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Fife Symington On CNN Transcript

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Subject: Fife Symington On CNN Transcript

Source: CNN.Com Transcripts - Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Aired March 21, 2007 - 22:00

Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees

This is a rush transcript. This copy may not be in its final
form and may be updated.


JOHN ROBERTS: Earlier this month, a man in Tennessee reported
seeing a dime-shaped object whirling through the sky at
incredible speed. He's not sure that it was a UFO, but for three
out of 10 Americans, the answer may be obvious.

There are many true believers out there, and one of them held
the highest office in Arizona. CNN's Gary Tuchman reports.


GARY TUCHMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Fife Symington is
now a businessman. He was the Republican governor of Arizona for
six years, elected when the first George Bush was president.

Now, a decade after leaving the statehouse, he takes me to a
Phoenix park and discloses something unlike anything uttered by
any other high level U.S. politician.

FIFE SYMINGTON: If you... if you had been here 10 years ago,
standing out there looking up there at the lights and the view,
you would have been astounded. You would have been amazed.

TUCHMAN: Governor Symington is referring to what is now known as
the Phoenix lights, an object videotaped by many and seen by
thousands over several nights in the Arizona sky in 1997.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Major sighting here.

TUCHMAN: It was described by witnesses as larger than a football
field and silent.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was giant V. All right? And the right side
of the V went over us. The left side was like a couple blocks
over it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You just didn't know what to do. You know?
It was just like, my God, how big is this thing?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... the great state of Arizona, Fife

TUCHMAN: The former governor, a Vietnam Air Force veteran, had
never publicly acknowledged seeing it until now.

SYMINGTON: And I suspect that, unless the Defense Department
proves us otherwise it was probably one form of an alien

TUCHMAN: So why didn't he say anything then? Partly because he
didn't want people to panic.

SYMINGTON: I think as a public figure you have to be very
careful about what you say because people can have pretty
emotional reactions. And I said my goal wasn't to try to stir
the pot.

TUCHMAN: And he went to humorous and controversial lengths not
to stir the pot. He held a news conference after the Phoenix
lights to announce the mystery had been solved.

SYMINGTON: And now, I'll ask Officer Stein and his colleagues to
escort the accused into the room so that we may all look upon
the guilty party.

Don't get him too close to me, please.

TUCHMAN: In the alien costume, the governor's chief of staff.

SYMINGTON: This goes to show that you guys are entirely too

TUCHMAN: UFO enthusiasts were not amused, especially since the
governor was believed to have seen nothing. But now he's coming

SYMINGTON: The lights were really brilliant. And it was just
fascinating. I mean, it was enormous. It just felt otherworldly.
You know, in your gut, you could just tell it was otherworldly.

TUCHMAN: Symington will be talking about this in an updated film
about UFOs called "Out of the Blue". He is also talking with an
organization that wants UFO information more out in the open.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's very significant that someone of the
stature of a governor would come out and say they that
experienced that they'd experienced a UFO, because it brings a
lot of credibility and strength to the case.

TUCHMAN: Governor Symington says he did tell his family, friends
and staff about what he saw early on.

SYMINGTON: I still, behind the scenes, tried to investigate it,
but I got nowhere. TUCHMAN (on camera): So what were the Phoenix
lights? Frankly, we don't know. What we do know is that it's as
much of a mystery today as it was a decade ago.

Gary Tuchman, CNN, Phoenix.



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