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Randle On Haut's Affidavit

From: Kevin Randle <KRandle993.nul>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 22:09:02 EST
Archived: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 20:32:05 -0500
Subject: Randle On Haut's Affidavit

List, All,

I have some problems with the new affidavit by Walter Haut and
thought maybe we all could discuss this.

First, I have no problem with Don Schmitt drafting the thing and
having Walter review it prior to signing it. All Schmitt did was
pull it into a cohesive whole for Walter's review and then
signature. I understand that both Walter's doctor and his
daughter were present when he signed the affidavit. So far, so

But then we run into trouble. As many know, Wendy Connors and
Dennis Balthaser interviewed Walter prior to the affidavit being
created, but after a French film crew had interviewed Walter and
he told them that he had seen the bodies... or body, depending
on which statement by Walter you wish to accept.

For those of us who have seen the Connors/Balthaser interview,
there are some very disturbing statements by Walter... he is
either badly confused, he is deeply conflicted about revealing
secret he had kept for more than fifty years, or he just
couldn't keep his new story straight. It leaves us with a
rambling mishmash of contradictory information.

Here is just a short portion of that rather confused statement:

"That's a rough one I haven't even thought about it low these
many years and I honestly can't even visualize it, whether still
in it's shape, but a lot of dings in it, see what I am saying. I
do not remember... I would venture a guess that probably a
diameter of, uh, somewhere around 25ft... To the best of my
remembrance there was one body... it was relatively a small body
comparable to uh, oh maybe a 11 year old, 10 or 11 year old
child. It was pretty well beat up. I cannot come and give you,
to be honest, anything other than that. I remember something
about the arms and I am trying to visualize that and all of a
sudden it starts going through my little head that that they
show some of those long arms in the cartoons... I thought there
was several bodies... for some reason I feel there were several
bodies... the more I think about it the more I start to get an
idea it was single body."

And then to thoroughly confuse the issue, Walter retreated to
the line he had been using from the very beginning, in the late
1970s and early 1980s. He said, "I didn't even see one. I just
wrote a press release."

So, Connors then said, "I am talking about when you saw a body
in the hanger partly covered by the tarp. You only saw the

Walter said, "Yes."

But so we can get real confused, Walter also said, in that same

"I don't really know. I ..it hurts me to try and give an
answer because I am not certain of the whole thing. I feel there
has been information released that uh maybe shouldn't have been
released, maybe the information that we got in the operation of
releases maybe something you can put out to anybody. I just... I
don't know, I don't want to talk about a lot of the detail
number one because I don't have a lot of knowledge about the
detail, everybody thinks that I saw them, I didn't, I put out a
press release that Colonel Blanchard told me what he wanted in
the press release and I ran it into town and gave it to the news
media and went home and ate lunch."

In the affidavit we have a very clear and concise statement
about all this. Walter said (or rather signed the statement that
said... and that is probably a distinction we should make):

(12) Before leaving the base, Col. Blanchard took me personally
to Building 84, a B-29 hangar located on the east side of the
tarmac. Upon first approaching the building, I observed that it
was under heavy guard both outside and inside. Once inside, I
was permitted from a safe distance to first observe the object
just recovered north of town. It was approx. 12 to 15 feet in
length, not quite as wide, about 6 feet high, and more of an egg
shape. Lighting was poor, but its surface did appear metallic.
No windows, portholes, wings, tail section, or landing gear were

(13) Also from a distance, I was able to see a couple of bodies
under a canvas tarpaulin. Only the heads extended beyond the
covering, and I was not able to make out any features. The heads
did appear larger than normal and the contour of the canvas
suggested the size of a 10-year-old child. At a later date in
Blanchard's office, he would extend his arm about 4 feet above
the floor to indicate the height.

I could pull up other statements that Walter made over the
years, including ones that he made to me, but there is little
point in that. We all know that he said, for decades, all he had
done was write the press release. Now we have a new statement in
which he is in the middle of this with all the inside knowledge
that anyone could hope for.

The problem is not that his earlier statements contradict his
later statements but that his later statements were highly
confused, and highly contradictory even inside one interview,
and inside one statement in that interview.

The skeptics are going to seize these later statements and
contrast them to the earlier statements and it's going to be
nearly impossible to spin this. Walter is on the record in too
many places saying that all he did was write the press release.
He is seen in the Connor/Balthaser interview giving that same
story but wrapping it around tales of bodies and craft.

You simply can't hide the information. There are too many of us
out there who have seen and heard most of the witnesses and
while some of us have the will to believe, there are many others
who want to learn the truth. You can't cherry-pick the
information and make it seem as if it all fits together.

Had Walter's later statements been consistent inside the context
of the interview and had they been consistent throughout, then
we could say that he was providing us with information that he'd
had all these years. But that's not what we have here. We have
contradictory statements.

And I know that many will say that Walter was an honorable man
trying to provide us with information that we all seek and all
want. The problem is that it doesn't come to us in a straight
forward manner, but in a couple of interviews that have more
curves than a NASCAR speedway. He twists and turns and doubles
back on himself. Straightened out, as it is in the affidavit, it
seems crisp and clear, but when we review the tapes of the
interviews we find it is not quite as direct.


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