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Mysterious Sky - Soviet UFO Pheomenon

From: Kathy Kasten <catraja.nul>
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2007 01:00:49 +0000
Archived: Fri, 09 Nov 2007 08:45:05 -0500
Subject: Mysterious Sky - Soviet UFO Pheomenon

Mysterious Sky, Soviet Ufo Phenomenon
Book Review
By Kathy Kasten

Mysterious Sky, Soviet UFO Phenomenon
by Philip Mantle and Paul Stonehill
Published by PublishAmerica, Baltimore
ISBN: 1-4241-05498

There are many people interested in the UFO phenomena who have
never had access to Soviet case reports. The authors of this
book attempt to close the gap in Western knowledge of the
extensive collection of Soviet case reports. Along with those
reports, the reader is introduced to the personalities - past
and present - involved in the research (whether official or

The book is divided into chapters discussing the phenomena by
regional sections of the Soviet Union. I had wished that I had a
detailed map of the Soviet Union hanging next to me as I read
the book. Not only are famous, infamous and rare cases provided,
but a short history of the region gives the reports what could
be called a Russian flavor. The authors include - where
appropriate - the name of the tribe that settled the region and
their folklore. Much of the folklore involves strange lights,
strange creatures and just plain strange phenomena. The text is
spiced with Russian words. One of my favorites was the term
"taiga". At one point the word is used to describe the area of
the Tunguska explosion. Taiga implies a tangled, almost
impenetrable undergrowth of trees and brush. Sometimes the area
contains a watery marsh area.

The chapter I found the most interesting involved CIA documents.
The authors provide some of the CIA documents that were
evaluated by that agency trying to determine whether the Soviets
were the source of "flying disks". There was well founded
concern because the Soviets, after World War II, had marched
triumphantly into Prague and Breslau. The Soviets had
immediately seized the German engineering archives containing
the plans of successfully flown "flying saucers". Along with the
plans, the Soviets captured German engineering personnel.
Everything was transferred under heavy guard back to the Soviet
Union. Another coupe for the Soviets was the Berlin designer of
the Stuka JU-87 dive bomber defected after the war. The designer
later developed the MIG13 and 15 aircraft for the Soviet Union.
The outcome of the Americanís CIA analysis turned out to
circular as many of the confiscated Soviet documents showed the
Russians wondering whether the Western Alliance was a source of
the UFO phenomena.

The book is dense with information. The authors attempted to
cram as much information as possible into their book. If I were
start listing much more of the information they cover, I would
not do it justice. For example, they have put forth some
interesting ideas as to why UFOs are attached to specific
places. In their chapter called Strange Places and Anomalous
Zones, after briefly describing an area called Monchegorsk and
the report of a geological expedition searching for the cause of
an anomalous effect, the authors report that the expedition
discovered a group of facilities. Secret
facilities. The authors state:

"The ecology of the areas was polluted to such an extent, that
geological reports were classified until the 1990s."

The authors then ask a couple of questions:

"Could it be that UFOs are attracted to the areas of most
dangerous pollution: Chernobyl, Monchegorsk, and nuclear power
plants? Or do such facilities produce phenomena that become
labeled as UFOs?"

They end this section of anomalous zones by stating that the
former USSR has more anomalous zones than any other country in
the world. However: "It is quite probably that modern day
experiments have caused ecological disasters in such areas but
this excuse cannot of course be used for all such anomalous
episodes reported down the centuries. It is quite clear that in
such zones we not only have reports of UFOs, but of reports of
missing time, phantom people and places, and even reports of
creatures thought to be long extinct."

If there have been American/Western researchers writing about
ecological disasters as a possible source or cause of UFO
phenomena, I am not aware of it. It is my opinion that this book
opens discussions of the phenomena in new directions. This
opinion is reinforced by the same suggestion made by the authors
throughout their book. It is their reason for writing Mysterious
Sky. To encourage the reader to pursue further research into
some of the really intriguing cases they put forward.
Especially, towards eliminating the role of Soviet secret
research facilities, secret towns and secret military bases play
in the phenomena. Thereby, shining a light on possible
extraterrestrial source of the phenomena.

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