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Interview With BUFORA Chair Robert Rosamond

From: Eustaquio Andrea Patounas <socex.ufobras.nul>
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 13:07:03 -0200
Fwd Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 11:40:55 -0500
Subject: Interview With BUFORA Chair Robert Rosamond

By Milton Frank, Brazilian Ufology Center President

1 - Why did you start to study and search Ufology? Have you ever
seen an UFO? If so, how was your experience?

R: My interest in the subject began at the tender age of eight.
I overheard my father describing a large glowing ball he had
seen from the bathroom window of our house during the middle of
one particular night. His description fascinated me and of
course sparked my young imagination. I eagerly pumped my poor
father for more information about this strange ball of light and
'flying saucers', expecting him (as all children do) to be the
usual font of fatherly wisdom and knowledge about
everything...including spaceships!

My father obviously couldn't answer all my wide-eyed questions
so undeterred I took myself off to a local library to seek out
books on the subject. I came home with John Keel's 'Operation
Trojan Horse' and over the next few weeks I struggled through a
book comprised of words an eight year old mind couldn't
pronounce let alone understand the meaning of, and ideas that
were equally bewildering. However, I did grasp the overall
concept of the mystery and by the end of the book, despite 90%
of its contents simply sailing straight over my head, the
remaining 10% contained the distinct smell of potential
adventures...so I promised myself that one day I too would join
the hunt for answers!

I have indeed seen a 'UFO' myself. At 2.00am one summer's night
during the late nineties whilst standing in the back garden of a
house in Harrow (Outer London) I watched a large (approximately
70 meters) boomerang shaped craft with six dull gold colored
spheres evenly spaced along its underside fly rapidly and
silently over my head at an estimated height of 1500 ft. The
craft seemed to be finished in a completely non-reflective black
coating and carried absolutely no positioning, marker or strobe
lights of any kind. As it sailed silently both over my head and
then over the roof of the house, I watched reflections from the
streetlights at the front of the house move around the surface
of the six spheres beneath as the craft progressed beyond the
roof and ultimately out of sight.

This would perhaps constitute a classic 'UFO' sighting, but as
an objective field investigator I observed the fact that the
'craft' was finished in a somewhat familiar 'flat black' coating
like many known covert or stealth aircraft and that its
transition suspiciously followed the exact route taken by
aircraft flying out of R.A.F Northolt, near Ruislip (Outer
London) though in this instance the craft was flying in the
reverse direction (i.e. inbound on what was usually an outward
bound flightpath) My sighting was by literal definition a UFO,
but the circumstances outlined here make me very suspicious of
the exact nature of the 'craft'.

2 - Could you explain to us what BUFORA is? How did it start?
What is BUFORA mission?

R: BUFORA began back in 1962 as a collection of individual UFO
organizations (Including a Polish group) in London and
surrounding regions sitting down to discuss the idea of
combining their members and resources to form a federation.
Eventually everyone agreed, and thus an organization called
BUFOA (The British UFO Association) came into being. By 1964
this fledgling federation had truly established itself as a
successful working concept, so decided to expand its ambitions
by undertaking various research projects. As a result, BUFOA
gained an extra letter in its title and became BUFORA (The
British UFO Research Association).

One final development in the organization's circumstances took
place in 1976 whereby it applied for charity status in an effort
to increase its scope for research and became, as a preliminary
step towards this end, a registered (Ltd) company. Unfortunately
we were ultimately declined charity status, but nonetheless
elected to retain the installed Ltd company structure and
officially thereafter became known as BUFORA Ltd.

BUFORA's purpose and remit has always been to encourage, conduct
and promote unbiased scientific- based investigations. It has
continued to carefully collect and disseminate all evidence and
data relating to the UFO phenomenon and has, wherever possible,
tried to forge working links with other organizations both at
home in Britain as well as internationally. As the unique
phenomenon of 'abduction' increasingly spread around the world,
BUFORA encompassed this growth within its own structure by
setting up a witness support group. Though the support group
eventually decided to take care of its own requirements
independently of BUFORA, we continued to work closely with
witnesses and experiencers alike and to this day despite being
an investigative organization we still recognize the importance
of support and continue to offer it on the basis that they are
people first, then witnesses.

