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UFOs & 300

From: Greg Boone <Evolbaby.nul>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 16:00:25 EDT
Fwd Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 07:19:13 -0400
Subject: UFOs & 300

As most of you know there's a blockbuster of a movie out in
theatres -  300.

It's about the ancient battle of the Spartans versus the Persian
Empire at Thermopylea many millennia ago.

I mention this movie because of some disturbing revelations I've
had regarding the field of ufology.

Recently I've had some disclosures by groups of considerable
power and finance. I would never have dreamt of what they
disclosed to me this week.

Basically, they're scared.

It was like an avalanche of high-enders coming to me and stating
how afraid they were of the backlash that occurs when discussing
UFOs. In no uncertain terms they conifmed we're definitely
intertwined with aliens, but whenever one engages in the
questions and research, the attacks begin and disrupt finance
and operations.

I couldn't believe it! Here we have fellow human beings living
in abject terror, weird experimentations, kidnappings etc. and
groups sworn to protect us mere humans are afraid to face the
problem even though they'll take our tax dollars to fight
protect and serve and blah blah.

It shook me up because I thought of all the folks out here who
are in ufology who are kind and sincere. I don't always agree
with them all yet I respect them for having the chutzpah to
stand up where others have cowered.

The old saying that God takes care of babes and fools may mean
the resident ufologist is one or both. Regardless, the ufologist
who is in it for the betterment of their fellow human being is
whom I'm speaking of. Where others feared, these people took to
action. When other institutions, upheld with billions in tax
dollars shuffled their feet and engaged in violations of our
Constitutional birthrights, there were many of you and some now
passed on who actually had the integrity and courage to look
into the matter and do good by it whether pro or con.

Here we are in the 21st Century celebrating the 300 Spartans. We
celebrate them and any historic figures who faced insurmountable
odds. We sure ain't celebrating the Persians. You won't find
Xerxes on a cereal box or t-shirt.

Recently on the List there've been remarks about ufology having
problems with scam artists and such. I can understand that. Yet
there are no more here than you'll find in any other field of
study or institution. There are probably ten times as many
charlatans in the average bake-off competition than in ufology.
It doesn't excuse us of being responsible when those of lesser
integrity use this field for their own personal profit and gain.

After all, we're only human :)

So I'm proud to have met many of you at conventions and lectures
or at other venues. I feel privileged to be able to post on
Errol's list. Sure there's bickering and such but I have more
fights with the customer service people who've grown into a
worldwide scourge nowadays (They barely speak English and can't
tell time. It's like some conspiracy to undermine America by
outsourcing all the customer service so we'll collapse from
chronic confusion and frustration).

In this field of study a fella has to think about what he'll do
when those revelations occur. Is it safer, wiser to disclose
things? I could solve all this UFO stuff in 24 hours by just
naming names but I took an oath to never disclose a source
without their permission. That's frustrating enough believe me.
I'm sure several of you are in similar spots.

Will there be major disappointments to believers and
experiencers? Sure will and there'll be just as many for the

I have to be realistic, pat myself on the back for being brave
and/or crazy enough to have done what I've done. It's only
because I won't stand by and watch others suffer or be
oppressed. Ufology is just one area that I personally delve in
to help in some way. I'm sure in years to come many of you will
be remembered for at least standing up whether right or wrong.

This world is up against odds the majority have yet to fathom.
Those in the know were honest enough with me to admit they are
scared, not of death but of inconvenience of all things.

Can you imagine that? Let your fellow man suffer because to
fight against it would be an inconvenience, an interruption in

Then you should have seen what I saw. Let's just say the ears
give it away.



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