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Two Objects Over Dieppe New Brunswick

From: Don Ledger <dledger.nul>
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2007 13:34:00 -0300
Fwd Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2007 13:48:47 -0400
Subject: Two Objects Over Dieppe New Brunswick

Just over a week ago I received a report of two objects
maneuvering over Dieppe, New Brunswick - here in Canada - and
still inside the Moncton Control Zone. The objects were viewed
between 3pm and 3:20pm local time.

Regrettably I have to delete the witness's name.

See the report below:



I was not much of a believer in this sort of thing, until last
Sunday. I work with TC (Transport Canada)* and I met you in your
office back some years ago. Please don't release my name. People
still think your crazy if you say anything. I live in Dieppe
just south, but inside of the Moncton control zone.

Sunday (May 27,2007) I was enjoying a beautiful afternoon on my
back deck sometimes watching aircraft in the circuit passing by
the back of my house. At about 15:10 I was looking to the east
and saw a strange object, I estimate 5 nm from me, moving slowly
west bound towards my position. The altitude I am not sure of
because I did not know the distance or size of the object. If the
object was about 5 nm then I would estimate the altitude at about
4000 to 5000 ft. (Note that about 12 miles to the east of that
position is the Northumberland Strait separating New Brunswick
from Prince Edward Island.

Sunday afternoon was clear with very little haze. The object
appeared to be mainly dark orange with a little black and bright
silver on the left side of the object. The shape was hard to
explain. It appeared to be initially oval with a black something
on the top, and with a silver color on the left side.

Being a pilot for about 30 years I could not match the object
with any aircraft I have seen. I showed my wife who was sitting
along side of me. At first she could not see the object because
her eyes were not focused. I told her to look at some high
circus cloud and then she picked it up immediately. I asked her
to keep her eye on the object until I could get my binoculars.
Of course, when you want these things you can never find them.
By the time I got back the object had changed shape and now was
perfectly round. The silver and black colors were gone. When you
first looked at the round object you would think it was a
balloon but it was slowly moving in the wrong direction for the

While looking at the this object and just to the left and above
the first object was a bright silver object that quickly climbed
straight up and almost went out of site. I could still faintly
see the second object high in the sky. The orange object then
climbed steadily until it reached, I estimate, very close to the
silver object and then they continued up until they disappeared.
The whole thing took about ten to fifteen minutes.

What do you think? Am I going crazy. Do you know if anyone else
saw anything on Sunday?


This event has impinged heavily on this pilot's paradigm. He's
been deeply affected by what he saw.

I checked around looking for other reports. Stan Friedman had no
reports of anything at that time. I checked with the Shift
Manager at Moncton Center who reviewed the 'tapes' and responded
that nothing unusual was found on them. In fact they don't use
tape it's digital and saved to a hard-drive for review.

I have no other data, but I do have a very qualified convert.

Any other information re possible reports for that date and time
and location would be greatly appreciated.

Some facts to consider:

These objects were inside the Moncton Control Zone. The CZ
stretches 7 miles out from the Moncton Tower. The Moncton CZ is
embedded in Air Traffic Control's TRACON [Moncton Center] for
lack of a better word. Traffic is heavy through this are due to
aircraft being handed off from Boston Center to Moncton when
heading either east or west from overseas.

The witness is a thirty year pilot with multible endorsements on
various aircraft in a ranking position with Transport Canada. He
checked the winds to eliminate balloons as the culprits. The
UFOs were maneuvering slowly against the wind and in the
vertical plane much of the time. The objects were viewed through
binoculars. The skies were relatively clear of haze and low
lying cloud.

I'm continuing with this investigation.

Don Ledger

* Transport Canada equates with the Federal Aviation Authority,
FAA, in the United States or the Civil Aviation Authority, CAA,
in the UK.

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