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Re: The 'Funny' Part - Morton

From: Dave Morton <Marspyrs.nul>
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2007 01:46:03 EST
Fwd Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2007 12:16:48 -0500
Subject: Re: The 'Funny' Part - Morton

>From: Robert Barrow <rbarr.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2007 12:38:10 -0500
>Subject: The 'Funny' Part

>When a rural UFO sighting witnessed by a couple of people makes
>news headlines, the debunkers ask why it's always some farmer in
>the middle of nowhere who spots a saucer.

>When a UFO pops up over one of the world's busiest airports,
>witnessed by many, the debunkers suggest a weather anomaly.

>You can't win.

>How curious that we embrace our idiocy so fondly and so quickly
>when we crave a solution to anesthetize the inquiring mind.


That's their strategy: Be able to fight any kind of 'war'. By
'war' I mean a war of propaganda.

If 100 astronomers, 100 military pilots, and 100 policemen were
to see a UFO spinning and hovering at 500 feet over an
intersection in Los Angeles in broad daylight, the US government
and the press would evaluate how best to deal with this problem
on camera, in phone interviews, and in writing.

Some possibilities for deflecting public interest and firm
conclusions would be to state:

1. Note that there is a tavern on one of the corners.

2. There is a revolving restaurant on top of a tall building
only 3 miles away bearing a suspicious resemblance to the

3. If it was fast food the aliens wanted, they should complain
about the SLOW service! 20 minutes is too long to wait for an
order of french fries. No wonder they left in a huff!

4. Astronomers look at pictures of stars taken with telescopes -
 not at aircraft with the naked eye. (A valid point, but they're
not blind, either).

5. Pilots are familiar with other aircraft in the sky - not
optical illusions or weird weather phenomena.

6. Police are not trained in observing aerial phenomena; they
deal with stolen cars, license plates, and other earthly

7. Nothing showed up on radar.

8. No one has produced a single plausible photo that couldn't
have been created with PhotoShop or tinkering with the photo in
a photographic laboratory.

9. One of the photos supposedly taken by a witness has been
traced to a fictional 1956 TV program about flying saucers.

10. Video that was supposedly delivered to the FAA has not been
located - if it was received at all. We are still looking for

11. A recording problem at both 911 and FAA locations, due to a
power surge that knocked out recorded communications for 25
minutes, has left us with no audio of the alleged phone calls.

12. The FAA doesn't investigate UFOs.

13. This is similar to the Roswell story where well-meaning
witnesses want to report something that they don't understand.

14. In over 50 years of UFO reports, not a single reliable
photograph has ever been produced that shows something

15. No UFO has ever registered on radar. Of course, some weather
anomalies have shown up, and occasionally jets have been sent up
to investigate, but nothing has ever been found.

16. People have a strong will to believe. It's human nature.
Science operates differently, requiring strong evidence before
accepting something new and unusual as being true.

17. ??? (fill in your own explanation here)

The list of so-called 'explanations' is almost endless. None of
them are explanations at all: They're lies, diversions, changing
of the subject, suspicion raisers, empathetic responses to the
poor dumb witnesses, appeals to psychology, and of course,
derision in the form of humor.

The reason it's so easy to fool the public is that the average
man on the street will accept any reason for an important story
as long as it seems plausible, and comes from the voice of

Rendering a UFO story 'unimportant' or simply the grist for
humor is another way of deflecting interest and serious

But anyone can render an acceptable reason for almost any event,
even if it's not plausible, and even if it doesn't come from an

For example, if a stranger asks, 'What are those lights in the
forest?', a convincing reply might be, 'Oh those are just kids
from the local car club doing some arc welding on their hot
rods.' As long as some kind of explanation is given that could
be true, it is likely to go unchallenged by most people - even
if the explanation doesn't make much sense. The person's
curiosity is satisfied, the stress is relieved, he's now happy
and content again, and normal life goes on.

Satisfying curiosity and relieving stress are probably the two
most important elements in handling UFO stories by the

People want to believe, all right: They want to believe that
everything is all right, normal, and that they are safe. They
also want to trust their leaders. The will to believe that our
leaders, like our parents, would not lie to us and would keep us
safe, is a deeply rooted, basic need.

We may see through their lies, but it is a very unsettling
feeling to know that we're lied to day in and day out. It is
unsettling and very stressful to know that we can't trust them
since they deny the truth at every opportunity.

Our leaders rely on this desire for trust, safety, and normalcy
- the driving force behind the will to believe in our leaders -
to keep the average taxpayer ignorant of the truth.

Why do they try to trick the public? Besides getting citizens to
willingly pay their taxes to a government they can trust and
respect, I think the biggest problem relates to abductions: When
it comes to the subject of UFOs, all roads eventually lead to
the subject of alien abductions, and that can be a terrifying
subject for many people.

The reality of flying saucers is one thing: Most people can
accept the concept that beings from other planets visit us from
time to time, whizzing through our atmosphere, and then leave.
But when the topic veers from the reality of alien craft in our
atmosphere to the reality of alien abductions, after all the
jokes about anal probes have been told, I think most people
would find the idea of being abducted by aliens rather
frightening - especially since the government is totally
helpless to stop it.

A short, gray being with huge black bug-eyes and long, thin
arms, standing next to your bed in the middle of the night,
rendering you paralyzed and unable to shout or dial the phone,
having glided through your heavily locked doors and modern
security system with ease, is not a scenario anyone wants to

Thus, the cover-up continues. Until we can evolve and join the
ET's as equals (or near equals), or until the abductions finally
stop, the cover-up will probably continue. It is the Endless
Story of our time.

Dave Morton

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