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SDI #437 - 20 Questions

From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
Date: Tue, 1 May 2007 16:52:37 -0500
Fwd Date: Wed, 02 May 2007 08:13:26 -0400
Subject: SDI #437 - 20 Questions

SDI #437 20 Questions

20 Questions (plus) arbitrarily addressed by Dave Furlotte, Don
Ecker, and Errol Bruce-Knapp:

1. Is there a sea-change with regard to professional pilot

2. What is the _provenance_ of the "BS" associated with
ufology, driving persons of Don Ecker's ilk from the field? Is
it a culture-contrived "BS" mechanism to accomplish same?

3. Does Mr. Ecker ignore an agenda of his own while identifying
same in those immediately around him? _Who_ doesn't know any
better? _Why_ do people "flock to the crap"?

4. How does ufology remain to have a "genuineness" in Mr.
Ecker's view?

5. In as much as an alien may be extant to do us all ill, how is
the opposite conjecture that the alien extant is here for better
purposes so objectionable?

6. While speaking of injuries incurred, kidnappings executed,
and killings endured at the hands of the conjectured alien, has
Mr. Ecker made a comparison to a similar population hazarded in
worse ways by its _own_ kind (Two tours in-country and he

7. Was there ever any utility to CSETI's pricey UFO call-down
seminars? Does exo-politics have the remotest validity?

8. With regard to Daniel Sheehan (Lawyer & UFO point-man for
Jimmy Carter, et al) has it occurred to Mr. Ecker that the bigger
he builds the fire the more shadows are exposed? Was that too
abstruse? Can Mr. Ecker admit to a bias or a cant of his own?
Does he really see himself hewing to the straight and narrow

9. How is STS-48 an absolute "smoking gun" regarding the
validity of the whole UFO paradigm?

10. How "long and proud is the tradition of the United States"?
Is a dissenting view remotely appropriate?

11. Are there huge bases on the moon, and are they _not_ ours?

12. Why did the Moon Landing Astronauts arm themselves with
heavy caliber pistols to be carried on space missions? Were
these weapons carried to the moon's surface?

13. Did Richard Hoagland pirate work not his own regarding lunar
anomalies? Did he do same regarding a new understanding of the
Brookings institution report (UFOs mean the disintegration of
human civilization)?

14. Does NASA obscure ready evidence about an ET reality? If so,

15. If the inmates _have_ taken over the ufological asylum, may
that not mean that the "officiating staff" has abandoned or
abused its authority to the point where the "inmates" have been
sucked in to that provoked vacuum... for some kind of effort
rewarding their _own_ self-interest? If society and culture
stepped up regarding UFOs the way one would expect (like it had
egalitarian balls or harbor-girl ovaries) would the inmates even
have to be called "inmates"?

16. Was Colonel Corso (UFO Tech) real? Was Zachariah Sitchin
(Ancient astronauts) valid? Does an academic always trump an
investigator? What constitutes "definitive proof"?

17. How is there even _opportunity_ for alleged red-herrings
like SERPO, Dulce, Dan Burrisch, Billy Meier... what is their
mechanism, what is their utility, how are they motivated? Is it
all money?

18. Who killed JFK? Did Bill Cooper ("Behold A Pale Horse"
author) have a certain chutzpah?

19. Is Stanton Friedman a "one trick pony", who "has done some
good work"?

20. Will Alfred Lehmberg show more grace than Don Ecker has at
_his_ 20 year sign-post and conjectured retirement?

Hopeful that the preceding was understandable enough for
authoritarian pedants and strutting popinjays, I caution:

Ufological sensibilities empowered are the listener's own!

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