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Re: Leaked 'Top Secret' UFO Documents Frauds

From: Steve Sawyer <stevesaw.nul>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 11:40:16 -0700
Archived: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 20:58:12 -0400
Subject: Re: Leaked 'Top Secret' UFO Documents Frauds

>From: David Rudiak <drudiak.nul>
>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2007 19:01:32 -0700
>Subject: Re: Leaked 'Top Secret' UFO Documents Frauds

>>Leaked 'Top Secret' Government UFO Documents Proven Frauds

>>Long thought to be the 'smoking gun' of UFO and conspiracy
>>theorists - top secret documents alleged to have been written
>>by high ranking government and military officials, including
>>three U.S. presidents, and leaked to the public in the early
>>1980s, have now been proven fraudulent by forensic linguistic

>>The documents were tested by Dr. Carol Chaski of Georgetown, DE,
>>who was hired by Dr. Michael Heiser, a biblical scholar with an
>>interest in the UFO phenomenon. Dr. Chaski is a leading expert
>>in the linguistic science of authorship attribution, a
>>discipline that uses computers to extract and define stylistic
>>patterns in a given author's writings - a 'linguistic
>>fingerprint'. Dr. Chaski pioneered her own computational
>>document authentication software program, ALIAS, for such
>>testing, and is currently the president of ALIAS Technology,
>>LLC. Among the stylistic patterns detected by Dr. Chaski's
>>specially-developed computer program are patterns in sentence
>>structure, word order in parts of speech and use of

>>A total of 17 documents were tested, allegedly written by nine
>>different authors. Dr. Heiser typed the prose text of the
>>disputed Majestic Documents and a set of undisputed control
>>documents for each author for Dr. Chaski's testing. Of the 17
>>documents tested, only one can be scientifically validated as
>>having been written by the author who is named. Dr. Heiser's
>>assessment: "Anyone basing any claims of alien existence or an
>>alien crash at Roswell on these documents would be foolish to
>>do so; they just don't stand up to cutting edge scientific

>>A complete copy of the report on the testing procedures and
>>results can be obtained at:


>This is also being discussed over on one of the Above Top Secret


>The same points are being made there as I'm making here plus a
>few others.

>Something written by somebody's secretary and then signed by the
>boss would test "fraudulent" even if the document were
>completely real.

>How reliable is the linguistic testing? Bureaucratic style is
>much more constrained and won't be the same as somebody's normal
>writing style. Is the testing program capable of discerning
>somebody's style in such different situations?

>The computer code doing the linguistic analysis is proprietory,
>by a for-profit company, and not subject to independent testing.
>What assumptions are being made in doing the analysis? Different
>linguistic software have different results depending on these
>underlying assumptions and methods of analysis. Just because a
>computer spits out a result doesn't necessarily make it
>reliable. (An example is given how computers also cast very
>authoritative looking astrological charts.)

>Linguistic testing is far from absolute. It can give you some
>idea whether a document was written _personally_ by somebody,
>but can't prove one way or another whether it is actually
>fraudulent, as Heiser seems to be claiming.

>Heiser is badly overreaching on his conclusions.

Hi, David, Listfolk,

You are correct that the proprietary linguistic analysis
software cannot prove they are frauds, for some of the reasons
you cite above.

However, I think the MJ-12 papers, regardless of origin and or
author(s) are in fact fake, despite un-told hours of analysis by
the Woods, Friedman, and others.

I think the whole fictional, original scenario began with
Richard C. Doty initially, and that he intended at first to do a
fictional ufo/alien scenario, but that when that failed, some of
the documentation I suspect he may have fabricated as supporting
faux government papers began at some point to take on a life of
its' own. When Bill Moore, and others, like Tim Good and Jaime
Shandera became involved, or were involved by others and
gradually inculcated and persuaded the papers might be real, or
a clever "emulation" of real Majic-type group doing a double
psyop by producing docs that lean toward incredulity as seen by
most, to cover the "real" operation (a possibility, of a real
covert ufo analysis group, that I do not dismiss or necessarily
discount), the story grew legs and now, after 20+ years of
"development" (by several people faking similar or newer/related
"MJ-12" papers to bolster their take on the story, etc.), we
have a fully developed hoax that continues to fool some people
even today.

I think Brad Sparks and Barry Greenwood have thoroughly
research- ed these angles, and will have more to say and present
at the August MUFON conference in Colorado. Hopefully, an online
version of their presentation / article will be available soon
after the conference.

The real question in my mind, even if, alternatively, the MJ-12
original papers were created by some element of the USG
military/intelligence complex, for psyop and/or security testing
of their own personnel to see if they might talk out of turn
prior to being exposed to genuine classified papers and ops they
might be being vetted for, is was or is there some actual,
ongoing, coherent group funded by elements of the USG, even if
black/covert, that may still be actually involved in ufo/uap
monitoring, surveillance (of both "ufos" and ufo researchers,
groups, or "abductees", in some cases, as Nick Redfern
documented to some extent in his book "On the Trail of the
Saucer Spies/UFOs and Governmen Surveillance").

That, to me, is the most interesting unresolved question, on the
human side of the equation, that persists.


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