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Re: Larry King Live UFOs Now Friday Night

From: John Velez <jvelez49.nul>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 02:10:20 -0500
Archived: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 23:28:25 -0500
Subject: Re: Larry King Live UFOs Now Friday Night

>From: Jan Aldrich <project1947.nul>
>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 12:26:44 -0500
>Subject: Re: Larry King Live UFOs Now Friday Night

>>From: John Velez <jvelez49.nul>
>>To: ufoupdates.nul
>>Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 19:02:06 -0500
>>Subject: Re: Larry King Live UFOs Now Friday Night

>>>From: John Velez <jvelez49.nul>
>>>To: ufoupdates.nul
>>>Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 01:08:22 -0500
>>>Subject: Re: Larry King Live UFOs Now Friday Night


>>I have heard from a couple of trusted associates who inform me
>>that Steve Bassett and his PRG have absolutely nothing to do
>>with this effort. I was confused by the "official" PRG
>>promotional posts that make the whole thing sound like its a PRG
>>project. Bassett doesn't make this clear in his posts. Granted,
>>it is a 'grey-area' attempted rip-off, but it is a rip-off

>>Bassett has a lot of balls trying to put his exopolitical spin
>>on this event. To usurp the work of others by sticking his own
>>version of the "disclosure project" label on it is simply self-
>>serving and dishonest. Nowhere in his post does he acknowledge
>>or give any credit to Kean or Fox. He leaves the impression
>>(maybe intentionally,) that this event is a PRG effort.

>>Leslie Kean and James Fox deserve the credit for assembling this
>>impressive group of witnesses and professionals. Steve Bassett
>>is simply taking unfair advantage by _using_ the opportunity to
>>color this effort with his particular brand of exo-excretion.

>>It is nothing short of shameless and I just wanted to say so to
>>his face. I know he reads these posts. If not, one of his
>>exopolitical cronies will inform him I'm sure.

>>Leslie, Jim, thank you for your work and effort to make this
>>happen. You are both to be commended. I hope, along with many
>>others, that something positive and substantial comes of it.

>>Bassett... shame on you, man!

>I really don't want to get into another long thread on
>politically stupid action by amazingly naive ufologists.

>However, here are some general comments followed by some
>specific observations.

>1. Most of the media as shown by the Democratic Debate is
>perfectly willing to ridicule the subject.

>(An aside here to illustrate how prevasive this tendency is in

>Last night I appeared on a radio talk show in Europe, in talking
>to the host afterwards, he touched on an interesting point. When
>he had a UFO experience that launched his interest, his
>co-workers ridiculed him, having a lot of fun at his expense.
>The person who was the ring-leader in the ridicule later told
>the witness they he too had a UFO sighting. Both of us have run
>into this type of behavior before.)

>So in this doing anything involving political action you must
>leave out your half baked theories concerning possible Nazi
>anti-gravity experiments or that the earth is being visited 54
>different types of aliens. However self-evident the above may
>appears to you it is just a chink in your armor, which no matter
>how good your presentation, will be used by the media to
>ridicule. Leave theories, beliefs, and unsupported speculation
>at the door.

>2. If you are doing a live presentation vet the witnesses. Just
>because someone achieved high rank in society does not mean that
>they are necessarily reliable or believeable. Some of the most
>cracked brained statements come from famous or high ranking

>3. Most important in any written presentation for decision
>makers, put what you want them to do on the first page! If
>anyone thinks that decision makers are going to plow through 200
>pages, to find out what you want, you are crazy, Tell them what
>you want up front, then arrange your material in convient easy
>to reference sections to support conclusions about what you want
>decision makers to do. If you want to reinforce your arguments
>place your conclusions again at the end of your written
>presentation, but if you don't put them up front don't expect
>any reaction!

>Most ufologists are lone wolves. Most UFO organziations have
>only generalized vague goals, not specific goals especially when
>it comes to interaction with officialdom. Looking at ufologists
>from the officialdom's point of view they are naive and
>ignorant. They apparently have no understanding of basic
>military correspondence or simple staff procedures. That is why
>they label things like the "Twinging Memo", "McCoy Memo" and
>"Bolender Memo", etc., which shows not a glimmer of
>understanding. Its okay to be ignorant, but wanting to stay
>ingorant when knowledge is offered is just plain stupid and
>guarantees you will not be taken seriously.

>Many ufologists willingly acceptance of silly and hokey things
>like '45 Levels Above Top Secret' or that 'Cosmic Top Secret'
>confers some kind of special warrant on its holder beyond access
>to NATO orginated classified material.

