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Australian Hotline Follow-Ups May - Sept 2007

From: Robert Frola <auforn.nul>
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 08:01:19 +1000
Archived: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 08:16:50 -0500
Subject: Australian Hotline Follow-Ups May - Sept 2007

Date of sighting: July 1992
Time of sighting: Midnight
Location: Lake Crescent, TAS

Two witnesses were shooting near the lake when they noticed a
large ball of light. The light was estimated as 6m wide and
hovering some 10m above the lake. They proceeded towards the
light over the next 15 minutes and also noted the usually
abundant night life was absent.

They tried to shine their spotlight on the object but the
spotlight failed to work. Eventually the light rose vertically
and quickly disappeared into the night sky. They returned to
their shack and found the spotlight now worked. The following
morning they both noted that their watches were 45 minutes slow.

Investigator: Keith Robert TUFOIC.

Hotline callin Code: #6129 & #6130
Date reported: 25/05/07
Date of sighting: (?)
Time of sighting:
Caller: Leo
State: NSW
No Objects: 1
No witnesses: 1

This caller rang to say that his father had taken a picture of
an alleged UFO and that he wanted to sell his pictures to the
media did we know how best to do this? Were we interested in
buying it ourselves?

The caller rang to say that he would also be in this neck of the
woods in the not too distant future and would be happy to supply
camera, image an all so long as someone was willing to pay! I m
not interested and I did not know of anyone who would be!

Investigator: Dominic McNamara AUFORN NSW

Hotline callin Code: #6208
Date reported: 26/07/07
Date of sighting: June 2007
Time of sighting: Approx 5pm
Caller: Damien K
Location: Toukley, Central Coast
State: NSW
No Objects: 1
No witnesses: 1

This gentleman called to tell us about a UFO he saw and
subsequently read about in an article published in the local
paper relating the story of a UFO sighting by another gentleman
at Terrigal.

His sighting took place sometime in June, in the afternoon at
approximately 5 pm. It was seen from a position underneath the
Toukley Bridge near the foreshore. The object was white in
color, 5 times the size of a bright star, just sitting there. It
was still hovering there when he left 5 minutes later.

The local paper reported the same circumstances from a different
perspective at Terrigal.

Investigator: Larraine Cilia AUFORN NSW

Hotline callin Code: #6211
Date reported: 26/07/07
Date of sighting: June 2007
Time of sighting: 10:30pm
Caller: Leah
Location: Berkeley Vale, Central Coast
State: NSW
No Objects: 1
No witnesses: 1

Leah was outside getting into her car, when she noticed what she
first described as something coming down from the sky . After
questioning her she then went on to describe an object, which
came from the East over the water as a ball of light entering
the atmosphere. It came down on an angle, stopped still and then
went straight back up. All of this happened so quickly that even
though she called out to others, nobody else saw it and none
believed her story. She said it was orange in colour and made no
sound even though it was as big an object as Venus in the sky.

Investigator: Larraine Cilia AUFORN NSW

Hotline callin Code: #6180
Date reported:04/07/07
Date of sighting: 10/06/07
Time of sighting: 6:20pm
Caller: Barry
Location: Gosford
State: NSW
No Objects: 1
No witnesses: 1

A little after 6 pm, Barry had stepped out into his Gosford back
yard on or about the 10th June 2007, to look at the sky
something he often does. He looked up into a clear sky and was
able to catch sight of something he does not always get a chance
to see a satellite. As he watched the satellite slowly slip
across the sky, he saw that it was about to cross an area below
a pair of stars in the background.

As the satellite passed by, one of these so called stars dropped
down and took a sharp left and tracked the satellite!

Although the original object was indeed a satellite as best as
can be made out with the unaided eye, the second was obviously
not a star!

From then on, Barry lost sight of the pair after only 5 or 6

Investigator: Dominic McNamara AUFORN NSW

Hotline callin Code: #6176
Date reported: 29/06/07
Date of sighting: 29/06/07
Time of sighting: 8.00am
Caller: William
Location: Parramatta
State: NSW
No Objects: 1
No witnesses: 1

William rang to say that he had seen something very strange
whilst driving along the Great Western Highway one morning on
his way to work. On 29th of June, at around 8 O clock in the
morning, William was headed East toward Parramatta, when he
observed a single object he thought must have been a balloon.
But when he observed it at a closer distance, he discovered that
it was a spinning object. When queried as to the object s shape,
William described it as definitely disk shaped and spinning but
on it s edge, not roundabout .

