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Re: The Alien Abduction Story & Non-Physical

From: James Horak <jchorak7441.nul>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 08:39:47 -0700 (PDT)
Archived: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 09:21:16 -0400
Subject: Re: The Alien Abduction Story & Non-Physical

>From: Bob Shell <bob.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 07:48:41 -0400
>Subject: Re: The Alien Abduction Story & Non-Physical Reality

>>On Jul 17, 2007, at 10:25 AM, UFO UpDates - Toronto posted:

>>The Alien Abduction Story And Non-Physical Reality
>>William C. Treurniet


>>Analysis of the alien abduction story suggests that the
>>sequence of events is comparable to some experiences of the
>>shamanic spirit world as revealed by DMT, a hallucinogenic drug.
>>In the trance state, some people see beings similar to those
>>reported by abductees. Therefore, it is possible that abductees
>>involuntarily manufacture excessive endogenous DMT, which then
>>opens the door to the spirit world. Further, the physical
>>evidence associated with some abductions suggests that
>>happenings in the spirit world can manifest in the physical
>>world. Finally, since the alien abductors appear in the DMT
>>visions, they are inhabitants of the spirit world and likely are
>>not directly responsible for the UFOs seen in the physical


>While I also believe that the beings involved in abductions are
>non-corporeal, I think dragging in such terminology as "spirit
>world" does not really help us in understanding what is


>While an interesting read, I'd file his essay under Modern Myths.

Why of course you will, Bob, just like all psuedo-scientists
(not meant to be deprecating, just accurate) who file away all
anomaly that disturbs their mindset.

Most of those here are astounding in their snail-like approach.
Either that or you're actually here to assure yourselves there's
really nothing better than you, here on earth, in the solar
system... the entire universe.

It's a dead certainty to those that can contain revelation at
all (new grasps of the otherwise redundant) that 50 years of
this miniscule laboring grows less and less encompassing with
time, not more. Pretty soon you'll be back to pumping up the
earth-is-flat thesis with stale air. Incredulity is its own

You don't look at the significance of why no third part
witnesses are ever present to alien abductions... someone not
involved in the actual experience, someone observing from afar.

Regardless of what you, Bob, think of any massive belief in
'spiritualism' few believe in anything... just like 75% of those
that call themselves ufologists.

The truth is more complex than this type of treatment can, in
a million years appreciate. Thinking inside a box won't get you
more, it will just mallet drive the evidence further and further
into oblivion, out of stark redundance if nothing else.

Spiritual technology exists. Even the earliest UFO reports
describe extra-reality components. The redundance today is
simply because your stinking military/government agency crowd
are developing an alien facade to better hide the truth and to
better shade interpretation of 'alien intent'.

I was once very involved in various mind control forums.
Eventually I began exchanges with hypnotherapists who were
treating abductees.

One day I sent the same email to 5 or 6 of these people. It
asked simply, "how many of your abductees had their abduction
experience within a thousand feet of some kind of power grid?"
None of them would ever deal with me again after that. Even in
private email.

Now, two things relate to this. One, my suspicion all along that
Black Ops approach any of these psy-pros after they take on an
abductee to have them finish up the research they started... or

Another, that my knowledge of secret projects that entail
utilizing power grids for 'counter-insurgency' is online and
not restricted to any perceived immediate threat.

After all, one of the more astute of you once mentioned how so
much of the UFO phenomenon smacked of mind control. That's just
what it's become and 'thinking' like what I've observe here is
more than partly responsible.


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