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Transcript Anderson Cooper On DC Press Conference

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Subject: Transcript Anderson Cooper On DC Press Conference

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Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees

Democratic Presidential Race Heats Up; Are We Alone?; Mother of
Kanye West Dies

Aired November 12, 2007 - 22:00   ET

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form and may be updated.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: We're going to report a lot about
Kanye West's mom, about how she died, and about some of the
hidden dangers of some of the kinds of surgery that she may have

Larry, we have been waiting for race for president to warm up,
and now it has. Barack Obama, closing the gap, finally catches
fire in a rock-star performance the country is talking about. It
happened this weekend. We will tell you about it tonight.

And Hillary Clinton says, hey, turn up the heat. The question
tonight, will either of them turn heat into votes?

Also tonight, as I said, we're digging deeper into the death of
Donda West, Kanye West's mother, after surgery, apparently
cosmetic surgery, here in Los Angeles. We're going to look at
the kinds of procedures that millions of Americans undergo and
what can go wrong with those procedures and what you need to
know before going under the knife.

Also tonight, with new calls for the government to get involved,
a 360 investigation into the possibility we're not alone. You
will hear researchers, astronauts, even a former president of
the United States, talk about what they saw, and hear from the
UFO skeptics, too - all the angles tonight.


COOPER: Well, in the latest Democratic debate, presidential
candidate Dennis Kucinich said he had seen one. So has Jimmy
Carter. So did a pilot who traveled from Iran to Washington so
he could speak out today about his encounter with a UFO.

Now, unidentified flying object means just that, unidentified.
It says nothing about what or from where. But, for years now,
polling has shown that a majority of Americans believe the
government, our government, simply isn't telling all it knows
about those lights in the sky, whatever they are.

Well, tonight, CNN's Gary Tuchman investigates.


flew on Air France from Nice to London on January 28, 1994, your
captain says he saw a UFO 1,000 feet long just outside your

a huge flying disk.

TUCHMAN: The now retired pilot is one of 14 men, mainly former
government and military officials, from seven different
countries talking about their UFO experiences.

DUBOC: It disappeared in about 10 to 20 seconds.

TUCHMAN: This conference took place in Washington, and the cast
of characters was almost strangely, well, conventional. One of
the believers, former Governor of Arizona Fife Symington.

defied logic and challenged my reality.

TUCHMAN: During a visit to Phoenix, Symington described to me
what he saw.

SYMINGTON: If you - if you had been here 10 years ago, and
standing up out here and looking up there at the lights and the
view, you would have been astounded. You would have been amazed.

TUCHMAN: The so-called Phoenix lights were seen by many people
in 1997. Skeptics say they were military aircraft or flares, but
not the former governor.

SYMINGTON: It was probably some sort of an alien spacecraft.

TUCHMAN: Lots of agreement on this panel - this retired Iranian
air force pilot said he saw a UFO while flying.

similar to a star, but bigger and brighter.

TUCHMAN: General Parviz Jafari says he tried to fire a missile,
but much of his plane became inoperative.

JAFARI: All the instrument was fluctuating. The radio had
garbled. Even, I couldn't have communication with my pilot in my
back seat, who was operating the radar.

TUCHMAN (on camera): So, your - so, none of your equipment
worked. Your missiles didn't work. Do you think it's because
this was an alien from another world?

JAFARI: Oh, yes. Yes.

TUCHMAN: You're sure of that?

JAFARI: Yes, I'm sure.

TUCHMAN (voice-over): This retired U.S. Air Force sergeant
stationed in England said he walked up to a UFO that landed in a

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It maneuvered through the trees and shot off
at an unbelievable rate of speed.

TUCHMAN: A man running for president just said he saw a UFO.

the rest of the account - it was an unidentified flying object.

TUCHMAN: And so did a man who was president.

25 others saw something in the air that changed colors and was

TUCHMAN: Although Jimmy Carter says he doesn't think it was
another planet, most of these people differ on that point and
want the FAA to investigate all these claims.

But the FAA says that's not its job. "We manage the aircraft
that we're talking to. UFOs are called UFO's because they're
unidentified and we're not talking to them."

And it's because no one's talking that everybody here is trying
harder to make them believe.

Gary Tuchman, CNN, Washington.


COOPER: Well, we're going to talk about the man who organized
the conference, coming up next. He also made a film about 50
years of what he calls official contradictions and denials.

We'll also hear from a noted astronomer and UFO skeptic -
 skeptic. We'll be right back.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) COOPER: We don't take sides on 360. We like
to present you with the facts and information from different
angles and let you make up your own minds about things.

