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Re: The Phoenix Lights 10th Anniversary - Maccabee

From: Bruce Maccabee <brumac.nul>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2007 15:05:56 -0500
Fwd Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2007 07:48:27 -0500
Subject: Re: The Phoenix Lights 10th Anniversary - Maccabee

>From: Lynne Kitei <drlynne.nul>
>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2007 00:40:04 -0700
>Subject: Re: The Phoenix Lights 10th Anniversary

>>From: Bruce Maccabee <brumac.nul>
>>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>>Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 19:29:43 -0500
>>Subject: Re: The Phoenix Lights 10th Anniversary

>>>From: Geoff Richardson <geoff.nul>
>>>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>>>Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 15:18:21 -0000
>>>Subject: The Phoenix Lights 10th Anniversary


>>>Dr. Lynne Kitei, a physician, witnessed multiple events which
>>>occurred in the skies over Phoenix leading up to and including
>>>the night of 13th March, 1997 and successfully documented a
>>>number of sightings of orbs and V-shaped craft.


>>Too bad she asserts that the lights videotaped at 10 PM that
>>night were on a large UFO hovering over Phoenix. As I have
>>pointed out numerous times over the last 10 years (!)

Actually I should have written "last 8.5 years"

>>triangulation shows the lights were a long distance away. The
>>triangulation is based on the same videos (Lynn, Krzysten,
>>Rairdon) that show the lights which these three witnesses claim
>>were over Phoenix.

>I have never said _what_ 'they' are... only that 'they' are and
>it is time we get this topic out in the open - address it,
>accept it and study it.

>I trust that it is also time to ask what triangulation Dr.
>Maccabee has been referring to all these years?

My analysis has been publicly available at my web site since the
summer of 2000. I sent my analysis to her (and several others,
with a shortened version to MUFON) in the fall of 1998. In my
report I triangulated lights videotaped in early 1998 and also
March 13, 1997. See http://brumac.8k.com/phoenixlights1.html for
the original report and supplements.

>He is a gifted
>scientist and dedicated researcher to be sure, but I was quite
>surprised when he professed to have triangulated the mass
>sighting videos when I had in fact contacted Dr. Maccabee myself
>to attempt a triangulation of a January 1998 sighting, an event
>that was very different from the March 13, 1997 sighting.

At the time she led me to believe that she thought the January
1998 sightings were of the same type of lights as the 1997 sighting.

>ust because the 1998 lights 'seemed to be at a distance to Dr.
>Maccabee', that revelation didn't confirm anything.

I triangulated the 1998 lights first because in those sightings
it was clear that several videographers with a wide separation
had videotaped the same lights. I used this triangulation to
confirm the validity of the technique for determining the
distances of these lights.

Here are the basics of a triangulation: one goes to the location
of a video and determines the direction of the sighting line.
Then one goes to the location of a second video and again
determines the sighting line. Finally, one plots the sighting
lines on a good map and find out where the lines cross. This is
"triangulation" because the sighting lines combined with a line
between the sighting locations form a triangle.

Having completed the triangulations of 1998 lights I applied the
same technique to the March 13, 1997 lights. See the above web
page for the numerical results.

>In the 10 years since our historic mass sighting, _no_ one has
>reported seeing the anomalous formation of lights behind the
>mountain range around the 10 o'clock hour, but there were
>definitely reports of strange lights and craft on this side of
>the mountain.

>Even more compelling and important to note, I learned fairly
>quickly after the mass sighting that _no_ one could triangulate
>the March 13, 1997 10 pm videos, because the hand full of
>videographers took footage over a 30-40 minute span from
>different directions.

The two most important (for triangulation) videos were taken
within minutes of one another at 10 PM (Krzysten and Rairdon).
The "shape " of the light array is almost identical (difference
due to different viewing directions). It has been suggested that
the videos show two different arrays or that a single array
moved and that the two videos were taken at different times, in
which case it would not be possible to perform a triangulation.
However, the problem with this idea is that there is only a
slight motion during the time of the lights (a slight leftward
drift of the lights as they drop downward slowly). There is no
evidence of large motion of the lights. (In fact, the seeming
motionlessness of the lights was one of the reasons given for
them being "unusual."

>If you remember, I even tried to procure University based
>scientists, including a senior geologist professor from Arizona
>State University and others to triangulate our videos and they
>all stated that a triangulation of the footage taken during the
>mass sighting was impossible.