I took a great length of time to be sure that what William was
describing was in fact akin to spinning a coin on edge on a

William described the object as silent against the background
traffic, shiny and definitely not drifting with the winds as the
object first moved from North to South and then went back the
other way.

After losing sight of it in the traffic, William spotted it from
his work car park but no one was able to see it again before it
had seemingly vanished.

Investigator: Dominic McNamara AUFORN NSW

Hotline callin Code: #6190
Date reported: 11/07/07
Date of sighting: 11/07/07
Time of sighting:
Caller: no name left
Location: Sydney
State: NSW
No Objects: 1
No witnesses: 1

This lady called to report a bright light in the evening sky,
which apparently, repeatedly came back each night in the same
place! It became obvious that this lady was looking at Venus.

Investigator: Larraine Cilia AUFORN NSW

Hotline callin Code: #6200 WA
Date reported: 18.07.07
Caller: Sandra R
Location: Perth
State: WA

The above sighting was two lights changed and split into 4, as
they darted all round the sky, like they were playing chase, at
7.30pm not searchlights.

She has had other sightings 6-7 years ago, made her hair stand on
end. Also 2 years ago with a friend at Scarborough/Observation city
Cigar shaped object. Large as big as a 747.

Investigator: Andy Dillan

Hotline callin Code: #6202 WA
Date reported: 20.07.07
Caller: Excelsia
Location: Highgate, Perth
State: WA

Heading to the Northern suburbs had fallen asleep on the bus,
when awoke saw 2 different craft, one classic Adamski saucer...
hovering, it was a mile away and an mile high estimates.

Investigator: Andy Dillan

Hotline callin Code: #6155
Date reported: 12/08/07
Date of sighting: 12/08/07
Time of sighting: 9:30pm
Caller: Joe
Location: West Hoxton, Sydney
State: NSW
No Objects: 1?
No witnesses: 4

A resident of West Hoxton called to say that he and three others
had observed a small grouping of lights out on the N, NW horizon
on the 12th of August 2007. Although he does not hold much
belief in the idea of other worldly objects in the sky, he had
never seen anything so strange before and felt it necessary to
call someone and report the incident.

He went on to describe a group of 5 lights coupled closely
together which uniformly went out and turned on again twice in
succession before going out for good. During that time, he had
called out his partner and another couple who were visiting to
observe and confirm what it was he was seeing. None of them had
ever seen anything quite like it. The object(s) made no sound in
the still night. They did not seem to be moving in any direction
and were emitting their own light.

The entire sighting lasted some 5 minutes or more and the
object(s) did not return

Investigator: Dominic McNamara AUFORN NSW

Date of sighting: 20.08.07
Time of sighting: 7.40pm
Location: George Town, TAS

The witness noticed a bright star like light in the western sky.
It looked to accelerate until passing high overhead when it
seemed to slow down before changing course towards the south-
east. Once again the light picked up speed and disappeared
towards the horizon. No satellites were listed at the time plus
anything to the south-east would have been in the earth s
shadow. NL

Investigator: Keith Robert TUFOIC.

Hotline callin Code: #6275
Date reported: 22/08/07
Date of sighting: 26/12/06
Time of sighting: 4pm
Caller: Frank
Location: Prestons, Sydney
State: NSW
No Objects: 1
No witnesses: 2

The witnesses involved in this case were a mother and son. They
were in the family car on Boxing Day 200 when the pair of them
caught sight of a strange, large grey object in the distance.
Because they were driving in fringe suburbs, they experienced
both clear and interrupted views of the low horizon.

After the car slowed to a stop, the boy reached for his new
Christmas present a 5-mega-pixel camera. The boy took two shots
of the object through the front windscreen of the car. Looking
at the data size and low clarity of the images, it seems clear
that the camera was digitally zoomed.

Having present knowledge of the reference points in the image
and a familiarity with the streets, we were able to reproduce
the angles shown by the images in order to get a better feel for
the surrounding area and to help rule out down to earth, prosaic
explanations. The area of the sky they were looking at is
overlooking the Hoxton Park airfield and although the image does
not appear to match anything conventional, on the day I surveyed
the area, no less than 4 helicopters rose from beyond the tree
line and circled the area.

