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Horn Remembers Mystery On Road To McMinnville

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Subject: Horn Remembers Mystery On Road To McMinnville

Source: Raiders News Network


May 11th 2007

On Road To McMinnville, Horn Remembers Mystery

On Road to McMinnville, Horn Remembers MysteryDecades ago I
worked at Archway Cookie Factory in McMinnville, Oregon. I saw
lots of interesting things in those days--from the Mayor of
Portland "exposing" himself, to the eruption of Mt. St. Helens.
But it was the UFO that really caught my attention. Mine, my
wife, and hundreds of other people.

by Thomas Horn

May 10, 2007, Portland -- RaidersNewsNetwork.com -- In the mid
1970's my wife and I were crossing the Scholes Mountain on our
way to Aloha, Oregon to visit her mother, when suddenly a
brightly colored object moved erratically across the sky and
caught our attention.

At first, I thought it was reflection on the glass, maybe the
sun or something else creating an illusion.

As I continued watching from the corner of my eye, what appeared
to be a shiny, three dimensional form started doing things any
known aircraft certainly could not do: shooting around at a
phenomenal rate of speed, abruptly stopping, rocketing this way,
then that, all with hard angle turns.

I looked at my wife and pointed. "Do you see that? What is
that?" I asked.

It was the middle of the day, yet she had seen it too. Whatever
it was shone bright enough that both of us had no problem
keeping it in view until I could stop the car.

Pulling to the shoulder, we got out and observed the phenomenon
for several more seconds before "it" abruptly shot away, out of
our sight and at an incredible rate of speed.

"What the heck did we just see?" I repeated.

Like me, Nita didn't have a clue. Spooky space effect in broad
daylight? Top secret experiment? Angel!? Demon!? No idea.

We contemplated not telling anybody what had happened, but by
the next morning the Statesman Journal, Salem, Oregon's top
newspaper had featured an article about hundreds of people
across Washington and Oregon having seen a "UFO." With no
empirical evidence or captured aliens to prove our sighting was
real, the story quickly dissipated into another UFO "unknown".

For some of these Oregonians, this probably felt like old news.
UFOs had been passing this way since American businessman
Kenneth Arnold witnessed nine of the elliptical-shaped objects
moving over Mount Rainier in Washington, June 24, 1947.

On one occasion one of "them" may have actually stopped long
enough to pose for a picture.

I'm talking about the Trent UFO case, the one the Oregonian
reminded everybody about this week when they pointed back to
their June 10, 1950 edition, which had carried a story about
poor Evelyn Trent.

There she was, just minding her business and feeding the rabbits
on the farm, when suddenly an object appeared overhead. When she
yelled for her husband Paul, he "came-a-runnin'" with his Kodak
Roamer camera in hand.

Paul was able to get two photographs of the large, metallic-disc
hovering silently northeast of the farm just before sunset.

A few days later a bank hung the photos in their window, where
they were seen by a local reporter. The paper published the
photos, which were soon picked up by wire services worldwide and
then by Life Magazine on June 26, 1950.

During 1967-1968, while funding an investigation of UFOs at the
University of Colorado (the Condon Report) for the US Air Force,
photoanalyst William Hartmann studied the Trent pictures and
concluded they were "...one of the few UFO reports in which all
factors investigated, geometric, psychological and physical
appear to be consistent with the assertion that an extraordinary
flying object flew within sight of two witnesses."

The National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena went
on to study the photos, eventually listing them as "...one of
the top cases demonstrating very strong evidence for the
existence for unknown structured objects in our atmosphere."

The Air Force couldn't find a better explanation. Neither could
the University of Colorado, and researchers afterward concluded
that the Trent sighting and its physical evidence was one of the
best records ever made for a true UFO event. The story was
placed on the Top Ten Best Evidence List and has remained there
for the last 40 years.

Some time back, indie filmmaker Terry Halstead persuaded the
Trents to be interviewed for his short film "The Trent Case
Documentary". As the victim of a stroke, Paul Trent had
difficulty speaking, and soon afterward both he and his wife
Evelyn passed away. In 2000, the 50th anniversary of the Trent
sighting, McMenamins began hosting a UFO fest in memory of the
Trents and their experience.

This year, the McMinnville UFO days is happening on Friday, May
18 and Saturday, May 19. Dr. David Jacobs is Keynote Speaker.
Dr. Jacobs is the director of the International Center for
Abduction Research (ICAR), associate professor of history at
Temple University in Philadelphia and UFO researcher for nearly
40 years. Guest speakers Peter Robbins, UFO researcher and best-
selling author, and Peter Davenport, director of the National
UFO Reporting Center, will round out the Panel Q&A on Saturday

The McMinnville UFO festival has grown to become second only to
the July 4th weekend activities at Roswell, NM. That's where
I'll be this year, as the good folks at Roswell have invited me
to give a 1.5 hour lecture on the subject "Nephilim Stargates:
The Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers." After my
experience with the UFO infested skies above Oregon three
decades ago, you can bet I'll have my eyes fixed above
Roswell... and my Kodak Roamer camera in hand for whatever shows

[Thanks to Thomas Horn for the lead]

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