3 - What are the main cases researched by BUFORA?

R: BUFORA have been involved in many significant British (as
well as one or two international) cases down through the years,
perhaps the most prominent or well known being that of the
Christmas 1980 Rendlesham Forest case which involved personnel
from the nearby USAF airbase of Bentwaters. The fact is that
BUFORA have taken an active role in far too many well (and
lesser) known cases during its forty odd years of active
investigations to mention here. During the course of her long
association with BUFORA for instance, Jenny Randles alone has
documented countless cases in her many books, likewise the
equally well known paranormal specialist John Spencer (who is of
course still part of the BUFORA team). Many other well know
figures within British ufology have passed through the
organization at one stage or another and in combination with
with numerous long serving accredited field investigators, have
all contributed to the thousands of case histories documented
within the BUFORA archive.

4 - In your opinion what is the most important UFO CASE in UK?
Why do you believe so?

R: This is of course a very interesting question though perhaps
like the phenomenon itself, one that has no definitive answer.
One hundred ufologists will give you one hundred different
answers to this same question, depending of course upon the type
of cases they've been involved with and to a certain extent,
what their own personal opinions or beliefs might happen to be.

As an example, if you are sent to investigate a case that
resists every last effort you make to find an answer to it or
explain it in any way, and your very next case transpires to be
the result of witness misidentification or misperception then
which of the two incidents would represent the most important
case? Would you consider the first, apparent high strangeness
case to be more beneficial to ufology, or the second case, in
which you learned how and why a witness misidentified or
misperceived what they first claimed to be a 'UFO'?

There are of course fascinating cases on record, like the
Livingston case in Scotland and of course Rendlesham forest to
name but too. The problem is that like many previous
'cornerstone' UFO cases, the possibility of evidence emerging to
explain them away hangs in the air awaiting the moment to
materialize whether we like it, agree with it or otherwise
acknowledge it or not. As we have learned in the past (and often
to our cost) nothing in this subject is cast in stone and little
remains sacrosanct.

5 - Can you tell us the top 10 cases of World Ufology in your

R: This is again a good question, but equally again much of what
I've stated in the previous answer applies to this question too.
The Travis Walton case, Socorro, Roswell etc. etc. all remain
unexplained and otherwise unanswered. There are in fact cases
from your own country that remain equally unaddressed to date as
well. Perhaps the important element here is that they offer us a
fleeting glimpse of a possible real phenomenon at work which in
turn would label them as significant more than important, but
unfortunately until the ultimate indisputable proof emerges they
are, like a number of previous 'classic' cases, always going to
be open to eventual explanation of one kind or another as time
passes. As in life, as in ufology...nothing remains the same for

6 - Do you really believe that Ufology starts after 1947, or do
you believe that before that was there any UFO cases on Earth?

R: History would seem to indicate that the UFO phenomenon has
been around for a very, very long time. We have an account from
A.D. 800 in Lyon, the 1561 Nuremberg recordings, the 1566 Basel
Broadsheet, the 1897 American and 1909 European airship
mysteries and the countless 'foo-fighter' reports from WWII to
name but just a few examples, and all of which would suggest
that Roswell was simply a case of 'same mystery, just a
different day and era'. Unless we're going to collectively agree
that everyone has made a mistake right from day one, then
clearly something possibly quite extraordinary has been taking
place around the globe since we first learned how to record
things for posterity. As a dedicated objective ufologist who
deals only in the facts of a situation, I still have to
acknowledge that far too much has been witnessed and recorded
for far too long for it all to be explained within the
boundaries of our known and accepted reality.

7 - What would you say to a young man that intends to be an
Ufology searcher?

R: Well to begin with I wouldn't say young man; I would say
young men and women. In my experience some of the sharpest minds
in ufology are those exercised by a gender conspicuous by their
near-absence...women. BUFORA's own Judith Jaafar as an example
is perhaps one of the most skilled and capable individuals
within British ufological field investigation. In direct answer
to the question, however, I would say that probably the most
important requirement for anyone considering entering this
subject is the ability to put and then keep all things in
perspective. This may not appear to be a particularly
constructive comment, but in reality it is perhaps one of the
first things to fall victim to ufology's many and varied

8 - What are the most important points that an Ufology searcher
has to learn to do a good job?

