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They Really Are Here Deal With It

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Subject: They Really Are Here Deal With It

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Monday, July 16, 2007

The Grays - They Really Are Here - Deal With It

Earlier today I reluctantly finished reading a book that has
managed to re-kindle my curiosity and fascination with a topic
that if brought up in polite conversation will undoubtedly and
irrevocably set you apart from the crowd as an oddball.

The book - The Grays written convincingly by Whitley Strieber,
an author whose works I haven't read for more than a decade.
Strieber is a renowned expert on the subject of alien abductions
and believes that extraterrestrials or as he refers to them,
"the visitors" have been visiting earth for centuries. Himself
an abductee, Strieber describes his experience in the best-
seller, Communion published in 1985.

Strieber describes The Grays as "fact-based fiction" and is a
culmination of Strieber's extensive research findings as well as
his own past experiences. For the non-believer the novel will no
doubt entertain, perhaps even spark a bit of self-doubt that
maybe they should re-evaluate their positions on the existence
of ETs. For those of us who at one time belonged to the group of
believers, The Grays will re-kindle the once burning questions-
with-no-answers that helped make life just a tad more
interesting but eventually gave up after buying into the whole
mantra that anyone who believed in extraterrestrials were simply
nut cases.

I belonged to that category. I wanted to believe that
extraterrestrials were among us but life sort of got in the way
and I grew away from the notion. The constant government denials
of any extraordinary event occurring in New Mexico in 1947 had
succeeded over the years in convincing me that aliens were
simply a figment of our overactive imaginations.

But how could I turn my back on my own experience with an
extraordinary event? I actually encountered something that can
only be described as an unidentified flying object - a UFO -
when I was no older than seven or eight. How could I possibly
convince myself that the encounter didn't really happen? The
government propaganda machine has always been very well-oiled
and maintained...

Thank god for people like Whitley Streiber and Stanton T.
Friedman, another notable Ufologist. They never wavered in their
beliefs and they never allowed the government to wear them down.
They know the truths and they will never give up. They have me

I grew up in a tiny village that bordered Canadian Forces Base
Gagetown in New Brunswick Canada. Our family would partake of a
few annual community events organized by civilians in the town
of Gagetown and one of those happened to be a Gagetown Fair
which took place in the late summer of either 1959 or 1960. I
have no distinct memories of the Fair but I remember quite
vividly the drive home.

There were four of us in the car heading back to Welsford on the
lonely two-lane highway bordered on both sides with forest. The
sun had dipped below the tree line - it was dusk. My parents
were in the front seat - my father behind the wheel. I and my
younger brother were in the backseat and I, seated behind my
mother on the passenger side of the car was looking out the side
window at nothing in particular. My brother suddenly indicated
to our parents that he had to "go" so Dad slowed the car and
pulled over to the side of the highway. He put the car in park
and turned off the ignition.

As was the norm in those days when one of the kids needed to
"go" when in a car out in the middle of nowhere, my mother got
out of the car, left her door open and opened the back door on
her side, leaving that open as well. My brother scrambled out of
the car, relieved himself within the 'privacy' of the two open
doors. But while he was in the process of zipping up, I saw
something in the sky just over the tree line beyond where our
car was temporarily parked. I watched it for a moment... it
seemed to be moving slowly but I heard no sound.

I told my mother and pointed. She took one look and scurried us
back in the car immediately. I can remember sensing that she was
suddenly afraid. My father by now was aware of this strange
object and after making sure we were all in the car and the
doors were closed - and locked for the first time that evening,
he hurriedly pulled the car back on the road and sped away. But
not away from the flying object.

As we drove along that dark highway the object appeared to be
shadowing us. It never came any closer to the car but kept up at
the same speed as the car. It remained just over the treetops to
our right. The object was long and shaped like a big cigar. I
remember pretty lights that went along the length of the object.
It never ever made a sound or noise like one would expect from a
flying craft.

It shadowed us almost the entire way back to Welsford. Then
suddenly as we were coming up on the turn into the village, it
was gone. I didn't see it speed away... it was just gone. Our
family never discussed the event until years later, I don't know

Later when we did start talking about it, my mother told me that
she felt fear because she sensed fear in my father. My father
was not a man who would scare easily so for her to sense fear
from him was alarming. During the event I remember no feelings
of fear. I was very young and felt more... in awe I guess is the
right feeling. My brother was too young to remember the event at
all. My father refused to ever talk about it and eventually took
his emotions from that night to the grave.

And that was the end of that. It was the first and last time I
witnessed an extraordinary event like that. As I grew older into
my teens I realized the magnitude of what we had seen - a UFO. I
felt rather special that I was the only girl in my circle of
friends who had ever seen one.

Of course one could say that living so close to CFB Gagetown,
there might be all sorts of experimental vehicles out and about.
True but for one important point - this was the late 1950s/early
1960s... they may have been testing new airplanes but they
certainly did not have the knowledge to actually fly one of
these things for miles without making a sound. It had no wings,
no props, no vapour trail. Just pretty lights on a very large
cigar. Which followed our car for miles. And then... went poof.

So I'm back. Call me crazy... that's fine. Call me a conspiracy
theorist if you must but I prefer conspiracy factualist. The
object I and my family saw that night is a fact... the conspiracy
was and continues to be perpetuated by those who don't want us
to believe our own eyes... by those who will do whatever it
takes to continue to deny that we are not alone...

ET came to us eons ago and have stuck around.

It's now up to us to find out why...

[Thanks to 'The Norm' for the lead]

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