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SDI #441 20 Questions

From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2007 06:02:58 -0500
Fwd Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2007 08:21:03 -0400
Subject: SDI #441 20 Questions

Strange Days... Indeed #441


20 Questions royally addressed by regular Dave Furlotte, Fortean
expert Dr. David Clarke, and James. E. McDonald Biographer Ann
Druffel... as raked, seeded, and rolled by the ebullient Errol

1. Why would Paul Kimball wish to be born in the body of Jessica
Alba? Is this at the root of the new appreciation 'Bubba' seems
to be cultivating for same?

2. Free of the _remotest_ hint of any untoward vermin, and
actually quite fastidious, why does Dave Furlotte scratch his

3. If there is _no_ ufological evidence... like a _required_
ufological evidence... anywhere _near_ the ufological evidence
extant... how is there ever any ufological evidence at all?

4. Dr. David Clarke: Sincere skeptic or stealthy skeptibunky?

5. Whatever happened to BUFORA? Was just one piece of published
prosery from Alfred Lehmberg enough to finally implode it?

6. How does Dr. Clark justify his _sympathy_ for a closed
institution (Military Intelligence) very suspiciously lying to
the persons it is supposed to serve over and over again with
alarming guile and brittle alacrity... to the point where it
discredits and invalidates itself into a needlessly dangerous
irrelevancy? What other sympathies might Doctor Clarke have?

7. Does Dr. Clarke maintain an unsupported benefit of the doubt
for the veracity of official responders to FOIA requests who
report, unequivocally, that there is no information on the
subject at hand... when there is?

8. How is 'Condign' a "punishment well deserved" How did the UFO
files come to be salted with asbestos? What saved the files from
destruction for same?

9. What can _remotely_ justify the destruction of gun-camera
footage of genuine UFOs?

10. What _finally_ satisfies an assessment of corporeal reality
for a UFO with regard to its definition as a structured Object?
When is a UFO a 'craft' and where does it become an 'atmospheric
phenomena'. Why can't an atmospheric phenomena be a craft
somehow... Is Dr. Clarke a little quick to recognize and accept
a 'phenomena' where he is a little too reluctant to admit to a

11. Is Dr. Clarke perhaps a little too glib regarding what
seemed to be an arbitrary destruction of paper and audit trails
or other records as regards UFOs in the UK?

12. Can the famous Condon referenced Lackenheath case, Aug. 1956
in the UK, be relegated to British jets chasing stars, balloons,
or new atmospheric phenomena like, ball lightning, disappearing
rainbows, and water nixies? Was it contrived for a psycho-social
experiment in public gullibility?

13. Just who the _hell_ was author and intelligence officer
Bernard Newman, and why was he writing the "Roswell" Story as
fiction just after "Roswell" went down in fact?

14. Why should nascent ufologist and suspicious suicide J.E.
McDonald have statues erected to his memory?

15. Is it remotely possible for Philip Klass be tried in a civil
suit posthumously for the death of Dr. McDonald?

16. Was McDonald harassed by government officialdom over a
period of years to include imposters traveling the country
giving contrary messages to discredit him? Were Dr. McDonald's
civil rights trounced and obviated

17. Was Congress complicit in this torpedo job of McDonald's
character and competency plus the violations of his civil

18. Is there a recorded collection of McDonald lectures and
presentations to be had anywhere for a _peanuts_ fee?

19. Government & UFOs: cock-up or cover-up?

20. Has a detailed review of Anne Druffel's McDonald bio
Firestorm, been made available in the Archives of UFO UpDates?

Our journey of shared actualization continues, reader.

Who are you?

What do you want?

Ufological sensibilities empowered are the listener's own!


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