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UFO Activity Over Cyprus

From: Eustaquio Andrea Patounas <socex.ufobras.nul>
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2007 12:51:50 -0300
Archived: Sat, 17 Nov 2007 11:00:38 -0500
Subject: UFO Activity Over Cyprus

Source: The Famagusta Gazette - Cyprus



UFO Activity Above Cyprus
By Paul Wood

LARNACA --Airport-bound planes and birds are commonly seen in
the skies above Cyprus, but only last week there was a report of
a UFO spotted over Limassol town and since an earlier article on
UFOs in Cyprus, The Gazette has received many accounts from
readers of their unexplained encounters.

Anthony in Nicosia contacted the Gazette to share his
experience, "just last week at 10:10pm we had a sighting of a
UFO while we were travelling in the Kyrenia area that lasted for
two minutes. It was an oblong shape, like a rugby ball on its
end and was glowing very bright orange. It came from the coast
inland near a village called Catalkoy in small but rapid zigzags
then stopped and hovered for approximately 30 seconds before
making a smooth ascent at 45 degrees up to the east towards a
very bright star. It then disappeared. A friend had sighted a
similar event at the same spot a month previously "

It is just the latest in a series of incidents of unidentified
objects in our skies. A local TV cameraman posted a clip he
filmed on the popular Youtube website of a 'strange craft' in
the skies of Limassol.

The three-minute video shows a circular object hovering over the
city. The UFO was a bright orange orb, which later changed to a
rugby-ball shape.

There have been several sightings of UFOs on the island in the
past five years. One of the earliest accounts of a UFO in Cyprus
was in 1950, when two American soldiers described a "small,
round, bright object flying fast, straight and level for 15-20
seconds across Nicosia".

Last month, a computer programmer and his girlfriend who were on
holiday in Paphos had an experience which left them confused and

The man told a UFO news website, "It happend on Sunday 9th
September at 1am. That night my girlfriend and I were lying down
on sunbeds staring at the stars. After a while I sat on the
sunbed looking and talking to my girlfriend when behind her over
the rooftop I saw a circular irregular light moving quite fast.
By the time I told her about it, it was already 45 degrees on my

She saw it as it was reappearing behind a building and finally
it disappeared again behind trees. It moved quite fast and at a
constant speed along an east to west straight line."

Last year a resident of Pygra had a similar experience: "The
sound of my dogs barking alerted me to something. It was 1.30 in
the morning and I headed out to try and discover what they were
barking at. I noticed a bright light coming towards me, which
then stopped and hovered. With binoculars, I could see it was a
triangle-shaped object with amber, green and white lights. It
was moving erratically left to right, back and forth - hovering
there, observed by me for around 45 minutes. I tried to video it
with a powerful zoom but the camera wouldnt operate. I checked
the camera by filming other parts of the sky and the house and
it operated perfectly. it simply wouldn't let me video the
object. This thing then went behind a tree and stayed there."

In 2002, the self-styled Egyptian UFO Hunter, Dr.Ibrahim shot a
five-minute video of a UFO above the carpark at Larnaca airport.
The film shows a green 'shaking' object and can be seen on his
website. (http://www.ufo-egyptian-hunter.org).

An unidentified flying object was also spotted over Kyrenia in
1998. It was seen on the Nicosia-Kyrenia road by a family from
Kyrenia who were on their way home after visiting a friend's

They said an object "like a flying saucer" with white revolving
lights had appeared around 50-100 metres above their car and
that it had then followed them.

In July, a crowd of 100 stunned stargazers brought a UK town
centre to a standstill when five mysterious UFOs were spotted
hovering in the sky.

Drinkers spilled out of pubs, motorists stopped to gawp and
camera-phones were aimed upwards as the five orbs, in a seeming
formation, hovered above Stratford-Upon-Avon for half an hour.

The unidentified flying objects lit up the otherwise clear night
sky above Shakespeare's birthplace in Warwickshire.

According to multiple surveys over the last several decades and
from different countries, 5-7% of people have seen a UFO -
 equivalent to 15-20 million Americans - and 10-15% know someone
who has seen a UFO.

Several hundred thousand UFO sightings have been documented over
the last 50 years, and the total number of UFO sightings is
estimated to be in the millions.

There are thousands of sightings reported each year. Only a
small percentage of those who see a UFO report the sighting.

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