've been flying for a
while and, yes, they're reputable. And if they say they saw it,
I think they saw it. And I wish I saw it too.

Fanjul: These United flight attendants just heard about the
mysterious account.

Mathew Walker, Flight Attendant: I think it's great. I don't
know. Something different, you know. It's about time they
finally found one.

Fanjul: So you think it's real then.

Walker: Maybe. It could be.

Fanjul: Workers say the flying object was real. They say it was
silent, had no lights. A pilot saw it around 1,500 feet up, then
it suddenly burst upwards, punching a hole in the clouds. The
FAA tells WGN News, they've got nothing on radar. United said
they've heard about the stories but have no evidence. Witnesses
have been told it could be a weather phenomenon.

Jon Hilkevitch, Chicago Tribune: And they're concerned that
whatever it was, even if it was some kind of military craft or
something else, that it be identified because it could pose a
safety hazard.

Fanjul: A possible UFO siting has sparked some deep discussions
at O'Hare.

Unidentified Female: I think it's probable. I don't think we're
the only life forms in the galaxy.

Unidentified Male: Me personally, a UFO has to actually come
knocking at my door and say hit to me or something, but -- and
just by talking about it, I really don't believe in it.


Roberts: It was a "weather phenomenon" just like that one is
Roswell, New Mexico, 60 years ago. And that was Juan Carlos
Fanjul of our affiliate WGN reporting.

Do you believe that?

O'brien: You know, at first I don't, and then you see the flight
attendants who all look like very rational, calm people to me.
In fact, I know that blonde woman. (INAUDIBLE) I fly a lot.

Roberts: I swear I've met her, yes.

O'brien: She's not making it up. I believe it.

Our top stories are straight ahead this morning.


[Thanks to Greg Boone for the lead]

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