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O'Hare UFO's First Anniversary

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Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2007 10:47:59 -0500
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Subject: O'Hare UFO's First Anniversary

Source: Hugh Phillips' TheHeavyStuff.Com - Marietta, Georgia, USA


Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

The O'Hare UFO Incident - One Year Later

The last time The Heavy Stuff wrote about UFOs was at the 200
day anniversary of the incident at O'Hare Airport on Nov. 7th of
2006 - The Heavy Stuff called it 'O'Hare, 200 days and Fading'.
And now, one day from the year anniversary of the 'non-event' -
it seems a fitting time for a review of the 'affair'.

I say the words 'non-event' for a reason - because basically,
that was the conclusion of the FAA about the incident. According
to the FAA's denial one could say that a 'non-circular,
non-gray, non-solid object with non-space was seen in a
non-location above a gate of the airport - hovering below the
solid cloudbank - and - that the non-object occupied real
reality until it shot up and the non-object poked a hole in the
clouds'. You see, the FAA has denied that an object was seen or
that an object poked a hole in the clouds - the event - simply -
didn't occur.

OR, you could believe the witnesses. Here' a link with a video
to one of the NOW FAMOUS situations that arose when the FAA
denied the existence of the event at all:


yes, this is _one_ of the occasions within _this_year_ that CNN
interviewed these witnesses (workers at the airport)
_in_silouette_. Darkened, without showing their faces.

The Heavy Stuff asks you - in this world of supposed extreme
terror and unbalance on nearly every level - have you seen
_anyone_ else interviewed in silhouette this year? Even once? The
answer is _no_. _Only_ this raises to the level of witness

The lesson is this - folks who blow the cover of the government
on UFO's can expect the need for witness protection. And, in
this case why not. An object hovered in sight, in restricted
airspace, over one of the busiest airports in the country. The
obvious answer being one of two very unpleasant choices for the
media to speculate about - either an advanced non human race or
object was _here_ - or - a group of humans here on Earth has
access to technology our government doesn't admit to having.

_No_ wonder that the media felt the witnesses needed protection -
either of the outcomes outlined above - which, if enunciated by
the media in detail - would change the world perspective about
'who's in control'. But, alas, we all didn't have to worry at
all. Instead, The O'Hare UFO Incident will go down as the new
textbook way the government will deal with these 'obvious'
incidents. The answer; deny the event happened. End of story.

One can hope that perhaps tomorrow, on the anniversary, that the
rumored video of the event will surface and shut up the
naysayers. But, The Heavy Stuff doubts it. More likely there
will be _no_ coverage by the media, even CNN (after all, Britney
may be flashing her panties again and that is indeed news to be
covered). More likely, the paranormal talk shows and websites
will be alone in their 'coverage'.

Finally, earlier this year THS (The Heavy Stuff) speculated that
it would take another 'obvious' UFO event before the media
ventured into the arena again. Indeed, THS, speculates that
_only_ a _live_ UFO event will force a change in the government
nay-saying position. THS has speculated that a UFO hovering over
a NASCAR event or anywhere long enough to be on live national
news is the only chance for an honest answer from the government
about UFOs.

The question - would the news-producer who decided to put the
coverage on live be provided witness protection?

Listen to 'Strange Days... Indeed' - The PodCast



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