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Re: Nuking The Aliens

From: Brad Sparks <RB47x.nul>
Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2007 09:02:40 EDT
Archived: Sat, 03 Nov 2007 09:50:02 -0400
Subject: Re: Nuking The Aliens

>From: Nick Balaskas <Nikolaos.nul>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2007 13:51:46 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
>Subject: Re: Nuking The Aliens

>>From: Brad Sparks <RB47x.nul>
>>To: ufoupdates.nul
>>Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2007 10:28:58 EDT
>>Subject: Re: Nuking The Aliens

>>>From: Jay Nelson <jnelson.nul>
>>>Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2007 12:55:15 -0700
>>>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates.nul>
>>>Subject: Nuking The Aliens


>>>Last night there was a British science show, Horizon, on PBS
>>>about the causes of gamma ray bursts. Apparently, these strange
>>>explosions were first detected by a US satellite that was - get
>>>this - looking for evidence the Soviets were testing their H-
>>>bombs by blowing them up on the farside of the Moon.

>>That doesn't sound correct.

>>>Now, how absurd is that? Test your bombs by shooting them at
>>>someplace you can't directly observe, don't control, and a risky
>>>quarter of a million miles away???

>>>I'm reminded of the story in the Disclosure book about how we
>>>fired a 100 megaton monster at the Moon at one point supposedly
>>>to show just how bad we were, and that the aliens disarmed it.

>>Nonsense. No such thing ever happened. No 100 MT bomb was ever
>>built let alone launched into a lunar trajectory.

>>>Could we have been actually shooting missiles at the aliens? Or
>>>is that even more absurd?

>>How about checking your sources?

>Hi Brad,

>For someone who I thought would be better informed on such
>matters, I was surprised by your response to Jay that is more
>appropriate for a debunker who does research by proclamation.

>I think it is YOU that should check your sources.

I am not the one who made the undocumented and spurious, as well
as ridiculous claim, about the purported "firing of a 100
megaton monster at the Moon." Those who assert such rabid
nonsense have the obligation to document the claim, not me to
refute it.

>Below is one item mentioned on the UFO UpDates List in support
>of Jay's claims that you may have overlooked.


You have enough technical background to know that (a) the
article repeatedly states that no such nuclear weapon was ever
built and fired at the Moon - exactly what I said and what you
now dispute without a shred of credible evidence. And (b) there
is no mention of any "100 megaton monster" H-bomb, only
something in the "Hiroshima" range (15 kiloton yield versus
100,000 kilotons is what 100 megatons converts to

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