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The Dagenham Spacewoman

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Subject: The Dagenham Spacewoman

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July 23rd, 2007

The Dagenham Spacewoman


Glenda's Spacewoman. From: Evans, p.160. Artist: Glenda herself.
Text: Fustar
Artist: Glenda

Where: Dagenham, London.
When: 1972 (onwards).
Witness: "Glenda".

I've just received (via eBay) a copy of Hilary Evans' 1984
volume Visions, Apparitions, Alien Visitors: A Comparative Study
of the Entity Enigma. Time has not permitted me to do more than
dip into it yet - though (at first glance) it looks quite
interesting and broad

The most recent reference to Glenda and her visitor I've found
is in Evans' own 2005 (Magonia Supplement) article "Beyond the
UFO Horizon".2 Here's what he had to say on that occasion:

"In 1976 a 17-year old girl from Dagenham, near London,
England, told investigators of a series of strange experiences
culminating in a cigar-shaped UFO which followed her along a
city street. She revealed that five years earlier she had come
home from school one afternoon, gone upstairs to her room, only
to be joined by a spacewoman who walked in through the closed
door, sat beside her on her bed and talked with her for an hour
or so. Ever since then, the spacewoman had been a sort of
companion, counsellor and friend - generally unseen, but always

A further detail or two can be found in Visions, Apparitions,
Alien Visitors:

"This entity was later to appear intermittently in Glenda's
life - sometimes when awake, sometimes in dreams; neither
malevolent nor benevolent, though seemingly concerned for
Glenda's well-being. An elusive, enigmatic apparition."3


While Glenda's sketch of the entity unambiguously suggests
"alien" - her description of its arrival, actions, and
(apparent) concerns leads to the kind of "category blurring" so
typical of many such experiences. The scenario of a young,
(pre)teenage girl being visited by an enigmatic (but comforting)
female figure clearly calls to mind certain famous Marian
apparitions, while the notion of an ever-present
counsellor/companion can't but make one think of "spirit guides"
or "imaginary friends" (like Carl Jung's "Philemon").

The bedroom setting is also, of course, a staple of otherworldly
experiences. It is, after all, something of a liminal place - a
gateway (of sorts) between the waking and sleeping worlds.
Little surprise then that ghostly visitors, religious
apparitions, alien abductors, incubi (etc., etc.) all see it as
a happy hunting (or haunting) ground.

I see that Evans mentions David Hufford's book The Terror That
Comes in the Night: An Experience-Centered Study of Supernatural
Assault Traditions, a volume I've been meaning to buy/read for
some time. I once used to experience some pretty vivid and
terrifying sleep paralysis/night terror episodes myself (see
comments section here), but got to a stage where I became aware
I was actually asleep when they were happening. One practical
observation confirmed for me that this was the case: I could
"see" everything in the bedroom clearly when thus paralysed.
Since I am very short-sighted, this shouldn't have been the
case.4 I've often wondered whether myopic "alien abductees" have
re-examined their own experiences in the same way.

None of this is meant to trivialise encounters with "bedroom
invaders" of course. While I'm reluctant to view them as
literally real, physical experiences, I'm happy to imagine that
there very well may be something fundamentally human at play in
all of this. What that is exactly, I don't know=85but then this is
a realm where very little is exact.

[2 Images]

1. "Glenda" may, of course, be pseudonymous.

2. Magonia Supplement, No. 58, 10 August 2005.

3. Evans, Hilary, Visions, Apparitions, Alien Visitors: A
Comparative Study of the Entity Enigma (London: Book Club
Associates, 1984), p.15.

4. Obviously enough, I don't wear glasses or contact lenses in

[Thanks to Stuart Miller of http://uforeview.net/ for the lead]

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