>Security procedures are very simple and consist of:

>Classification Authority
>Levels Of Security
>Need To Know

>They are made simple so some enlisted MP, AP or contract
>civilian guard with little official experience can enforce them.

>Methods of accountability may change through the years or be
>different within various agencies, however, the principles
>apply... The White House may have different accountability
>standards or procedures as Presidential Orders determine how
>classified information is handled. However, if there are such
>differences then arguments are won through research at the
>various Presential Libraries and not through bluster nor
>rhetorical or debating tricks.

>Trying to compare declassifed documents to supposedly leaked
>currently classified documents has problems, as declassifed
>documents have been perpared for public release, and
>accountibility and other markings may have been removed,
>obliterated or otherwised sanitized.

>Another example of altered documents that have been
>declassifed: most Project Blue Book UFO reports have no
>indication of what agencies inside and outside the AF recieved
>the documents. I have found UFO reports in other agencies' files
>which indicate the distribution and indices which tell what
>distribution was made... generally hundreds of UFO reports were
>reproduce in up to 200 copies. Routinely, the CIA received 5
>copies, Navy 2, Army 2, NSA 5 or 6, etc.

>Knowing this fact, it can be demonstrated to various leaders
>that agencies which release a few hundred pages of documents are
>not being forthcoming. Also, orginating agency documents found
>elsewhere in other agencies' files show there are, at the very
>least, record keeping problems, but more likely a lack of
>candor. Demonstrating this to decision makers makes more sense
>than a lot of unsupported claims and contentions that
>information is withheld.

>Jan Aldrich
>Project 1947
>P. O. Box 391
>Canterbury, CT 06331, USA
>(860) 546-9135

Hi Jan, (long time no speak!)

I left in your every word. It's all good, Jan. Your educated and
helpful suggestions and comments make perfect common sense.

The "problem" is... it will fall on deaf ears.

The way some groups operate, you'd think they were intentionally
sabotaging their own projects. The "disclosure" group,
especially the exopolitical wing of the disclosure movement, is
one such glaring example. Like you, I'm not up for rehashing the
likes of Greer or any of his current 'confused offspring'. I
have come to agree with John Alexander (late of NIDS,) that
Greer and his bunch have, in fact, sabotaged any hope of
actually securing government disclosure.

How? By trivializing it for one.

Example: Greer's last minute addition of the whole "free-energy"
and "space-based weaponry" issues. Added I might note, against
the advice and better wisdom of Greer's own closest associates.

Another has to do with the vetting of witnesses (as you point
out) that are being used/placed before the public, in the name
of securing 'full government disclosure' of UFO related data. By
thoughtlessly including obvious, and well-known klinkers among
the genuinely credible and valuable witnesses, he opened the
door for any potentially interested parties (who may have been
in a position to actually do something,) to easily dismiss them
all. Good and bad alike.

I strongly suspect that it really isn't about 'disclosure' for
these exopolitical groups, as it is to put asses in the seats at
the conventions they put on regularly. I think it's more about
good old fashioned greenbacks and personal glory than it is
advancing the pawn of government disclosure.

According to Alexander, serious discussions and efforts were
being made to secure open hearings when Greer and ilk came
along and jumped the gun with their very public three ring
circus. An effort which only netted Greer several years of
invitations to speak at conferences, and to provide him an
opportunity to sell his "Disclosure video." Besides speaking
engagements and video sales, nothing of any substance at
all has been accomplished.

What kicks my ass is, they see themselves as "good-guys."
Helpful to the cause and all that rot. The practical result of
their efforts has been; they have single-handedly caused more
division and distraction among the ranks than any other single

Government spooks _assigned to sabotage ufology_ could not do a
better, or more effective job of killing disclosure in the
cradle as these bumbling, self-serving heros have done.

Kean and Fox seem to be trying to do a competent, credible job
this time. You should forward a copy of your post to Kean and
Fox. They need to hear your sage advice. Help them in any way
you can.

As for PRG and others who attempt to jump on Kean and Fox's
bandwagon and paint/tar it with their own peculiar beliefs and
agenda, don't kid yourselves, you're not 'getting over' on
anyone. Transparency is often the curse of crass opportunists.
We can all see where you're coming from! And it's not a 'good'

Great to see a post from you, Jan. I miss your contributions
here. Please give my very best to my old bud, John Stepkowski
next time you communicate with him. John, along with yourself
and many others are among the unsung heros of ufology. Keep up
the good work brother-man.

Warmest regards, and many thanx for the thoughtful response,
hope it actually ends up doing some good.

John Velez

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