That's particularly true with mysteries. And for most Americans,
there's no mystery greater than UFO's.

James Fox helped organize today's UFO-related event in
Washington. The directed the film "Out of the Blue." He joins me
now, along with astronomer, former Air Force pilot and skeptic
James McGaha.

Thank you for being with us, both of you.

Let me start off with you, James Fox. You helped to organize the
panel. Why? What are you hoping to accomplish?

JAMES FOX, DIRECTOR, "OUT OF THE BLUE": I want to establish the
fact that the phenomenon is real and it's taking place
worldwide. And the reason why we got a panel of 14 high-ranking
military and government officials from seven countries, who
these guys officially investigated these cases for their
governments and militaries.

So it's not private investigators. These are official military
and government people.

COOPER: But James Fox, to those who say, "Look, there's no
actual evidence. I mean, there's no recovered spacecraft.
There's no actual evidence," what do you say?

FOX: I would say, well, we have photographic, radar
confirmation, visual confirmation, land trace cases. There are
imprints in the ground where these things reportedly landed. You
know, and these government and military officials are telling us
these things are real. I think we should listen.

COOPER: James McGaha I know you're skeptical. Why?

JAMES MCGAHA, ASTRONOMER: Well, UFO's are basically a modern
space-age mythology. It's a conspiracy wrapped in superstition
and myth and magic.

People see lights in the sky, and somehow they equate those
lights in the sky to spacecraft from another world. It's really
wish fulfillment. It's almost a fairy tale among many people to
believe that somehow either doom or salvation is coming from the
sky. This is a very old concept in human thinking.

But I should say, when we talk about pilots, there's this
incredible misidentification idea about pilots being trained
observers. Pilots are not trained observers; they're trained to
fly airplanes. They are some of the worst people at identifying
objects in the sky that aren't other airplanes. They're trained
to react quickly in an airplane, which very often makes them to
react to wrong stimuli.

COOPER: James Fox, what about that?

FOX: Let me say something. With regard - although I do respect
your opinion on this, you keep misleading the public when you
say that these are ambiguous distant lights off at a distance.
These are not.

These are unambiguous, up close and personal cases where, in one
case in Bentwater in 1980, they actually touched the UFO on the
ground. And this was witnessed by 80 people on the ground.

MCGAHA: I am quite skeptical that anyone touched anything at
Bentwater's. It wasn't Bentwater's. It was actually Port Ridge

FOX: With all due respect, sir, I don't think you were there.

COOPER: James McGaha, why shouldn't there be more investigation?
Why shouldn't - what this panel is calling for, essentially, is
some sort of government investigation of it. Why shouldn't there
be further investigation?

FOX: Well, there have been investigations...

MCGAHA: Well, what...

FOX: Hang on a second. Let me just state this clearly. One of
the things that...

MCGAHA: What are we going to...

FOX: You keep interrupting me sir, please. One of the things I
want to mention very quickly is that the official position from
the Air Force is that they terminated Project Blue Book in 1969,
and there have been no official investigations since then.

However, we found evidence that suggests the contrary on a
number of cases. In Tehran, the general said the Americans were
making discreet inquiries about the case - excuse me, there as
well as Bentwater's, England. The colonel said that the OSI came
in and investigated that.

COOPER: So you believe there is government investigation going
on? You just want it more public?

FOX: They're making discreet inquiries, unofficially, yes.

COOPER: James McGaha, final thoughts?

MCGAHA: Yes. Yes, they are making discreet inquiries about
strange things that happen, not about UFOs or alien spacecraft.
That's not going on at all.

FOX: They are responsible for the security and the deployment of
nuclear weapons. If you think they're out there hallucinating,
why do they all get promoted?

MCGAHA: Well...

COOPER: We're going to have to leave it there.

MCGAHA: I could actually tell you what happened that night. It's
- it's very prosaic crossing; lights in the sky and that's all.

FOX: It's not lights in the sky, sir, thank you.

COOPER: No doubt a debate we're not going to settle tonight, but
we do appreciate you guys talking about it. James Fox, James
McGaha, thank you.

FOX: Thanks for having us on.

COOPER: There are no skeptics over this next story. As we
celebrate Veterans Day today, we give thanks to the men and
women who've served in uniform. Of course, veterans are also
voters, and you believe the presidential contenders are not
forgetting that, as well. Tom Foreman has that and more on
tonight's "Raw Politics" - Tom.



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