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No Proof Of Fakery In Top Secret UFO Documents

From: Ryan S. Wood <rswood.nul>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 14:25:09 -0400 (EDT)
Archived: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 20:54:30 -0400
Subject: No Proof Of Fakery In Top Secret UFO Documents

No Proof of Fakery in Leaked Top Secret Majestic Documents

Press Release


No Proof of Fakery in Leaked "Top Secret" Government UFO

Broomfield, CO July 25, 2007 - A determined effort to muddy the
waters with claims of "fraud" concerning the extensive Top
Secret Majestic, or MJ-12, documents that have leaked from
multiple sources in recent years has failed several tests of

Recently minted Bible professor Michael S. Heiser has issued
press notices about his claims in association with a report he
is selling on the Internet with promotion for sales of his novel
concluding that UFOs are a plot by Satan to take over the earth
in the "the fa=E7ade" of an Air Force colonel running Area 51. 

Heiser recently paid thousands of dollars to a document
examiner, Dr. Carol Chaski to look at only 11 pages (about 5,000
words) of the 3,500 pages of MJ-12 documents leaked to
researchers since 1984.  Despite the examiner's conclusion that
at least one of the 11 pages was in fact written by the author
claimed, Heiser has issued sweeping conclusions that all the MJ-
12 documents are fraudulent.

Heiser's allegations have drawn attention to the Internet
marketing campaign for his novel, published to little response
in 2004 but now advertised again on the Internet next to his
claims of MJ-12 fraud.

The novel's hero is a Bible student (as was Heiser) who claims
the Bible describes a "Divine Council" of gods responsible for
creation (as Heiser's own dissertation alleges). A secret-agent
Vatican priest pretends to be part of the plot until Satan
crushes him, and in the end, of course, the Bible student gets
the beautiful young woman scientist.

"The real facade may be that any responsible scholar would make
such sweeping claims on the basis of such limited and
conflicting evidence," said businessman and prominent UFO
researcher Ryan Wood. "The least that any intellectually honest
person can do is to look at the weight of extensive research
that Heiser neglects to mention and keep an open mind."

Ryan Wood along with distinguished aerospace physicist Dr.
Robert Wood and nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman have
published in-depth research on the so-called MJ-12, or Majestic,
documents, some of which have been found in the archives of the
National Archives and Records Administration.

Heiser, who claims to be among the "top 100 UFO experts,"
recently hired Dr. Carol Chaski, a forensic linguistic
researcher, who ran the pages through a computer program to see
if their language is like that of other documents purportedly
from the same or similar authors. She concluded that 10 of the
11 pages were questionable.

"A logical flaw is obvious to anyone who has worked in
government or the military," said Wood. "General officers and
senior public officials do not write 90 percent of the official
documents they sign. Government documents are frequently
written by subordinates for commanders, or by committees and
secretaries. Expecting linguistic authorship to match across
such documents is unlikely from the start."

"The notion that forensic linguistics, a very new science is the
silver bullet that dethrones the validity of the entire majestic
document collection, or the Roswell Crash reality is a gross
misstatement." said Ryan S. Wood document researcher.

Questioned Document Authenticaion

The field of document authentication is very old and focuses on
many vectors of authenticity, namely forensics (ink, paper),
chronology (out of time/place), chirography (handwriting),
typography, provenance, content and anachronisms. The results
advertised by Heiser stem from what document examiners consider
among the least accurate of their analysis techniques. "The
notion that forensic linguistics, a very new science with just
one peer reviewed journal and a handful of experts is the silver
bullet that dethrones the validity of the entire majestic
document collection is a gross misstatement." said Ryan Wood,
document researcher.

Complicating the matter, Heiser has released only his brief
summary of Dr. Chaski's research. While making scientific
claims, he has not revealed the alleged scientific details of
what was examined, including the "control documents" she may
have used for comparison. So as the saying goes "garbage in
garbage out" applies. The bottom line is the tool of forensic
linguistics is just one of several state-of-the-art question
document examination techniques.

