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Reviw Of Best Evidence

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Subject: Reviw Of Best Evidence

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Jun 08 2007

Best Evidence UFOs

Nick Redfern

Earlier this week I received in the mail a DVD copy of Paul
Kimballís latest UFO documentary, Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO
Sightings, which was made for Canadaís Space Channel.

This is a film that I have been looking forward to seeing for a
long time: last summer, while we were both in the UK, Paul was
telling me about some of the cases he would be using, and the
commentators, researchers, authors and investigators who had
agreed to come on board and be interviewed. And, as a result, it
became pretty clear to me that this was going to be a good one.
And indeed it is.

Thankfully, this is not some half-hearted effort, put together
on a shoestring budget, with bad visuals, muddled voice-overs,
and cheap special-effects. Rather, it is an excellent, thought-
provoking and illuminating study of some of the most profound
UFO cases on record.

The premise behind the production of Best Evidence is
intriguing: Paul arranged for a multitude of leading lights in
ufology to submit their "best" cases, and was finally able to
whittle that huge array of reports down to those ten that
appeared to offer the best evidence in support of a genuine UFO
presence in our midst.

So, which incidents made it?

Well, coming in at number 10 (Yes, I know I sound like a DJ
counting down the pop charts!) is the strange series of
encounters that occurred at Nuremberg in 1561, in which
countless UFOs were seen by awe-struck townsfolk - a story that
continues to both intrigue and mystify people to this day. And
both Stan Friedman and Don Ledger stress the important point
that, as the Nuremberg case demonstrates, UFOs are nothing new,
and stretch back centuries - if not even longer.

At number 9 is the startling story of the Skylab encounter of
1973 - an encounter that involved three trained astronauts who
were witness to a huge UFO, possibly 800 to 1,000 feet in
diameter. As Brad Sparks notes, it is the credibility of the
witnesses that really makes this event a strong one.

Then comes a notable encounter in Canadaís Yukon in December
1996, which - importantly - was supported by the independent
testimony of various individuals, all of who were certain that
some sort of huge object of unknown origin was operating in the
Yukon skies on that winterís night more than a decade ago. Stan
Friedman discusses the Mother-ship scenario, and we are left
with the question: was the giant Yukon UFO the cosmic equivalent
of a Navy aircraft-carrier?

Case number 7 is both a profound and unsettling one, since it
involves the apparent disabling by a UFO of the nuclear warheads
(or at least the disabling of the ability to launch the nukes)
at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana in 1967. Captain Robert
Salas, USAF (Ret.) provides excellent, credible commentary on
his own personal recollections of the affair and, today, is of
the opinion that the intelligences behind the UFOs were trying
to get a dramatic message across: get rid of your nuclear

Canadaís Shag Harbor encounter of October 1967 follows next.
Although a UFO incident, it could quite easily be argued that in
this case, the 'U' in UFO stood for 'underwater' just as much as
it stood for 'unidentified'. With accounts of UFOs zipping in
and out of the waters of Shag Harbor, of a concerned Canadian
and US military, and seemingly highly advanced unidentified
technology skulking around both in our skies and beneath the
waves, this is a case that is truly eye-opening. Don Ledger, who
is one of the leading investigators of the case, provides much
food for thought.

Case number 5 is that of Kelly Johnson - of U2 spyplane fame -
 whose sighting in 1953 of a 200-foot long UFO is surely one of
the most important on record; given the manís background and
integral role in aviation history. And Stan Friedman makes the
important and highly valid point that if anyone was in a prime
position to know what we, the human race, were flying in our
skies back then, it surely would have been Johnson. Yet, the
fact that Johnson concluded that he had seen something truly
extraordinary only amplifies the nature of the case, and hits
home the fact that a small number of UFOs do appear to be true

While there are certainly countless examples of alleged UFO
caught on film or camera, perhaps none provokes such debate as
do the famous McMinville photos taken by farmer Paul Trent in
1950. And, it is this encounter in UFO history that makes number
4 in Best Evidence - with commentary and endorsements provided
by Bruce Maccabee.

At number 3 is the controversial Rendlesham Forest, England UFO
landing of December 1980 that can arguably be classed as the
British Roswell - at least, in terms of commentary, numbers of
people involved, and books written on the subject. Colonel
Charles Halt, USAF (Ret.), and former Ministry of Defense man
Nick Pope talk about the case - lights in the sky, object moving
in the woods, elevated radiation readings found at the scene,
the list goes on. And Halt surely makes the understatement of
the whole show when he notes that the aftermath of the affair -
 that, he says, included USAF people being drugged and
hypnotized, and the confiscation of radar-tapes showing the
movements of the UFOs - was "quite interesting." Iíll say!

Coming in at a close second: the Iranian Air Forceís "UFO
dogfight" of 1976, that saw two Phantom F-4ís implicated in a
striking UFO encounter over the nationís skies, and that also
saw the Phantomís utterly out-performed, and - more disturbingly
- profoundly affected in terms of weapons and electrical systems
being temporarily shut down by the unknown visitor. And as Stan
Friedman notes with respect to the fact that the Iranianís
launched two of their state-of-the-art aircraft in hot pursuit
of the UFO: "You donít scramble if youíre not worried." Indeed.

So which case makes number one? The 1957 encounter of the USAF
crew of an RB-47 aircraft, who were shadowed for more than two
hours and across more than a few US states by a distinct
unknown. With aerial observations, airborne tracking, ground
radar-based confirmation, and a plethora of trained, high-
quality observers, the RB-47 event is one that makes Stan
Friedman pose the question: "What more can you ask for?"

And there you have it.

Of course, there will be those who will inevitably ask: "Hey,
why wasnít the [insert name here] incident discussed?" Well, the
answer to that question is that this Top 10 list was one based
solely upon the responses provided to Paul by those researchers
that he polled.

There will always be those who will disagree with the cases
presented, and I can personally think of one or two others that
I would have included had it been my Top 10. But, regardless of
that, Best Evidence is a first-class production, with strong
cases, good production and special-effects, a fine narration
from Kris Lee McBride, and solid commentary from a host of
researchers and investigators.

And Best Evidence is refreshing for two other reasons, too:
number one, it doesnít try and force-feed a particular theory
for the UFO presence down our collective throats. It merely
hammers home the fact that some presence, some unknown, is most
assuredly among us.

And, second, you will find no debunkers in this production. Now,
Iím not against having the views of those of a skeptical nature
presented in a show such as this - it can, sometimes, provide a
welcome balance to get both sides across.

But what I am against is this mentality of so many shows (and
channels) that interview UFO researchers with the sole intention
of having them knocked them down by some debunking type with a
few letters after their name.

In the case of Best Evidence, however, it is those who were
personally there and those that have dug deep into the cases in
question that are given air-time; rather than the myriad
debunkers who prefer to pontificate from the comfort of their
armchairs; and who, in many cases, have done zero personal
research into the things they are babbling on about.

The final word I will leave to researcher and author Mac
Tonnies, who is quoted in the closing moments of Best Evidence
as noting that, if real, the UFO presence on our world appears
to be influencing both the way we think and our own mythologies,
and that "this is a sacred thing to be messing with."

Paul tells me that the show has been getting rave reviews and
plans are already moving to have Best Evidence broadcast outside
of Canada. So, keep watching the TV listings: you definitely
donít want to miss this one.

Listen to 'Strange Days... Indeed' - The PodCast



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