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Re: Great Debate About Frequency Of ET Life -

From: Stuart Miller <stuart.4.nul>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2007 22:14:53 +0000
Fwd Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2007 07:52:16 -0500
Subject: Re: Great Debate About Frequency Of ET Life -

>From: Dennis Oliver <deo.nul>
>Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2007 16:36:56 -0800
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Subject: Re: Great Debate About Frequency Of ET Life

>I have been a List-lurker for several years and appreciate this
>service. I learn much from the collected wisdom of the Listers
>and their referrals to various sources but am troubled by what
>seemed like omissions in the recent thread Great Debate About
>Frequency Of ET Life.

>I saw little reference to the records of the Vedas and
>Upanishads, which, (at least in translation) read like science
>fiction comic books but, as sacred literature, are unlikely to
>be much less historic than, say the Old Testament or the Gnostic
>Gospels. Then there are the Annukai references to spacefaring in
>Sumer literature. Museum drawers may be deeper than we imagine.

>The Antikythera Device Is a mechanical analog computer that
>could predict the movements of the sun, moon, probably five
>planets, and kept track of the moon's phases. It was recovered
>from a Greek shipwreck in 1900 and was made in the 2nd century
>BC! Modern technolgy did not accomplish this until the 15
>century with the development of clockmaking. It is a fascinating


>The point is that WE, our own western technology thread that we
>are riding into the global future DID forget and lose a very
>valuable and important technology and , as important, we did not
>even know we had lost it. It was 1200 years to repeat the feat
>and we are just now realizing the fact. What navigation would
>have been saved, what history rewritten? What other technology
>have we lost?

>Pushing further back than the present era of 10,000 or so years
>(since the end of the last ice age and the beginning of
>"recorded" history) makes guessing their technology virtually
>impossible. Unknown or barely remembered early myths of cultures
>and peoples flooded by sea-rise and tsunami, earthquake, Mt
>.Toba, Yellowstone, asteroid, or their own stupidity - all these
>stories at least hint that the history of our technology is much
>more complicated than we think.


I hope you will excuse me if I do not address you directly but
instead address my remarks to the List.

This post presents some of us, people like me at least, with a
problem. Probably like most of you, over a period of time I have
read and listened to the various countless theories and ideas
about ET, grays, ancient civilizations, the hollow earth,
abductions, ESP, ghosts, bigfoot, and so on and so forth, and
like the spam filters on my email, my own personal filtering
system has fallen into place and developed its own way of
letting through some things and keeping out others. Over recent
times in fact its really been going at it overtime to the extent
that these days I pretty much consider myself a variant sceptic.

Ancient civilizations were one of those topics that never
cleared the spam filter. They weren't steadfastly barred, they
just never really seriously tried to get into the Inbox. Yes,
certainly the concept was a possibility, the earth has been here
a very, very long time so who knows? However, it might have been
nice to have seen a bit more evidence of some sort to at least
give some credence to the idea that there have been some
developed civilizations prior to ours that have been and gone.
Would that be asking too much?

Dennis above mentions The Antikythera Device and I can tell you
from my "I might not even believe it even if you could prove it"
perch that in fact this not only really exists but is a genuine
archaelogical anaomaly that is fully deserving of the most
profound investigation. It is a staggering enigma and poses some
very serious questions, none of which I can even begin to
remotely answer.

I'm not a convert yet. But the ears have pricked up.


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