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FOIA Alexander & Victorian

From: Larry W. Bryant <overtci.nul>
Date: Wed, 02 May 2007 19:12:06 -0400
Fwd Date: Thu, 03 May 2007 12:11:08 -0400
Subject: FOIA Alexander & Victorian


From: Edward Hammond <ehammond.nul-PROJECT.ORG>
To: FOI-L.nul
Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 15:22:56 -0700
Subject: LANL Non-Lethal FOIA and John Alexander


The Sunshine Project
Information Pointer - 2 May 2007


New Non-Lethal Papers Document 1990s US Research Program

It was an epic battle between two really, really wierd hombres.
It was waged, in part, through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
requests. It revealed important information about US "non-
lethal" chemical and biological weapons research and 1993
ruminations on preemptive war and proliferation of nuclear and
other weapons. Some of the information has been lost, likely
forever, but a new FOIA request has unearthed old documents of
historical interest in chemical and biological weapons, all
because of a strange rivalry between two strange men.

If you are only interested in the documents click to see them:


If you are interested in where they came from, and some
commentary on their content, read on.

On one side was John Alexander, a zealous US Army Colonel
(ret.), veteran of the Vietnam War's notorious Phoenix
Program, and holder of a PhD in "Death Studies". A believer
in psychokinesis, Alexander promotes intelligence gathering
with specialists trained in a "psychic" pseudoscience
technique called "remote visioning" and - no joke - is a
CIA consultant and widely-known proponent of so-called
"non-lethal" warfare. Now living in Las Vegas, Alexander and
psychobabble colleagues including Gen. Albert Stubblebine
were featured in the recent book The Men Who Stare at Goats

The Colonel's opponent: Habib [Armen Victorian] Azadehdel,
probably not his real name, an Armenian-born conspiracy theorist
living in Nottingham, England. Azadehdel, possibly a former
operative of the Shah of Iran, is a researcher and liberal user
of pseudonyms ranging from Julian Phillips to Cassava N'Tumbo.
Azadehdel's daring and illegal overseas exploits as an orchid
smuggler for Kew Gardens, and other clients, were portrayed in
the book Orchid Fever. Azadehdel was also the subject of a 2004
short film, The Mythologist


Both men share a strong interest in UFOs and, at least in
Alexander's case, alien abductions and farm animal autopsies
allegedly performed by flying saucer crews. (No joke.) They had
squabbles with one another in the field of "UFOology". By some
accounts, the origin of the battle between the two men is the
woman who is now John Alexander's wife, Victoria, herself no
stranger to touch-free spoon bending and little green aliens.
Whether it was rivalry over a woman or that Azadehdel was
genuinely concerned that Alexander needed to be exposed as a US
government disinformation plant in the "UFO community" , the two
developed a bitter enmity.

The field of battle: The Freedom of Information Act. From 1990
through 1997, Azadehdel filed 52 FOIA requests (under the
pseudonym Armen Victorian) with Los Alamos National Laboratory
in New Mexico, where Alexander led the US government's "non-
lethal" weapons research effort.

Alexander strenuously fought them, seeking intervention from
DOD in Washington to prevent release of some records. Some
correspondence related to Alexander's resistance has been
released by DOE, other parts - some of which appear to be
genuine - can be found on the internet. The battle also
played out in articles - by both parties - on listservers
and in outlets such as Lobster Magazine and other
conspiracy and UFO theory media.

Unfortunately, the files on 46 of Azadehdel's FOIA requests
no longer exist courtesy of a National Nuclear Security
Administration paper shredder. A new Sunshine Project FOIA
rescued the remaining six from a similar fate.

The FOIA records include important historical information on the
US "non-lethal" weapons effort, led by Alexander at the time.
These include discussions about parlaying government
bioremediation research into a US biological weapons program to
develop microbes to attack infrastructure and military
materials. This illegal avenue of US "non-lethal" weapons
research has been previously demonstrated in other government
documents; but has never been acknowledged by the US government.

The records also include early ruminations (1993) by a Los
Alamos nuclear nonproliferation expert on preemptive war and,
citing interest from Paul Wolfowitz, the possiblity of using
"non-lethal" weapons in interventions intended to stop
proliferation. The nuclear guy, however, was no sucker for the
"non-lethal" monniker, noting that if the US used such weapons
in preemptive strikes that "The highest payoffs would probably
be prior to the engagement of major lethal force." Which is
precisely what NGOs have been saying, and the government has
been denying, for years: Military "non-lethal" weapons systems
are frequently for use as multipliers of lethal force, and not
for use saving any adversary or bystander's life.

The records also reveal the existence of three classified 1993
US Department of Energy studies on microbial (i.e. biological)
and chemical "non-lethal" weapons, for which the Sunshine
Project today requested Mandatory Declassification Review.

All of the materials are now available online, as follows:

1) The entire 523 page file provided by DOE. (Warning: Big,

2) Alexander, John B. Potential Non-Lethal Policy Issues, LANL
document number LA-UR-92-3773, 28 September 1992.

3) Anonymous. Non-Lethal Technology Overlap (marked: "Rough
Draft"), Los Alamos National Lab, c. 1992-1993. (Includes
"Biology" entry.)

4) Pilat, Joseph F. Responding to Proliferation: A Role for
Nonlethal Defenses?, LANL document number LA-UR-93-1506, 22
April 1993.

5) Bowden, J.A. Non-Lethal Defense Options for Future Conflict,
LANL document number LA-UR-93-3044, 20 August 1993.

6) Alexander, John B. A Proposal for Non-Lethal Force
Development, LANL document number LA-CP-94-0190, 22 August 1994.

7) Alexander, John B. Nonlethal Antimateriel Application of
Superacids and Other Very Aggressive Chemical Agents, LANL
document number LA-CP-94-0203, 19 September 2004, prepared
for NATO Agard Study AAS-40.

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