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SDI #440 - 20 Questions

From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 07:16:57 -0500
Fwd Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 11:04:10 -0400
Subject: SDI #440 - 20 Questions

SDI #440

20 Questions respectfully addressed by Dave Furlotte, Paul
Kimball, and Alfred Lehmberg, hull caulked, sealed, or made
generally ship-shape by Errol Bruce-Knapp:

Note: More _questions_ when it is answers which are preferred?

Consider. Answers restrict themselves to the questions provoking
them, folks. If one wants the most useful and productive answer
available one must first ask the _correct_ question.

I should think that this makes _questions_ more _important_ than
answers by an order of cosmic magnitude. This will be true, I
suspect, even when the answers are not forthcoming -  as they
often are _not_  as it is the questions which have _always_ been
enough, friends, to buoy an invested intellectuality until that
answer _is_ forthcoming. Reach must exceed grasp or what's a
heaven for, eh?

Besides, what does that boon answer _do_, actually, but provoke
the next appropriate question! Verily, the bigger we build the
fire the more shadows _are_ revealed! This is a benefit of
subscribing to Strange Days... Indeed folks. Shadows are
regularly revealed.

It's too bad, really, that many times these shadows are revealed
finally, only as 'revealed shadows'. Still, at least they might
be the shadow of a puzzle piece and valuable for even that. We
sail on.

More benefit? There are fewer and fewer programmed activities
available willing to ask those buoying questions to which I
allude and provoking the answers thought desired. Conversely,
there is an abundance in programmed activity willing to continue
to ask the less than productive questions, those of a singular
serial insentience, as described by Dave Furlotte this week,

Its the _rare_ flower should get a little water, eh? Good is
interred with bones, no? Evil lives on and on, right? We begin:

1. Was a "quarter mile reached" or 440 volts of power incited?

2. Stars, Sputniks and Suffering Zots! [choke!] The Alien
Autopsy was a hoax?!? [Swoon!]

3. What do Billy Meier, Rich Presley, Kal K. Korff, Alfred
Webre, Steven Greer, Billy Jean King, Sergio Mendez, ACC, and
Brazil 66 have in common?

4. With regard to Roswell in 1947, would you rather walk to work
or carry your lunch?

5. What compelled Dave Furlotte to remove his socks?

6. Is that same question asked and _abundantly_ answered... but
than asked again a different way... a _real_ question, or is it
possibly a manipulative foil to facilitate an un-admitted and so
errant agenda?

7. How can the ranking and combat tested intelligence officer
concerned with the security of the world's only atomic bomb be a
credulous fool?

8. Why did the top-kick officer in charge at Roswell issue
orders for a press release outlining a captured UFO in Army
possession... as a practical joke or a senseless ruse to keep
the press away from a genuine flying saucer issue?

9. How much shame is required for becoming known as a "UFO

10. How does a card-carrying rational person come to make a
serious documentary film about UFOs?

11. How does an "officialdom" continue to degrade the
intellectual qualities of its most qualified employees while
expecting the rest of us to maintain the required confidence
with that same officialdom?

12. Can one be expected to know the difference between a
reasonable examination of the facts on the one hand and an
uninformed, deliberately canted, and out and out hatchet-job, on
the other?

13. Is it "OK" to be as entertaining as one can be if one is
informing at the same time?

14. What is _really_ important about Kimball's top ten approach
to UFOs?

15. Why are some (most) UFO Experts "Sub Rosa"?


16. How much history does the "UFO" _really_ have?

17. How decidedly weird _is_ Rendlesham Forest? What happened to
the "missing footage"? Who flight-trains in hard to see unmarked
and unlighted helicopters?

18. What is a "Linda Moulten Howe moment"?

19. Is "one" enough?

20. Why is Dr. Seth Shostak (SETI) ufologically _irrelevant_?
Does he help science, and is he being scientific?

Whew! 37 minutes 44 seconds _remain_ regaling much ufological
merriment and informational bonhomie with the substantive (if
_shy_ and _understated_) Paul Kimball... rocking to his
continuing roll... then I explore our program's 'tuck' and roll,
plus the potentialities of a reasoned detente as regards issues
shared... Sorry, Don... if I went a little opaque there for you.

Ufological sensibilities empowered are the listener's own!
Subscribe like the hounds of a klasskurtxian hell are panting at
worried heels! Grab the tail of the Phoenix... reader! Soar,
cleave, and read on!


AVG Blog -- http://alienviewgroup.blogspot.com/
U F O M a g a z i n e -- www.ufomag.com

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