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Eastlake Man Defends UFO Video

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Subject: Eastlake Man Defends UFO Video

Source: The Cleveland Plain Dealer - Ohio, USA


March 01, 2007

Eastlake Man Defends UFO Video
by Michael K. McIntyre

It was a beautiful summer night, and Michael Lee Hill went to
the water, as he often does, carrying a camcorder and a quest:
Record the UFOs.

The aliens send messages to the Eastlake resident, sometimes
through weird coincidences or just by urges he feels. Yeah,
yeah, he knows it sounds crazy. But he gets a "feeling" about
where the UFOs will be, and he shows up with his recorder and
there they are.

"I'm positive that they know I'm filming them," he said.

So one evening last August, he and his friend Chris Miheli stood
at the Lake Erie shore at Willowick Lakefront Park as night
fell, in a spot not far from a famous 1988 sighting chronicled
in a Coast Guard report.

And there they waited until, in the black sky, two objects
appeared, pulsing brilliant, multicolor lights. One hovered
above the other, then zipped away. Hill switched his camcorder
to night mode to prove that these were not ships' lights -- the
objects appeared to be airborne over the water.

For Hill, the video was further evidence that aliens visit
Earth. He thought his fellow believers would see it and welcome
it as a weapon in their struggle for credibility.

California filmmaker David Sereda certainly did. Sereda already
had used some of Hill's clips in his film Dan Aykroyd Unplugged
On UFOs, in which the comic actor described his views on the
existence of UFOs and the possibility of another dimension.

Now, Sereda had video of another sighting that would fit nicely
in his new film, From Here To Andromeda, due out on video
April 15. Hill, a gifted guitarist, got work as the co-producer
of the film, allowing him to quit his job selling guitars at Sam

Sereda recently appeared on Fox News Channel's "Heartland" show
to talk about his upcoming film. He brought with him the Lake
Erie UFO clip, which Hill then posted in its entirety on YouTube
(view it at www.youtube.com/watch?v=Njo7TWFoZqs).

And that's when Hill learned that, when it comes to skeptics, no
one is tougher than the true believers.

"Good try stoners, but yer [sic] 'Whoa, man!' every five seconds
gave you away," writes one visitor to the message board the UFO
News Web site (ufonews.tv).

"While UFOs may very well exist, it doesn't help to get all
amped up over obvious frauds," writes another.

"I'm impressed that an alien would equip his craft with red and
green navigation lights, just like our boats and planes here on
earth. Very considerate of them. Oh wait, maybe they didn't do
it on purpose and it's a coincidence they just happen to use the
same red = port, green = starboard that we use. What are the
odds? Dude?" wrote a man identifying himself as a pilot.

It didn't help that on the video, Hill and Miheli sound like
they were filming, "Dude, Where's My UFO?"

"Dude, it's beautiful... I'm filming it, dude," says Hill, 38,
the crashing Lake Erie waves providing a backdrop as he works
the camera.

"Dude, we just saw something amazing," says Miheli.

Another doubter posted his own video on YouTube showing similar-
looking lights that turned out to be a plane, which passed

Skeptics variously claimed Hill's video was of planes or ships.
Those unfamiliar with that area of Lake Erie claimed the lights
were those of police cars on a distant hill or bridge.

"How can you watch this video and not see that you have been
fooled?" wrote one skeptic.

"Michael Lee Hill or Pinocchio," wrote another.

Hill, who has not filmed much lately because of cold weather and
his work producing the "Andromeda" movie soundtrack, takes it in

"I don't really care," he said. "I know what I seen. I've
learned to separate myself from other people's energy. It
doesn't really affect me."

He has defended himself online, posting the opinions of those
who believe him, such as the proprietors of the UFO News site
and Sereda.

"Cars don't float in the air and landing aircraft eventually
'land.' These UFOs never leave the immediate scene," reads the
UFO News post. "Let's stop hating each other and start trying to
find out what the heck is going on in our skies!"

Said Sereda: "What amazes me about this footage is that there is
no noise from jet aircraft, helicopters, etc., and a UFO comes
so closely by to hover right on top of the other UFO and then
flies back out the way it came in. No airplane could do this.
Also, when the video camera switches to night-shot mode, we can
see the UFOs are not boats on the lake. They are hovering a good
50 to 100 feet above the water."

The video has people talking, which is a good thing. The fact
that some of that talk is attacking Hill makes no difference.

"You know... whatever," he said. "Sooner or later, everyone is
going to see them with their own two eyes, and it won't matter
if they believe me or not."

Hill knows this: Aliens are out there. They have visited. They
mean good. They may even want to help us save our planet. He has
video of multicolor single orbs; what appear to be flamelike
flickers on Lake Erie; and a purplish blob hovering in the night

"I think the universe is teeming with life," he said. He can't
explain the night he believes he was drugged and possibly
examined by aliens. It's all a blur. He woke up in his bathroom
with his jaw broken in three places.

"We are on the verge of becoming a galactic society that is on
the verge of joining the cosmic community," he said. "When first
contact happens, it won't be a question. It will be apparent
that they are here. I've got a new phrase I've been telling
people, 'Just look up!'"

[Thanks to Stuart Miller of http://uforeview.net/ for the lead]

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