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Unconfirmed UFO Sightings More Common

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Subject: Unconfirmed UFO Sightings More Common

Source: The Explorer - Tucson, Arizona, USA


June 27, 2007

The Unexplained

Unconfirmed UFO Sightings More Common Here Than You Might Think
Eric Beidel

One year ago this month, the 50-year-old heard the wind blowing
garbage around the trailer park along the Rillito River.

Joaquin Elias went outside to watch the storm and saw something
else - a black box that looked like a giant refrigerator rising
above the river.

He went back to his Airstream trailer, grabbed his binoculars
and stepped back outside. The object had risen higher into the

"It was spinning fast," Elias recalled.

He got his video camera.

"I could not believe what I was seeing. It left me in a frozen

He thought it might be a big balloon, like the ones that hover
over car dealerships. But this object moved against the 40 mph
wind in a microburst storm.

And it changed shapes.

What first looked like a box now appeared to be cone-shaped.

"I sent my video in and now they're investigating it," Elias

The investigating party is the Colorado-based Mutual UFO
Network, or MUFON. Its state director, George Parks, lives in
Oro Valley.

His organization can explain away 97 percent of reported
sightings, Parks said.

"People think they see a UFO but it's just a bunch of balloons
tied together or a black garbage bag," the 72-year-old said.
"When you tell people it's not a UFO, they aren't disappointed.
They're relieved they at least got an answer."

The Southwest, with its open spaces and out-there mentality, has
always been a hotbed for UFO stories.

There's Roswell - actually Corona - N.M., where military
personnel first said a crashed "flying saucer" had been
recovered and later said the debris came from a weather balloon.
UFO enthusiasts call it a cover-up, while others criticize
believers for concocting wild tales.

And there's the "Phoenix Lights" episode in which several
witnesses saw a series of stationary lights over Phoenix in
1997. The U.S. Air Force explained it away as flares dropped by
a jet during training, but others claimed the lights came from
an other-wordly aircraft.

In the Northwest, people have reported sightings in Picture
Rocks, Marana and Catalina. People continue to report sightings
on UFO-related Web sites.

In the Foothills last October, a retired police officer filed a
report with a UFO research group. The man, his wife and daughter
all said they saw a large object with multi-colored lights
flying above Interstate 10. A neighbor said at a softball game
that night, spectators saw all kinds of weird lights in the sky.

The retired officer's report, like most filed by Arizona
residents, remains unconfirmed.

"See, that's the difference," Elias said. "There's a lot of
people that talk but have no evidence. I got footage of mine."

In 1999, a Tucson Electric employee reported on the Web that he
saw four gray, metallic spheres flying together, occasionally
breaking out in a fiery glow over "northern Tucson."

Lots of people have reported these multi-object formations
flying above Tucson.

One visitor to MUFON's Web site suggested that these people saw
nothing other than Thunderbirds practicing before a show at
Davis-Monthon Air Base.

One man from northern Marana swears he saw a "flying saucer"
floating between Marana and the Tucson Mountains. He posted his
sighting on ET Reality News.

So did another man, who said he had "been stewing over this ever
since" he saw a solid black object with no lights below the tree
line in Avra Valley.

Most people who report sightings choose to remain anonymous.

"The people have spent too much time in the sun and it has fried
their brains. Now they are seeing little green men," wrote
Irwin, who posted to a message board to answer the question why
so many UFO sightings occur in Arizona.

Actually, they're little gray men, or Nordics with blond hair,
or Reptilians, according to MUFON's Parks.

James McGaha, an amateur astronomer and founder of Tucson
Skeptics Inc., gets disgusted when he has to talk about UFOs.

"It's a silly space-age myth," he said. "The idea that alien
spacecrafts are flying around in our atmosphere is ridiculous.
Human beings have a propensity for believing in things there is
no evidence for."

Parks holds monthly MUFON meetings at Pima County's Wilmot
Library. What began as small, informal discussions among
enthusiasts now attract almost 100 people a month.

Even McGaha once made a tense appearance that ended with him
challenging Parks to provide solid evidence that aircrafts from
outer space have visited Earth. Parks told McGaha to prove they

"I like to be skeptical," Parks said. "You got to have a little
skepticism, but I always tell people to listen and have an open

Parks himself claims to have seen UFOs his entire life.

"Boy, I could tell you stories," he said, a crucifix dangling
from his neck.

And he did, but mostly other people's stories.

Like the local couple that reported an alleged abduction -
except that word, abduction, is no longer used. Contact is the
preferred term.

On two nights, the husband reached for his wife who wasn't
there. The wife woke up in bed the following mornings, recalling
that someone was touching her around her belly button.

The couple told their story once but not again.

"That's what's sad," Parks said. "People tell their story and
it's over. They won't follow-up so we can find more out."

An Oro Valley woman founded the Web-based Alien Alley Art
Gallery to showcase works from people around the country that
claim to have had sightings or contact with aliens.

Parks feels like he was born into his role, facilitating
discussions and investigations into UFO sightings.

"I've always been interested in the sky," he said. "I always
slept outside as a kid and saw strange things in the sky."

Maybe you will too, Parks said.

Even his answering machine says as much.

"Keeping looking up, because you never know what you're going to

[Thanks to Greg Boone for the lead]

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