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Coming Here Going There

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Subject: Coming Here Going There

Source: David Barclay's Saucer Science Blog


Monday, March 26, 2007

Coming Here, Going There
by David Barclay

Whether it is ET wanting to come here or us wanting to go there,
it would seem obvious that we here on planet Earth still don't
get it, otherwise we might already have realized that our modern
science is less than adequate.

We have made the assumption that space travel is restricted by
the speed of light, whereby we are assured that interstellar
space travel is beyond reason at this time. Therefore it is
firmly asserted that it would be impossible for space travelers
from other star systems to visit our Earth or even our solar

But how valid is this well established belief? Are we even sure
that light does in fact have a linear speed?

We assume that it should be possible to measure the speed of
light in a manner similar to determining the speed of a train or
bus. We know the speed of a train or bus is measured in terms of
miles per hour whereas the speed of light is measured in terms
of meters per second, but its the same idea. We assume that
light travels in a linear manner just as trains, buses and
rockets travel in a linear manner.

If we examine the method by which the speed of light is measured
we will find that the basic idea is to measure the time it takes
for light to travel one meter in a vacuum and at the present
time it is agreed that it takes exactly 1/299,792,458ths of a
second for light to travel one meter in a vacuum. This
translates to a speed of exactly 299,792,458 meters per second.

Now, the problem here is that we are measuring the speed of
light, not the speed of a train or bus, as we intend to use the
speed of light to measure both the size and age of universe. So
we are not talking about some localized duration of time or a
localized length of distance.

As there are no absolute numerical values associated with any
physical action or interaction, we must understand that each of
the 299,792,458 portions of a second cannot be of the same
absolute duration. Furthermore no two meter rules are of the
same absolute length.

So how accurate is our evaluation of light speed? It is
described as an exact speed, yet it is not an absolute value, it
is an approximate value.

We impose this evaluation on the size and age of universe,
whereby we assume that time in terms of seconds and distance in
terms of meters remains equivalent throughout the entire
universe. This allows us to determine the universe to be roughly
14 billion years old and the distance from our Earth to the
furthest reaches of universe to be roughly 14 billion light

Yet, we know that the universe is expanding and that the rate of
expansion is accelerating, whereby the size of universe is
continuously increasing at an ever increasing rate. So it would
seem logical that the very fabric of space and time is being
stretched, which would mean that the length of the meter is
increasing with distance and time is slowing with distance.

So what is the age and size of universe? Do we have any idea? It
would seem not.

Another question we must ask ourselves is whether light is
actually in linear motion or is the apparent motion of light
simply a condition of field associated with the dynamic
condition of universe remaining relative to our planet Earth?

If light is not in linear motion it would appear that we have
taken a wrong turn, as our evaluation of universe is based on
the linear motion of light.

We might therefore consider the possibility that the apparent
motion of light is due to the non-linear condition of the field
in which we exist, in terms of a unified field system. And if
this is the case neither we or ET are restricted by the speed of
light, in relation to interstellar space travel.

What we are actually restricted by is our existing perception of
universe and our limited understanding of the scientific
principles involved.

I would suggest that it is time to move forward.....

[Thanks to Stuart Miller of http://uforeview.net/ for the lead]

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