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Re: Roswell Crash By X-Ray Absorption - Scheldroup

From: John Scheldroup <jschel.nul>
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2007 14:48:01 -0600
Fwd Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2007 11:33:24 -0500
Subject: Re: Roswell Crash By X-Ray Absorption - Scheldroup

>From: Theo Paijmans <th.paijmans.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2007 16:03:13 +0100
>Subject: Re: Roswell Crash By X-Ray Absorption

>>From: John Scheldroup <jschel.nul>
>>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>>Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2007 10:27:02 -0600
>>Subject: Roswell Crash By X-Ray Absorption


>>This would certainly make an interesting planet wide defense
>>system from an alien attack. I wonder if the US military already
>>had some insight into this information, therefore I suggest they
>>did. <g>

>A hypothetical addition: if for some reason advanced technology
>that enables travels through vast expanses of space is highly
>vulnerable to X-rays - would not that same technology already
>have the means of detecting these rays and have an appropriate
>countermeasure? I think of two somewhat similar analogies here:
>the War of the Worlds scenario (advanced technology is being
>destroyed by common earthly bacteriae) and the Russian MIG
>constructions (said to have actual tubes on board as these were
>capable of resisting EMP after a nuclear attack).

Hi Theo,

I figured out a way to describe what you are talking about
but this has to do with open and closed systems. How effective
can a countermeasure be within either system. Now the quantum
vacuum system is it a closed or open system ?

Here's the condition that we're trying to figure out that
would contradict the other system when we imply an
X-ray source, like a lighting strike when it hits our system,
it says and I quote from:


Quantum Mechanics of Open Systems

"A metastable quantum state decaying is an example of an open
system. More generally, a system which is not closed but
interacting with its surroundings has a non-Hamiltonian
evolution. Boltzmann's collision formula is a well known
example; as is the classical Newton's Law of Cooling.
Measurement in quantum mechanics always involves an open

Here's a general closed system.


"In thermodynamics, a closed system, as contrasted with an
isolated system, can exchange heat and work, but not matter,
with its surroundings. "

So the lighting bolt both carries heat and it does have
electrical potential when it strikes, converts to kinetic energy
so it does carry work as well.

As far as A lightning detector device on an airplane is it a
part of a closed or an open system? Well we know the aircraft
have devices to suppress these negative potentials from
outbreaking like static charge from air friction, solar
radiation, lighting strike and so forth, and one would imagine
that with no earthen ground tied to the airplane that we might
see millions of volts build up. The main thing here are those
millions of volts suppressed and isolated that could cause
damage to other on-board equipment.

So the potential is their however if we were to infuse some free
electron travel into the closed system, there could be some
damage. All in all the aircraft must be an isolated but closed

The real question is how would a lighting bolt suppressor safely
protect the sensitive equipment in the UFO - mainly the open
ended quantum vacuum? Here's something to consider, a link takes
us to a brief-breif that describes the closed system. What
caught my attention is the applied Toll road as an example.


"Toll road

For toll roads, a "closed system" refers to a road where a
motorist obtains a ticket upon entering the toll road, then pays
to toll upon exiting the expressway. The toll is calculated by
the distance traveled on the toll road. In contrast, a toll road
using an 'open system' consists of mainline toll plazas (a.k.a.,
toll barriers) at set intervals; it is possible for motorists to
get on an 'open toll road' after one toll barrier and exit
before the next one, thus traveling on the toll road toll-free.
Most open toll roads have ramp tolls to prevent that."

Then the part about "Open system" because we now know that
quantum vacuum is so what I did was imply the toll road example
was a sort of quantum road, so it reads like this:


In contrast, a quantum road using an 'open system' consists of
mainline quantum states (a.k.a., quantum barriers) at set
intervals; it is possible for motorists to get on an 'open
quantum road' after one quantum barrier and exit before the next
one, thus tunneling on the quantum road toll-free. Most open
quantum roads have forbidden energy states to prevent that.


What does the forbidden energy state suggest? That those
on-board suppresion devices on our UFO might not suppress
everything incoming, X-ray lighting strikes, but could detect
safely from a distance? Just because its an open system we don't
have control over, doesnt mean they can't use it to good.


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