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Re: Davenport On O'Hare UFO In Newsweek - Boone

From: Geg Boone <Evolbaby.nul>
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2007 13:24:12 EST
Fwd Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2007 15:08:39 -0500
Subject: Re: Davenport On O'Hare UFO In Newsweek - Boone

>Source: MSNBC.Com - Redmond, Washington, USA


>Jan 4, 2007

>Mystery Lingers Over Chicago UFO Claims

>The head of the National UFO Reporting Center gives his theories
>about the strange sighting over Chicago's main airport.

>By Jessica Bennett


>Why is there so little debate on this subject?

>People think that UFOs are strange. But in my opinion, the
>reaction of the American press to the UFO phenomenon is stranger
>still. They're not interested in what I consider to be the
>greatest scientific question of man's existence of all times:
>are we alone in this galaxy or are we not? From my vantage
>point, the clear answer to that is that we're not. And it
>appears that these objects visit our planet on a regular basis.

Hats off to Mr. Peter Davenport!

Finally a mainstream interview that he gets to say the real

This last paragraph encompasses what drew me into ufology. As a
child I noticed that the one subject that got adults into a
tizzy was UFOs. If I wanted a day off from homework or was due a
spanking all I had to do was start quizzing people about UFOs.

In my hometown area UFOS weren't some far off fantasy they were
and still are a real life experience. Of course I'm talking
about the legendary Hudson Valley UFOs. I worked in the press
there for 8 years. We had UFOs not only fly over the airports
but even over our newspaper building which is across the street
from the city hall and police station! Not one mention in the
news. I remember the numerous calls and visits to the paper by
witnesses, pilots, top technical specialists, professors and
such regarding the subject.

I remember when Chernobyl blew up and the wire photos showed up
close photos of a flying saucer hovering adjacent to the nuke
plant. I recall my senior editor taking those photos from me.

No other topic got the finger drawn across the throat like UFOs.

It even got dangerous.

So Mr. Davenport's analysis regarding our press' reaction to
UFOs makes me say right up front what many of us know already
that our press is overrun by intelligence and industrial
community operatives whose only objective is to evaluate our
existence and control our beliefs and actions.

I've said a dozen times before, don't trust the press in these
matters. If one valiant reporter comes up with a good story then
all good but the past shows us what to be on the watch for.

Finally, this event is why it's so important to visit the NUFORC
website daily and throw any support to Peter Davenport that we



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