I don't know that they even tried. Also, they may not have
wanted to get involved in a big controversy. (When I agreed to
analyze Lynne's video and the other videos I knew I was entering
a "hornet's nest" of publicized conclusions regarding the

>Another key point, two months before the mass sighting I
>captured six 35 mm pictures in a row of the same anomalous and
>mile wide phenomena of 6 equidistant orbs "that seemed to be
>attached to something" head-on, turning into a V shape, in the
>same location.

>This sighting [and exact time] was confirm to me the next
>morning by Sky Harbor International Airport Air traffic
>Controllers who witnessed the same hovering lights in RESTRICTED
>AIRSPACE - in _front_ of South Mountain - and slowly moving in
t>andem [in a rock solid, mile wide, equidistant array of six
>orbs] behind South Mountain [out of sight from their vantage
>point in the tower].

>The same Air traffic Controllers confirmed the day after the
>mass sighting that what we all saw on March 13 at 10 pm was the
>SAME phenomena - in the _same_ location once again. Therefore,
>since the morning after our mysterious statewide event, we have
>had professional verification that the three lights I captured
>on video at 10 pm on March 13, 1997, were not behind South
>Mountain, but in _front_ of South Mountain, _over_ Phoenix.

She is referring to the January 23 photo (in her book).
Comparison with daytime shots and fixed ground reference points
shows that the sighting line to the lights was at a higher
elevation than the mountain ridgline. Thus the lights could have
been many miles away.

>I documented these details in my book, but for some reason, they
>have been ignored or dismissed through the years.

>Besides this curious omission of data that occurred two months
>_before_ the mass sighting and 2 months before the Maryland ANG
>were in town allegedly sending off flares during Operation
>Snowbird while a mile-wide, traveling V-shaped formation of
>lights or craft silently and slowly traversed the State at low
>altitude for many hours.

>Bruce has never addressed the _same_ distant formation of lights
>in the _same_ location in the photos I captured of our near
>sighting of three amber orbs in a pyramid formation in 1995
>[which he presented at the 1999 MUFON International Symposium in
>Wash., D.C. as true unknowns].

I determined many years ago that the lights above
the city skyline in her Feb 6, 1995 photos are at
an angular elevation greater than the mountain ridgeline.
I don't recall whether or not I told her this.

>I know what I saw up close and personal, hovering over our
>private, gated, nestled in the mountainside community... and
>they definitely were not flares. With all due respect to Dr.
>Maccabee, it just doesn't compute.

I agree that the lights which appear well below the city skyline
and which were apparently within several thousand feet of her
location are anomalous. Not only that, but the astute photo
analyst will realize that there is another anomaly: comparing
the skylines in the two photos in her book one will see that the
city lights changed considerbly between the two photos, which
she thought at the time were taken about 3 minutes apart. She is
well aware of that fact and its implications.

>I will always be grateful for Dr. Maccabee's kindness when I was
>overwhelmed by what I had experienced and for taking so much
>time with the case. But when he originally released his findings
>concerning triangulation, I was saddened that they just added to
>the muddy waters that had already been polluted by the military
>announcement of flare deployment that night, five long months
>after denial that anything was in the air.

The military explanation for the delay was similar to the "right
hand not knowing what the left hand was doing." It is easy to
accuse the military of covering up or trying to mddy the waters.
But the then the question is whether or not it is possible to
prove that. I think not. And now we have yet another military
witnesses providing information after ten long years. Is there
any proof that his story is an addition to the cover up or
conspiracy? I think not.

>I don't doubt that flares might have been sent off to divert
>attention away from the true unknowns, but that's not what we
>witnessed or photographed. Just take a look at Bill Hamilton and
>Tom King's 'arrowhead' footage from around 9:45 pm. Those lights
>_are_ attached to something. Again, the data speaks for itself.

If I recall correctly, Tom has changed his opinion on the lights
he videotaped.

>As a scientist and experiencer, I have tried diligently to do my
>homework and share the data as it has unfolded. I have never
>found it productive or in good taste to argue about confusing
>and irrelevant pronouncements. I just hope the time is near when
>we can move forward in a mature fashion and address the
>important issue of what _really_ happened throughout Arizona for
>many hours, 10 years ago this March 13th.

The objective here is to identify correctly that which can be
identified and to discover that which can't be explained. There
were many sightings during the night of March 13 and there were
sightings before and many since. Many of these are explainable
but perhaps some aren't. We should be concentrating on finding
those unexplainables.

Lynne has done a good job in collecting evidence and creating a
convincing presentation. She has alerted many people to begin
treating this seriously instead of sweeping the whole thing
under the rug. It is unfortunate that the videotapes of lights,
whatever they may be, has taken attention away from the much
more widely witnessed phenomenon or object that was seen over
Phoenix at 8:30 PM March 13, 1997.

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