R: The first step towards being an effective and competent
ufologist is a good all round knowledge of the subject itself.
An inordinate number of candidate field investigators who
undertake the BUFORA six month Training Course drop out after
the first or second training module (there are six modules, plus
a final exam and two 'hands on' evaluation cases thereafter)
because they assumed that three UFO books and an interest in the
subject alone would be enough to turn them into an instant
Scully or Mulder. The reality of field investigation is in fact
far removed from the X-Files interpretation of things and
doesn't consist of racing across the landscape experiencing
bizarre adventures whilst searching for the 'truth'. Field
investigation consists of a candidate having a broad
understanding of astronomy, meteorology, photography, aviation
and IFOs (identifiable flying objects) to begin with. A good
understanding of the mechanisms behind misidentification,
misperception and belief systems would also prove valuable, as
well as at least an awareness of human psychology and its
implications in relation to the phenomenon in general and
witnesses in particular. Only by understanding exactly what the
phenomenon isn't, will we begin to truly understand what it is
and any potential field investigator worth his or her salt will
understand and engage this approach from the beginning of their
investigative 'career'.

9 - Do you read about Brazilian Ufology Cases? What Brazilian
cases do you know? What do you think about them?

R: Brazil has produced a number of fascinating cases over the
years, some of which have stood the test of time and repeated
investigation remarkably well. Why that should be in relation to
other similar classic European and North American cases that
have eventually collapsed I don't know, but it is nonetheless
interesting. As far as I know, the two instantly recognizable
Brazilian cases of Villas Boas along with the more recent
Varginha incident (this one in particular remains extremely
fascinating) both remain equally unexplained. The fact is that
Brazil has seen its fair share of highly unusual cases over the
years, unusual and interesting enough to attract the focused
attention of one of ufology's most outstanding pace setters and
all time greats, Jacques Vall=E9e. The Brazilian military have
also experienced a high degree of apparent interest from a
considerable number of well documented 'unknowns' down through
the years (probably much to their annoyance!), many of which
have, at times, been witnessed by multiple military personnel.
On balance, it would seem that ufology can still count on Brazil
to turn up a truly fascinating case to keep the skeptics busy
scratching their heads for answers!

10 - What is your opinion about Ufology future?

R: My personal opinion (though one that a growing number of
colleagues now share) is that ufology has now experienced its
time in the limelight of publicity, and that the halcyon days
are truly over. Where we go from here depends upon how we
assimilate this gradual change of circumstance, and how we adapt
to it thereafter. One thing I would like to see is the pro-ETH
camp also consolidates its data and its argument in the time
ahead, and then perhaps take the fight back to the skeptics
because despite my objective stance, I do sometimes wonder if we
haven't at times thrown a baby or two out with its bath water! I
would also like to see global ufology first address the issue of
respective national investigative training programmers with the
long term aim of then structuring a worldwide standard. I think
we should also now consider forging more solid links with the
various scientific disciplines in an effort to draw upon their
own unique collective skills and experience in our ongoing
search for the true nature and meaning of the phenomenon.

11 - I really would like you to live a message to The Brazilian
Ufology Center. Right now we have more than 25.700 members and
they really would like to hear what you have to say to them.

R: To all your serious students, enthusiasts and generally
curious members alike I would say continue to embrace the
phenomenon with both enthusiasm and energy, but not without
equally embracing the fact that we must first fully explore and
then understand exactly what the phenomenon is not. In doing
this, we must also acquire the wisdom to accept that previously
maintained bubbles might be burst as a result of such objective
endeavors as we proceed, whether we like it or not. Only through
absolute clarity of fact will we eventually uncover the truth of
the UFO phenomenon.

Thank you very much for your attention

It has been my pleasure, and on behalf of BUFORA I would like to
pass on our best wishes and blessings for the new year of 2007
to both yourself Milton, and to all of your members.


Robert Rosamond (BUFORA Chairman)

January, 14th 2007

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