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Randle On Haut's Affidavit - Part Two

From: Kevin Randle <KRandle993.nul>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 11:50:17 EST
Archived: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 18:10:13 -0500
Subject: Randle On Haut's Affidavit - Part Two

List, All,

On the other side of the coin, I do have one confirmation of
Walter's new story that came from a man who lived in Albuquerque
and who was the assistant finance officer for the 509th Bomb

I first met Richard C. Harris in the mid-1990s when I visited
him at his home. He was a frail man then, with live-in help. He
was, naturally, quite interested in the Roswell UFO case, having
served at the base in 1947. And yes, he's in the Yearbook, so we
know he was there at the right time.

In his living room was a small bookcase and I mention this
because there was a stack of books dealing with UFOs, the
Roswell case and MJ-12. Harris was a firm believer in MJ-12.

What all this means is that he was familiar with the case as it
had been written about in the various books. He had seen many of
the documentaries of the case so he could have been badly
contaminated as a source. Having seen the documentaries, read
the books and magazine articles doesn't mean that what he told
me was based on what he had read and seen and not wholly on his
memories, we must be aware that it all could be colored by those
other sources.

Anyone who has served in a command position or a position of
responsibility in the military knows that everything must be
paid for. There are all sorts of funds that are designated for
all sorts of purposes and it is considered illegal to take funds
appropriated for one purpose and use them for another. This
means that funds meant to pay for a unit's flight training, for
example, can't be used to transport alien bodies and craft from
one location to another. Funds must be designated for that
purpose. (Unless, of course, it's a cross country navigation
problem and therefore training... if some of the wreckage, or an
alien body or two are on the aircraft, hey, that's just a

No, it doesn't have to say moving an alien body from Roswell to
Wright Field, but the funds will have to be appropriated for
moving equipment from Roswell to Wright Field. The money must be
juggled. (I might point out here that, for example, money paid
to the state of Iowa for National Guard training or equipment
maintenance can't be used for fire fighting in California. That
doesn't mean that Iowa will allow California to burn if Iowa has
a means to help, it means that funds for that assistance must
come from California and not Iowa... yeah, it's complicated, but
it shows how these things work.)

Harris told me that they worked hard to find the money from
legal sources, that they worked hard to cover the real purpose
because there would be audits and there would be examinations
that had nothing to do with the crash but everything to do with
looking for fraud. So the money spent to house those brought in,
for the aircraft flights to and from various locations, for the
special equipment and to pay the soldiers were all juggled
around so that it was properly annotated and properly spent.
Harris was proud of the job they had done covering the paper
trail (not unlike comments that Patrick Saunders, the base
adjutant had made earlier to family members who shared these
thoughts with me).

The key point of Harris' story was this little anecdote. He said
that he had been out near one of the hangars and ran into
Walter. Walter told him what was on the other side of the door,
meaning one of the dead aliens and told Harris he could take a
quick look. Harris said that he put his hand on the door knob,
but didn't turn it. For some reason his curiosity failed him at
that point. He didn't take the look that Walter had told him to.

This, of course, suggests that Walter had deeper knowledge and
Harris told me this more than a decade ago. It is, sort of, some
corroboration for Walter's new story. It's not a very good
corroboration, but it is some.

I have been looking for something to suggest that Ramey and
DuBose traveled to Roswell for a morning staff meeting. It's
hard to move the commanding general around without leaving some
kind of paper trail but I have found none. I have searched the
records of the 509th Bomb Group and the 8th Air Force without
finding a clue.

It seems to me that there would be no real reason to hide this
trip... except that it would have put Ramey on the scene and
that might be the reason to erase the record. If some clever
person put Ramey in Roswell on July 7 or 8, then the next
question can always be, "Why?"

So far, I have failed to find anything, but there are avenues to
be searched.

So, here's where we are. Walter has told us he was on the
inside. He has told us that he saw the craft and, at least, one
body. He gave us a couple of points that would allow for some
corroboration, but we have yet to find it. Harris provides a
little piece of that but not enough. So, we continue to search
for the truth.


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