The image seemed inexplicable, especially when the witness
testimony was taken into account. According to both, the object
appeared to hover up and down rapidly. Although the pair lost
sight momentarily when they had to turn the car at a T junction,
when they regained sight of it, the sighting did not last long
before the object just simply did not reappear the next time the
same part of the sky was in view.

According to the description, the object was metallic and
appeared to be a great distance from them - as far a 1km away
and therefore must have, in their opinion, been huge .

Investigators: Larraine Cilia & Dominic McNamara AUFORN NSW

Date of sighting: 30.08.07
Time of sighting: 8.30pm
Location: New Norfolk, Lyell Hwy. TAS

The witness was travelling home to New Norfolk and was still
several km east of the town when something lit up the car s
dashboard. Visible in the interior and exterior mirrors was a
large round white light. The light looked to be just above the
boot of the car and some distance above the highway. Almost at
once the car pulled away to the left of the road, the witness
could not seem to steer the car. However, the car seemed to
right itself and the witness continued on at a reduced speed.
Only a short distance later the car seemed to zigzag across the
road with the tyres screeching. Again the witness says she could
not control the car which after a short distance resumed a
straight path. The light had now disappeared but the witness was
not sure when it departed. On arriving home her husband checked
out the 1 year old car but found nothing wrong, it has operated
without a problem since the incident on August 30th. CE2

Investigator: Keith Robert TUFOIC.

Hotline callin Code: #(?)
Posted on the 05-09-07

The caller is someone who wanted to refer a witness in order to
get a statement to us about a sighting they claimed from years
ago. When I suggested that the witness should be able to contact
us herself, he replied that he would be happy to refer her but
that it may take a little while. The reason he gave was that she
was a singer and had released a song that she claimed was based
on the experience.

Having heard of this release myself from a couple of months
earlier, I carefully arranged that there would be no media
intent and that we were not interested in divulging information
other than the essential facts of the case in which her
anonymity, should she wish to preserve it, could be assured.

The caller arranged a meeting time or two with the witness and
was eventually able to discuss the exactness of her claimed
experience, only to discover that it was not true and that the
whole thing was simply embellished for the sake of publicity.
This was something that seemed to shock the caller as being out
of character for the supposed witness involved, but did not
surprise any of us.

For the sake of the caller, I am thankful. We might never have
known if not for his having taken the task. In fact, he was so
annoyed he left her a message I m sure many would like to know
about! As for the claimant, I still like the words and music and
still hear what I know is true for so many.

For most, the claimant had not done anything wrong until she
claimed something that was not true. After all, she had managed
to take something that has happened to very few people and
convey it to the masses something we strive to achieve. Many
would have readily identified with the content. But instead of
admitting to artistic licence on a topic other than the theme of
relationships, the claimant hoaxed it something that hurts
serious research a thousand fold.

Investigators: Larraine Cilia & Dominic McNamara AUFORN NSW

Hotline callin Code: #6312
Date reported: 17/09/07
Date of sighting: ca.1997
Caller: Alister
Place: QLD

Spoke to Alister, has had an experience with some grey looking
beings, this is not an abduction case, he moved into this house
approx 10 years ago. This event had happened when he moved into
the house, believes a girl lived in the house prior and they
were there to contact her. This event happed 7 times in a row.
Its happening in a particular room in the house only. It was 2
grey like beings, not in full form, like ghost images of them
but clear, transparent like as in astral projection. This event
took place at the same time every night for 7 nights. Alister
tried talking to them but communication was not working that
way. He knew there was some form of communication happening

He would like to talk to someone who has experience in this
field, he is looking to do some form of hypnotic regression to
find out more about what happened. Wants to know if he can find
out what form of communication was said during a hypnosis

He has taken this very seriously and says he is not crazy. Other
people he has tried to talk to didn t take him serious, he was
not too happy about that.

Investigator: Daniel Sims AUFORN QLD

Hotline callin Code: #6319 TAS
Date reported: 20.09.07
Date of sighting: 02.09.07
Time of sighting: 11pm
Caller: Robert W
Location: Claremont, Hobart
State: TAS

The witness was travelling north through thesuburb of Claremont.
A bright yellow/orange light was seen moving from west to east
across the road ahead, gaining elevation at the same time. It
continued its movement away to the east going higher in the sky
until out of sight. In all probability yet another 'hoax

Investigator: Keith Roberts... TUFOIC

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