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Re: Randle On Haut's Affidavit

From: Frank Warren <frank-warren.nul>
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2007 11:34:20 -0800
Archived: Sun, 18 Nov 2007 07:02:02 -0500
Subject: Re: Randle On Haut's Affidavit

>From: Kevin Randle <KRandle993.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 22:09:02 EST
>Subject: Randle On Haut's Affidavit

>List, All,

>I have some problems with the new affidavit by Walter Haut and
>thought maybe we all could discuss this.

>First, I have no problem with Don Schmitt drafting the thing and
>having Walter review it prior to signing it. All Schmitt did was
>pull it into a cohesive whole for Walter's review and then
>signature. I understand that both Walter's doctor and his
>daughter were present when he signed the affidavit. So far, so


Greetings Kevin, et al.

First, I have to respectfully disagree; this scenario evokes the
question(s) why didn't Walter just write it himself as he's done
before? Why was a doctor necessary? Even your comment, "pulling
it into a cohesive whole" suggests Walter may not have been able
to do that.

From my perspective, a good deal of the controversy surrounding
the 'Schmitt affidavit could have been avoided had Schmitt been
upfront about how the affidavit was drafted, i.e., that he,
Schmitt, compiled it, and wrote it based on conversations he had
with Walter over the years.

When the affidavit first saw the light of day, and being
presented as a document he penned himself, I knew that could not
be true, as in my view, the man that I saw in the taped
interview with Wendy and Dennis was incapable of writing such a
detailed, accurate, timely, descriptive narrative of events that
happened 60 years ago. In the interview, years before, as you've
seen, he couldn't remember where he did his basic training, he
couldn't remember where he was stationed after the war; he had
problems remembering certain words, he often contradicted
himself and seemed confused etc.; although there is argument to
the causality of the memory issue, all are in agreement that
there was a memory issue!

Finally, Schmitt on the Paracast show, admitted that Walter in
fact did not write the affidavit. Schmitt stated:

"It was 3 years before Walter died. And he actually trickled
information to us, on and off through the years, but he was
quite clear that he was very sensitive to not only his security
oath, but as though he was honoring someone else's request to
him, and it was quite clear as we demonstrated in the book, that
he was honoring the "old man", as he called him, Colonel
Blanchard... that Blanchard asked him not to say another word
about this, and he was doing just that.

So we had to come up with a venue, a manner by which he could
present the information, tell us what had happened to the best
of his ability, without betraying that trust, that bond that he
had with Blanchard. And it was suggested to us by an attorney
that a 'sealed statement' (might provide that opportunity, and
that's what we've done, and it was prepared, based on things
that Walter told us in confidence for a number of years, leading
up to that time he was ready to do it, his doctor, had given us
a clear go ahead, that he mentally was totally competent..."

Schmitt goes on to reiterate that Walter read the document a
number of times and then signed it with three other witnesses

Schmitt further wrote:

"Each and every trip to Roswell and all the personal phone
conversations slowly but surely tricked [sic] what eventually
would become his final affidavit.

Previously we had even tried hypnosis with Yvonne Smith in the
presence of Mark Rodeghier and Mark Chesney. Walter was a most
resistant candidate for regression.

Next, we tried a sworn statement in the presence of a government
official from Chavez County. He would only state what he had in
two previous affidavits, 1991 and 1993."

With regard to the video Schmitt 'erroneously' states:

"When Walter was video taped on his 'historic record' by Wendy
Connors and Dennis Balthaser, he never was told in advance that
they would ever touch on the subject of Roswell."

This is a blatant falsehood as the 'thesis' of the interview was
presented in writing, as well as explained to Walter on-tape
minutes prior to the actual interview.

Additionally Schmitt says:

"The agreement was to discuss the pre-Roswell years from his
youth up till that time. When they crossed that line it is
abundantly clear that he was getting more agitated by the second
and wanted no part of it. Mark Rodeghier was quick to point out
"how pressured Walter was and how he finally succumbed to
leading questions." Walter's demeanor becomes more and more
perturbed as he looks down and his fingers tapped faster and
faster across the chairs armrests. Rodeghier felt that the video
was worthless on those merits alone. We agreed."

Since we know that Walter was well aware before hand, and then
briefed again on tape about the nature of the interview, him
being perturbed by what what Schmitt suggests is not only
nonsensical, it's impossible. Additionally, confused (IMHO)
would be a more accurate adjective; however, given the
contradictory statements - sometimes within minutes of each
other - I agree with Rodeghier, "the tape has no value in regard
to evidence" in support of Walter being more involved with
Roswell i.e., seeing bodies and or wreckage, in contrast to to
what he has said publicly for decades.

Schmitt also stated:

"With Tom's full input and final approval I drafted the affidavit
just as we had prepared affidavits in the past..."

So at the end of the day we have an affidavit, that originally
was presumed to have been written by Walter; however, its
outstanding clarity gave rise to 'improbability'. Inquisition
uncovered the fact that Walter didn't 'write' the affidavit; by
Schmitt's own admission:

1) Walter did not write his own affidavit.

2) Schmitt wrote the affidavit.

3) Schmitt wrote the affidavit stating, "it was prepared, it was
based on things that Walter told us."

4) Again by Schmitt's own admission Walter was defiant in regard
to answering questions, over a 3 year period and Schmitt went as
far as hypnosis stating, "Walter was a most resistant candidate
for regression."

5) Regardless of causality Walter had more then mild memory

6) Schmitt admits that it was deemed necessary to have a doctor
monitor Walter Walter's mental and physical health, by his
personal physician - presumably a regular MD opposed to a
psychologist etc.

These facts of course evoke questions:

1) Why didn't Walter write it himself?

2) What prevented him from writing it himself?

3) Why weren't an audio and or video tape made in support of the
affidavit, or instead of the affidavit?

4) Why doesn't Walter's daughter want Wendy and Dennis' video
interview of Walter to be publicized, going as far as to
threaten Dennis with legal action within a couple days of
Walter's death?

5) What in regard to Walter's physical and or mental health
precipitated a doctor's constant monitoring?

6) Why wasn't the Schmitt affidavit released right after Walter's
death, instead of waiting for the S & C book release?

For me personally, I have the utmost respect for Walter Haut as
a person, and I have a deep admiration for his service to his
country. Additionally, I believe he was a man of honor. I might
add, to the surprise of many, I believe he did in fact see
bodies and or crash debris, partially or intact; my gut tells me
this, and not from what he has said in public, but more of what
I know he has said in private; however, that and $5.00 will get
you a gallon of gasoline! With regard to the 'game of evidence'
he's a card I wouldn't and couldn't play.

Finally, assuming Walter was of sound mind, it is perfectly
legal for someone to draft an affidavit from one's own
interpretations of snippets of conversations over a 3-year
period from someone exhibiting signs of dementia, and have that
person read it in front of witnesses and then sign it.



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