"Far beyond Heiser's approach, we have originals of some of the
MJ-12 documents," said the Wood's. "And careful forensic
examination of these rare documents has stood the test of
authenticity. At a minimum, there is no complete consensus yet
from the so-called experts, and it is disingenuous for Heiser,
whose previous UFO publishing is confined to his novel, to claim

On the other hand, of the nearly 3,500 pages of other leaked
Majestic documents that Heiser ignores -- meticulous research
for the past decade has cross-verified content with known
military activities at a level of detail that is hard to write
off as fakery. Corroborating such documents are the direct
testimony by astronauts like Gordon Cooper, retired Air Force
generals like Arthur Exon and others who have put their direct
testimony in the record concerning the reality of non-human
craft observed near Earth.

"One problem is that the campaign of ridicule, plus imaginative
novels combining UFOs with personal theology, is that it keeps
sensible people from exploring the real weight of evidence for
themselves. We have gone to considerable effort to put most of
the important leaked documents at www.majesticdocuments.com,"
said Wood.

"To date," Wood emphasized, "no credible evidence has tarnished
the authenticity of the 'Special Operations Manual:
Extraterrestrial Entities Technology Recovery and Disposal' of
April 1954; the 'Eisenhower Briefing Document' of November 1952;
the 'White Hot Report' of September 1947; or the 'Interplanetary
Phenomenon Unit' Counter Intelligence Report of July 22, 1947.

In a rare failure of security, the U.S. Army revealed in reply
to a Freedom of Information Act request that the Counter
Intelligence Corps did indeed have an "Interplanetary Phenomenon
Unit" during the period of the now-leaked Majestic documents.
 Without explaining why "interplanetary phenomena" would be of
interest to the Army's security branch, the Army simply said the
files had been passed to the Air Force's own Office of Special
Investigations who have likewise never explained their counter-
intelligence interest.

The questioned documents are extensively discussed in Stanton
Friedman's landmark book "TOP SECRET/MAJIC" and in Ryan Wood's
recent book "MAJIC EYES ONLY," which has received endorsements
from astronauts, scientists, retired Air Force officers and

For Further Information Contact:
Ryan S. Wood - 720-887-8171
Author: Majic Eyes Only
Crashed UFO Conference Organizer
Executive Producer - The Secret
Quick Links
Document Authenticaion
Majestic Documents
Majic Eyes Only Book
The Secret Documentary
Crashed UFO Conference

The bottom line is the tool of forensic linguistics is just one
of several state-of-the-art question document examination


Sci-Fi Documentary on Majestic Documents Suggests Document

For people looking for more discussion about the majestic
documents in the context of UFOs, Government cover-up and
conspiracy in a scientific and factual way, we recommend
purchasing The Secret. It discusses the authenticity of the
majestic documents in detail.


Italian Catholic Monsignor Balducci

"There is more evidence for the existence of UFOs then for Jesus
Christ." Is Psychological Warfare An Explanation For These
Leaked Top Secret UFO Documents?

In detailed paper examining the possibility to fakery,
psychological warfare and geo-political espionage, Ryan Wood
examines the evidence provided by the Majestic Documents. The
conclusion is there is very little evidence of deception. Read

New Book Examines
UFO Crash Retrieval Cases

MAJIC EYES ONLY is the most authoritative and comprehensive
chronicle ever published on the subject of worldwide UFO crashes
and subsequent military retrievals from 1897 to the present. The
author guides the reader through 74 UFO crash incidents
supported by compelling evidence in the form of official
documents, eyewitnesses and in some cases physical evidence.

Since 1984, multiple sources have leaked, revealed or discovered
some 3,500 pages of UFO documents, hundreds classified Top
Secret and linked to Majestic-12. These MJ-12 documents, coupled
with the Leonard Stringfield data and strong investigations by
other case experts, provide a powerful core of UFO crash

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