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SDI #439 -- 20 Questions!

From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 14:01:50 -0500
Fwd Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 14:21:36 -0400
Subject: SDI #439 -- 20 Questions!

SDI #439 -- 20 Questions

20 Questions perplexingly addressed by Dave Furlotte, Stuart
Miller, and Wendy Connors as washed and combed by Errol Bruce-

1. What manner of contribution does 70,000 posts to UFO UpDates
_mean_, given it seems to reflect a looming concrescence along
with _other_ social mechanisms of our time. Is it a history? Is
it a cogent commentary? Is it a running tally? Is it a written
documentary? Is it a ufological treasure trove of its own?

2. Does Paul Kimball's Best Evidence reflect a new ufological
credibility? Is the American Air Force a bastion of idiocy,
incompetence, and _banal_ ineptitude. Is the UFO conundrum a
real occurrence happening in real time in a real world?

3. Should Bruce Macabbee be forgiven over his misidentification
of the Carp/Guardian Case as a legitimate UFO landing film?

4. Culturally, Philosophically, Militarily, and Governmentally,
is the United States of America in danger of strangling on its
own snot bubble? Has the aggregate _lay_ intelligence of same
been impinged upon by these relatively closed institutions in an
unacceptable manner?

5. Are there immensely proportioned but crash-landed star-craft
on our moon? How can the far side of the moon be considered the
'dark' side, still? What happened to the live-feed from NASA
regarding its media? Does NASA hide, fudge, and lie about _data_
or function in any kind of cover-up regarding same?

6. Why is David Clarke (British ufological non-enthusiast)
reviled by the Ministry of Great Britain? Is there a resurgence
of ufological turf war 'twixt Mulderian Nick Pope and Contrarian
David Clarke?

7. Why is the contested release of GB UFO Files (BMOD), now, so
_damned_ peculiar? Given the testimony of highly placed
institutional officials, how can the British deny a more
thorough investigation of UFOs than is reported or stingily
released in a reported flood of FOIA requests?

8. Has Nick Pope written the best paper on British ufology,
ever? Like Paul Kimball in his last film by more than one
report, has Pope uncovered incontrovertible evidence of high
strangeness even if proof itself remains elusive and ethereal?

9. Even if the government _is_ as clueless with regard to UFOs
as is lay humanity, are they in a much more _lucrative_ position
to provide for open investigation? Could the details of said
investigation tend to _invalidate_ the authority supporting
these better positioned investigators, provoking then that
reluctance to "investigate," at all? Is what has been pulled out
(gun-camera footage, alien objects, conclusive evidence etc.)
locked away out of sight with a too restrictive need to know.

10. How could anyone not want to come on the SDI program? How is
it Errol can speak with no apology? How does Errol serve

11. How does Bernard Newman (author of The Flying Saucer a
strangely prescient 1948 UFO book) illuminate the ufological
landscape and provide a validation for Roswell.

12. Was NASA warned off the moon by ET?

13. Is Paul Kimball "a ufologist totally into ufology, love him
or hate him, wish him blessings or ill"?

14. What was Air Force Regulation 200-2, and if UFOs are no
threat to national security why is an Air Force Regulation
required in their regard?

15. Did the Air Force have secret relationships with select UFO

16. What occurred in Los Angeles, California on February 23,
1942 involving a military engagement of an unidentified flying
object hovering silently, for hours, over the blacked out and
terrified city. What _was_ "The Battle of Los Angeles"?

17. Why did Betty Cash and Vicky Landrum think the end of the
world was at hand in 1981?

18. Did Betty Cash die as a result of radiation received during
their sighting of a UFO?

19. Did early ufologist Dr. Ivan P. Sanderson spy on ufology for
American spy agencies?

20. Was the Air Force once _convinced_ of an ET component to
sighted UFOs?

"Treasure dreams, for when dreams fly, life's enchantment's
realized." - Alfred Lehmberg

Ufological sensibilities empowered are the listener's own!


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