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Teacups Empty Saucers Fly

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Subject: Teacups Empty Saucers Fly

Source: The Independant - Bangkok, Thailand


November 17, 2007

Teacups Empty Saucers Fly

Timothy Good keeps phoning home with evidence that the world's
governments are covering up the alien invasion, but somehow our
line is always 'busy'.

Need to Know: UFOs, the Military and Intelligence
By Timothy Good
Published by Pan Books, 2007
Available at Asia Books, Bt495
Reviewed by Paul Dorsey
The Nation

Timothy Good is, among ufologists, one of the most respected
chroniclers of visits from space, but one does get the
impression that he enjoys baiting the sceptics. Among the
snippets of book reviews on his own website are these words from
the Spectator in Britain: "I do not know how many trees were cut
down to produce this 590-page diatribe, but I wish they had been
left standing. 'Above Top Secret' is an evil book ... Mr Good's
ideas are those of a maniac."

Of Good's Alien Liaison, the Daily Telegraph complained of
"shrill yappings" and decided "only mentally subnormal people
could believe in it". The Ottawa Citizen liked a previous title,
but tellingly called it "a story worthy of Franz Kafka".

Then there is the matter of the book at hand here, Tim Good's
latest, Need to Know, which is touted as a compilation of
previously secret military documents that offer "irrefutable"
evidence of contact between humans and extraterrestrials.

There are three main problems, one to do with the word
'compilation' - it really is just a sheaf of reports for readers
to sift through. Good apparently thinks we'll have no trouble
jumping to his conclusion. Another problem is that this is
pretty much the same book by Tim Good that I read a couple of
decades ago. The title is different and there is indeed plenty
of new stuff in it, but it amounts to the same thing.

The British government declassified many reports and reviews
about UFOs in recent years, but that's only mentioned in passing
here in a pointlessly amiable foreword by a pa- of Good's who's
with the Royal Aeronautical Society.

The third problem, it's almost needless to point out, is that
this is not "irrefutable" evidence at all. If it were, sirens
would be going off. "A case that is impossible to dismiss," the
cover blurb says. Nonsense. "A compelling expose." I must have
missed that while I laboured through the 450 pages hoping in
vain for something to get my teeth into.

Several morsels did pique my interest; none was very filling.

- His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, the book
says - and I'm not aware that this is common knowledge - may
have been the "beneficiary" of a UFO encounter. Thai Airways
made available for his use a 737-488 it had bought from Aer
Lingus, Ireland's national carrier.

About a year earlier, in January 2004, the jet was approaching
Dublin airport, followed by a British Midland Airbus, and the
Airbus crew swore they saw a triangular UFO with strobe lights
launch vertically from a field. It began circling the Aer Lingus
737, causing the passenger craft to glow purple and, according
to the 737's own crew, lose power.

The UFO took a position directly in front of the 737, and the
air-traffic control tower, which had the UFO on radar, gave the
pilot a course to avoid collision, at which point the UFO
disappeared at high speed, leaving the jet shuddering in

When the 737 landed, considerable damage was found on the wings.
This was repaired and Aer Lingus continued using the craft for
some months before selling it to Thailand.

No authorities have acknowledged the incident. Good got the
goods from a pair of Irish UFO researchers who heard the story
from a pair of pilots.

- Thailand pops up again in the book, in a 1974 letter published
in Flying Saucer Review, a British magazine. A signals sergeant
of that nationality who was stationed with the Royal Thai Air
Force in Mukdahan (for some unexplained reason) reported that
he'd heard about the Americans simultaneously losing several F-
111s and an F4 one day during the Vietnam conflict for no
evident reason.

Yes. But anyway ...

- "Need to Know" is dedicated to Gordon Cooper, the last of
America's Mercury 7 astronauts into space. Cooper went to his
grave in 2004 convinced that he'd seen several extraterrestrial
craft buzz a German airbase back in the '50s and that Washington
was covering up the truth about UFOs.

But he laughed about another episode that Good plays up, when
military authorities in California confiscated the cameras from
his surveillance plane. Good is unswayed in his belief that
"Gordo" had inadvertently photographed aliens. Cooper found out
years after the incident that he'd been shooting footage of the
top-secret Area 51 test range. Maybe he got a peek at the
stealth jets. (Cooper fumed at length over other ufologists'
insistence that he'd seen a "a greenish object with a red tail"
fly past his Mercury capsule in 1963.)

- Then there was the surgeon in Brazil who was pulled to one
side by the military in 1996 to fix the busted leg of an alien
who'd crashed. As the operating theatre filled with a greenish
mist, the doctor said, the creature "downloaded" a tremendous
amount of information into his brain, mostly spiritual stuff
about how humans are wasting their potential and missing the
point of life.

What is the point of life? Well, I'm not going to tell you -
that would be hearsay!

Buy the book for fun. Extra bonus for plane-spotters: There are
dozens of photos in this UFO book, almost all of them of planes
and jets "of the type" that someone or other was flying when
they saw a UFO.

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