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SDI #438 - 20 Questions

From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 10:12:20 -0500
Fwd Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 12:38:40 -0400
Subject: SDI #438 - 20 Questions

SDI #438

20 Questions boldly addressed this iteration by Dave Furlotte,
Michael Woods, Kevin Randle, and Alfred Lehmberg,
_magnificently_ conducted by Errol Bruce-Knapp:

1. Why does "Bubba" hate the western hemisphere? Can Bill
O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, or Don Ecker provide an answer to same?

2. Why was the Army interested in what occurred at Kecksburg (a
reported UFO recovery site) as just one example of _similar_
incidents of extreme interest?

3. _Given_ vetted interactions with the functionalities of
nuclear missiles, documented lost men and equipment (_not_
including Mantel), and 60 plus years reflecting 6 categories of
quality ufological evidence pointing to the activity of same...
...how can government officials maintain the rubric that "UFOs
pose no threat to national security"?

4. Does officialdom infantilize lay citizenry with regard to
UFOs and the presence of the 'other'?

5. Where does Paul Kimball take aggregate Ufology via his "Best
Evidence," top-ten-cases-approach film documentary?

6. _Is_ salvation only 20 light-years away? Does a red dwarf sun
provide a food producing light?

7. Are our "intellectual poyne-dexters" doing the _heavy_
lifting or the _convenient_ lifting?

8. Will the stirring phrase "deflector shields at maximum"
someday be an actionable command?

9. How will a huge umbrella in space to counter global warming
further affect (sic) Chaos' butterfly wing?

10. Does Alfred Lehmberg lust for his _own_ Roswell "scratch
and win" ticket?

11. Were the Vikings misunderstood colorblind travelers,
merely, or were they just trying to grab something good for

12. What would compel Michael Woods to drink a can of 10w40
motor oil?

13. What annoys Kevin Randle about the UFO field?

14. What are the mechanics of dismissing Bessie Brazel's
(daughter of key Roswell principal) testimony regarding Roswell?

15. What is this worrisome phenomena of "vanishing debris"?

16. How has Ufology changed over the years? How has Ufology
changed Kevin Randle. How has Kevin Randle changed Ufology?

17. Why can't we all just get along? Who owns the ufological
"turf"? Where is ready cooperation? Whither that sensible
collegiality? What's happened to the remotest fellowship.

18. Where is the "applied scientific methodology" actually
applied? Has science had abundant opportunity for same and
_failed_ to step up to that particular plate?

19. With regard to official "shoot them down" orders and
plausible attempts to accomplish same, is Doctor Randle perhaps
flogging Occam a little too hard? Did Dr. Randle entertain an
"either/or" fallacy at the seventy minute mark?

20. Does Doctor Randle believe there is extra-terrestrial (bona
fide EBE) component to Roswell, or not? Did Dr. Randle do more
ufological fuse _lighting_ this visit or or ufological

Wow, to 20 plus Questions already and over 70 minutes remain!
Dr. Randle remained resplendently redoubtable and well rooted in
a redoubtable reality, and Lehmberg? Well, hang on if you feel
like soaring and cleaving or, like Lehmberg, remotely aspire to

Ufological sensibilities empowered are the listener's own!

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